Posh Pretenders

This week has flown past, possibly because Norm was away since Thursday morning so I was Chief in Charge. It was a bit overwhelming so I put a routine in place since each of the dogs need meds throughout the day, I put on alarms via my phone and of course created a spreadsheet otherwise it is so stressful trying to remember all of that.

Speaking of lack of memory, I think I forgot to mention my new goodies that arrived recently from The Crystal Spirits. I told you all recently that I could not find my Tibetan bells that I use for house clearings and I have now replaced them with a new pair. The others will probably turn up now! I also bought a lovely singing bowl. I also chose a beautiful black arrowhead, 3 packets of white sage, a beautiful bowl for my crystals and a new coffee mug with the symbol for ‘Virgo’ on it.

It has been an interesting week. Tuesday was Valentine’s Day and I woke to the most beautiful lilies and a sweet card from the ever romantic Norm.

I gave him shortbread cookies, quality street chocolates and a Toblerone bar (aka Diabetes). I then whinged until he gave me half of his chocs. I think he hid his cookies while he is away. I do not blame him as I have no will power.

Norm had booked for us to go to Foxcroft in Constantia for a late lunch on Tuesday as a surprise.

You can opt for either 4 or 6 courses but as it was lunch and we had another event to attend that evening we opted for the 4 courses for R695 per person. That consists of a course of Foxcroft bread, 2 tapas, 1 main course, 1 dessert.

The current menu is:

They bring the warm homemade bread to the table to nibble while you peruse the menu. It had a bit of rosemary in it but it was not too overwhelming.

For the first course you had a choice of: Market Fish Crudo: Marinated tomato, green herbs, crème fraiche, capers, or Aged Beef Tartare: Kosher pickle, green peppercorn, beef fat, thyme.

Norm and I both went for the beef tartare and it was an amazing way to kick off the meal. I thought it tasted a bit like a fancy hamburger when you closed your eyes. The pickle was a nice burst of crunchy sourness and the beef was tender and well flavoured. The crunchy strands of potato on top were just the perfect amount of crunch and tasted so strongly of potato. I loved this course and give it 5 Kitten Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

For the second course you had a choice of: Aloo Chaat: Crispy potato, chickpea, green chutney, sev, cured egg yolk, or Dry Red Curry of Pork: Cauliflower, kohlrabi, coconut, ginger, herbs.

Norm and I both went for the Aloo Chaat. I was worried about the pork being too fatty and Norm was put off by the curry which was pretty funny as the little dish we chose had a helluva kick! It was very spicy and full of gorgeous flavours. It was crispy fried potato cubes flavoured with ground spices and the little slivers on top were also crunchy, they may gave been made from chickpeas? The egg yolk was grated over the dish. It was so tasty. The only fault was there could have been more! I give it 5 Kitten Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

For our Main Course there were the following options: Coal-roasted Linefish: Apricot, boereboontjies, gemsquash, smoked snoek, green herbs, or Confit Duck: Beet, fermented plum, black garlic, cabbage.

Neither of us are huge duck fans so we both chose the linefish. The fish was perfectly cooked and the purées of gemsquash and boereboontjies were a nice balance of flavour, The green beans were cooked in a traditional South African way and were really nice. I normally avoid green beans but these were not tough or chewy nor overcooked to mush, they were the perfect texture. I never thought I would enjoy something that to me usually has no taste and a weird texture. I think the puree under the beans was actually what the menu called ‘boereboontjies’ and if so it was gorgeous! But the actual beans were yummy too! I am a confusing even myself.

I did not enjoy the little roll of thin zucchini filled with smoked snoek. Snoek is revolting in any form. I detest bones and snoek is 99% bone and 1% little grains of fish. I did try it but my tiny nip contained a large bone which almost choked me. The server made a big presentation out of serving the sauce, something or other containing the roe of the snoek maybe? It was ok but I suspect the roe has not had time to develop all of those bleddy bones! I did not eat some of the skin nor the little round bonethon but I scraped up every morsel of the rest of it. I give this dish 3 Kitten Stars ⭐⭐⭐

For Dessert we were offered a choice of: Roasted Nectarine: Caramalised bric, tonka bean, honey, chamomile, or Tanariva 33% Cremeux: Pickled cherry, pistachio, cherry stracciatella.

Norm chose the roasted nectarine and he loved it, said it was not too sweet and was full of flavour. There was a smushy nectarine at the base of that little hat type structure, then a layer of cream under the crunchy hat.

I chose the second dessert even though I only new what cherry and pistachio were and I was delighted with my adventurous choice. Apparently, ‘Tanariva 33%’ refers to a type of cocoa beans from Madagascar with a “balanced acidity smoothed with distinctive milk and caramel notes“. This must have been used in the chocolate mouse wearing the little meringue hats. The little quenelle of cherry stracciatella nestling on a bed of chocolate crumbs were just the perfect combo of rich and bitter together. The little pinches of cake were gorgeous and offered a bit of balance and texture to the creaminess of the chocolate mousse and the rich cream and the meringues were a nice bit of crunch. I give this dish 5 Kitten Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

When the server brought the bill she brought 2 little choux pastries with a gorgeous cream centre which Norm kindly offered me his (after I asked). Yum.

When we finished we went home to check on the dogs and once we were ready to leave again we tried to book an Uber to take us back out to the consulate. The Ubers were not coming into Hout Bay, probably thanks to the ongoing taxi wars. We ended up just driving.

It was a smallish gathering- possibly due to it being on Valentine’s evening. But we met the new staff and various other people Norm wanted to make contact with then we headed home.

I went to the plastic surgeon on Wednesday to let him look at a little cyst on my leg. It was an ingrown hair and then became infected and then a cyst formed when I ignored it and so now he needs to cut it out. The dermatologist was not up for it but the plastic surgeon said it will be quick and easy. Norm drove me and I was a bundle of nerves at going to a new doctor, (going to any doctor at all) in a new office in a newish area. But Norm kept me calm as he always does.

Finn also went to the vet as the limping on his right front paw has now extended to include both front paws. It does not seem to be the skin but rather the tendons on both front feet. This morning he went in for x-rays to see if they can determine what is causing it. All of his joints are great, no arthritis or other issues so the vet wants us to monitor him.

As mentioned, last Thursday morning Norm was off early to the airport and I was left in charge. Eek.

The wind was insane and kept blowing things around the garden. Trying to sleep was a challenge as the wind made loads of noise.

On Friday afternoon a friend dropped off some figs.

While I was at the gate chatting my laptop decided to die. I tried everything to breathe life back into it but nope.

This worried me as I cannot work without a laptop. I fretted all weekend but tried not to. The dogs and I spent most of the weekend outside.

We spent the evenings usually by candlelight.

Norm decided to fly home on Saturday night so we had Sunday together. I woke in the middle of the night and was terribly ill! As it was load shedding it was pitch black and I had no lamp and had to hope my air was successful, then I put my phone on the vanity and Blue pushed it into the sink full of water.




I spent all morning downloading and updating my old laptop so that I can at least use it until my new one arrives. However it has no battery so will not work during load shedding and we are at Stage 6!

And people wonder why I am always stressed?

I’ve had to finish this post on my iPad and I’m crap at typing on it so apologies for any typos.

Wish me luck…….. hopefully I’ll have a fast new beast to work with next post.

Today we woke to pouring rain.

It suits my mood.

Lots of love and Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxox

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