I am a Georgia Peach transplanted to Hout Bay, a charming little village near Cape Town, South Africa, the most beautiful city in the world. I’m 1/4 Cherokee by heritage and a Data Diva by trade- a bit geeky, a bit spiritual and a bit ditzy all at the same time. I have experienced living on both coasts of the USA: in Georgia and LA. I have residency in 3 countries and I’ve lived in South Africa, Northern Ireland, and several cities in the UK. I’ve also worked or spent a lot of time in New York, Brunei and Singapore. I’ve been fortunate to travel quite a bit and my favorite cities are Paris, Amsterdam, Florence, and my fave holiday destination is the island of Sardinia, such beautiful food, people and beaches.

I have had some amazing bucket list experiences from going to tea in the gardens of Buckingham Palace & watching my husband receive an MBE from the Queen at Windsor Castle, to snorkeling in the Bahamas & orienteering through the forests of Brunei.

I am so proud of the 3 beautiful, clever humans that I gave birth to. They have grown into wonderful adults.

I am married to a sexy handsome Scotsman with a kilt, who loves me unconditionally and is my rock.

I write about aging, evolving, trying to do it all naturally. I am anxious and quirky and I hope you join me on the tales of my adventures.

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