The Coherent Brain

I know I watch a lot of dross on telly but sometimes a little gem of a phrase pops out of these superficial shows. For example, once again in Ginny & Georgia I heard a brilliant phrase which resonated with me. Ginny talks about how her mother Georgia is not good at asking for help because Georgia “sees vulnerability as a weakness”. WOW!! This is definitely me. I really struggle with being vulnerable. I am not good at asking for help. I have read that children who feel they were not protected are often not very good at asking for help when they are adults. At work I already have imposter syndrome so asking for help exposes me as being an ignorant fool. At home, I never again want to be dependent on a man, so to ask for something is very hard for me. I usually create a huge guilt inducing scene which is a very unhealthy way of dealing with things. Norm reminds me of this every time I try to engage in a guilt inducing scene and says ‘why don’t you just ask me’? He is always squashing my dramatic attempts.

I know these things are issues for me, the change has to come in being able to ask for help. Trust is also a struggle for me so these are both areas I am working on. Being conscious of what needs to change is the first step of change and yes I have identified these needs before but I am a work in progress. I am on about babystep number 2,547 (there are an infinite number of baby steps).

I have no targets and therefore cannot fail or meet anyone’s expectations. I simply try to be better than I was the day before, the minute before, even a second before. Again this may be not be an elevating graph it could in fact be in a pattern of defib.


This week I was reading about a technique called EcoMeditation. Manifesting by thought has been taught as a metaphysical principle that we are all familiar with. But what if it’s not? What if it’s actually hard science?

Recently, scientist Dawson Church PhD, author of the best-seller Mind to Matter, set out to determine if there’s any truth to this idea and has spent decades conducting many groundbreaking clinical trials and studying the science behind manifestation. He’s evaluated thousands of people who’ve used their minds to produce radical improvements in their:

Love Lives
Work and Career

What Dawson has discovered is that they don’t use effort, or sweat, nor does it take them a long period to achieve their goals. What they’ve learned to do is bring their brains into a state of coherence. In this coherent state, your brain automatically aligns with your highest good to produce the best outcome in every area of your life.

To help your brain create coherence, Dawson has developed a simple technique called EcoMeditation. It involves EFT and tapping as well as meditation. EFT uses elements of Cognitive Therapy and Exposure Therapy. These are combined with Acupressure, in the form of fingertip tapping on 13 acupuncture points. I have only read superficially about EcoMeditation but it sounds a bit like it throws in a soupçon of my beloved hooponopono as well.

The heart communicates with the brain and the rest of the body in four primary ways:

Neurological communication (nervous system)

Biochemical communication (hormones)

Biophysical communication (pulse wave)

Energetic communication (electromagnetic fields)

When we feel love, gratitude, care, or compassion, there is greater connectivity between our left and right brains and inner ease and security feelings. In this state, the heart’s frequency shifts to 0.1 Hz. This brings the physiology of our bodies, minds, and emotions into a coherent alignment that enables us to be more present to ourselves and others.

On the other hand, when we feel stressed-out, frustrated, worried, or insecure, this diminishes the connection between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, triggering the fight-flight-freeze stress response and feelings of disconnection.

When we are coherent, we can flow with life, situations, and events and accept things as they happen. Coherence is a fluid state, a relaxed state in which you have your full attention on the here and now—you inhabit your moment, your body, and your mind most peacefully and joyfully. Research has shown that this physiological state of heart coherence helps us bypass unconscious emotional triggers and activates the pre-frontal cortex and intuitive understanding.

It all sounds very interesting to me and I definitely believe in the powers of manifestation as I see it regularly in my own life. This feels like amping it up a bit.

I changed my own Manifestations Vision Board from the one shown in last week’s blog. I had previously said that we must not be too specific in trying to dictate how the things come to you, but sometimes you have to add in a bit of a re-direction. I had an image of an airplane and emphasised vague travel as an intention on the previous board and all of the work suddenly appearing for Norm is all expecting him to travel and I hate it when he leaves me. I hate being in charge of organising our lives all on my own. Especially as I am not strong enough to walk Mr Finn and have to ask for help. #FullCircleProblem

So I added in a block for ‘togetherness’ and one for ‘friendship’ and a little earth and tree for Mother Earth. The only travel is Cait and Wes in Italy for their honeymoon. This is the new updated board.

It has been a very hot week and load shedding has continued. On Tuesday we cooked fillet steaks and halloumi with salad and corn on the cob.

We had Massimo’s one evening and I had the gorgeous fig and pancetta pizza on special and I was so engrossed in consuming it I forgot to snap a pic of it. Suffice to say it was divine.

I had sushi on Thursday as it was still sweltering heat. I had my usual order from K1. From the top of the plate there is tempura prawns, prawn roses, salmon roses, and bamboo rolls with prawn. It was divine and perfect for such a hot evening.

It was again incredibly hot on Friday and I was in the pool as soon as I finished working. It was about 32℃ / 90℉ that afternoon. We had a Thai curry as a spicy meal is great in the heat.

Last Sunday Norm and I watched “You People” featuring the old timers Eddie Murphy, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the latest version of the new and improved Jonah Hill and the stunning Lauren London.

I knew nothing about it, I only heard the title mentioned and I could not remember an opinion, so I had no idea what to expect. It is a modern love story between two people I could not see fitting together in the ‘real world’. I did not sense any on-screen chemistry between the leads Ezra and Amira. But mostly I found it sad that we still have to have these conversations about how the religions of our ancestors should dictate what rules we follow in our own lives. But I guess all is well that ends well? It was a bit of fluff for a weekend, I give it 3 Kitten Stars ⭐⭐⭐.

On Tuesday morning a friend came by for a coffee. We just sat in the garden chatting which was nice. I set up my sheepskins and new cushions in the shade corner of the garden on the little patio Norm built for me.

As I work from home I really only see Norm on a regular basis and few other humans other than delivery men. As my workstream is still blocked there is not much I can do at the client. It is getting frustrating to be honest. It was an odd sort of day, overcast and a bit misty with the occasional spit of rain. But when my friend was here at 9am it was lovely outside in the shade. Finn even behaved himself admirably and had a little rest nearby so he could guard us.

Finn has a sore paw and is limping as a result, but we are not sure why or what happened to him. Hopefully he is just being dramatic, but to be safe we took him to the vet who found a little spot where Finn yelped if he touched it, so he is now on anti-inflammatories. He is limping less but that is to be expected due to the meds. We need for Finn to heal.

Load-shedding has continued unabated and this week we also ran out of gas. So our usually beneficial gas stove was not so beneficial and as it was during load shedding, we were caught short. We were cooking the steak and halloumi on the cooker and suddenly Norm noticed the lights had gone out on the rings and he thought the wind had blown them out, but nope neither would light. We had a bit of gas in the garage in our extra bottle for the heater so he had to swap them over and carry on. Thank god he was here I would have no clue. I would bin the food, say eff it and order in.

Anyway, I have been a bit temperamental because of the heat and the electricity dramas. I keep hoping that the evening primrose oil the Gynae recommended will kick in and I will mellow TF out. I have been taking it now for a month or so.

Tuesday week is Valentine’s and Norm booked a late lunch at Foxcroft and we have been invited for drinks at the British Consulate afterwards. I have a new red dress which will be perfect and I am looking forward to getting out. I just hope the heats lightens up a bit of it could be most unpleasant and I could look like a sweaty raccoon in my lovely new frock.

I hope you have all had a good week and that you enjoy your weekends. Until next time, Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxoxxo

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