Monday Blues

Monday’s are never great days as we have just had a weekend to relax and then we are snapped back to the realities of life. Monday now holds even more dread as it is also our weigh in day with my keto group. Last week I gained weight. Considering the feasting we did on the weekend I am not surprised really. I could either choose to wallow in despair and throw in the towel and give up after a setback or I could put on my big girl panties and get back on the horse.

So I am back on the horse. Wearing uncomfortable panties.

Instead of dwelling on my setback I focused on my successes from the weekend and that I now had a very tidy bedroom. I spent hours last Sunday putting away all of the clothes I brought back from the US. Everything is stored away but my cupboards are rammed. My next chore is to go through each drawer and shelf and give away what I will not ever wear again. But that can be done as and when, at least now I can find things I want to wear. Most of the clothes I brought back are winter clothes but I can wear the ‘loungewear’ pants and the T-shirts.

After I finished my room last Sunday I made us an easy dinner. It was so hot outside that we wanted to keep it light. I made a delicious salad for each of us with 2 pieces of smoked salmon ribbons, half an avocado, a tablespoon or so of cream cheese and a few bits and pieces of salad toppings.

Yum. On Monday for lunch I had the rest of the salmon from the packet and I just added some cucumber and creamed cheese and avocado.

On Monday evening we had no food in the house, so I tried to think of a take-away where I could have simply cooked meat and salad. I chose Souvla Stix in Hout Bay. I ordered a skewer of chicken wings and a salad called Eugenie’s Cabbage Salad which was described as shredded white and red cabbage and carrots, topped with sesame, pumpkin & sunflower seeds with a light vinaigrette. We also shared an order of halloumi cheese.

I felt like I made a good choice, usually I would be scarfing all the potatoes. There was plenty of chicken and salad so I had leftovers for lunch the following day. They recommend that you cook once, eat twice and this is what I aim for even if getting a take-out. I often put half in the fridge when I plate up.

We had ordered a Keto-friendly meal from Spiro & Julie at Home for Tuesday night. The chicken kebabs were very tender and juicy, the broccolini was al dente and not all squishy like mine is when I forget about it in the steamer. It was all yummy.

Norm was flying to Muldersdrift (I think that is a place in the North but can’t be arsed to google it) and his flight was at 7am so he was up getting showered and packed very early. I woke with a start and rushed to the loo where I was very ill. I was barfing my guts up while Norm was busy shouting ‘Ok love you, see you soon’ and other bits of info about the dogs, none of which landed in my brain.


I was ill most of the day and I still had to put in a 10 hour work day with a six and a half hour workshop. Luckily I have friends I can rely on and Michelle came to take Finn to puppy class where he made a new friend. He seems to always be the centre of attraction with that group. He is such a show off and is so full of happy puppy energy that it attracts the other pups.

The mobile groomer was also coming that day and I had to deal with all of that. Finn was so happy to be included this time, last time he wanted desperately to get washed liked the Poms but I was not sure if he was ready for it. This time he saw the van arrive and as soon as the gate opened he jumped in the back of the little trailer. All 3 of the dogs were washed, blown dry and the poms also had a lovely trim.

Panda’s face was dirty in 5 seconds of course.

The only thing I felt like eating was toast with peanut butter and banana. It wiped out all of my daily carb allowance BUT I did not eat the bag of popcorn in the cupboard that was calling my name seductively.

Damnit Mr. Jiffy, I CAN quit you!


Late afternoon Mark and Hunter popped in to help divert Finn for a bit. As Norm was away, the dogs were not getting their afternoon walk so I hoped this excitement and break in their routine would serve as a bit of exercise. I wish I had videoed some of Finn and Hunter’s play fighting, the noises they make could easily be a soundtrack to a wolf fight or even a bear fight in a film! It sounded and looked ferocious but I know that Hunter is very gentle with Finn, even though Finn is not always very gentle with Hunter. Mark did not stay long, I am sure I looked dreadful and it hurt to stand so the dogs and I came in and crashed.

I was sitting on the sofa having a play with Finn when I looked down and saw my hand was covered in blood. My arms and hands always look like I have been in a wrestling match with a crocodile so I just assumed he had nicked me again. I then wondered if the blood might be Finn’s as I could not find a wound on my hands but the blood kept appearing. He then started acting a bit weird and was digging frantically trying to get to something that was under my fat arse. I leaned forward and he ran off with his prize. I thought it was a cashew but quickly realised it was his canine puppy tooth and that was the source of the blood.

On Thursday my tummy felt a bit less unsettled but I did not feel up to eating normally and still had stomach cramps. Michelle came to walk the boys in the morning but Pixie was a Mommy’s girl and wanted to hide under my desk. I was OK with that.

I made myself a simple emmental cheese omelette and grilled some bacon and finished off a bit of avo we had.

Friday I had ordered some food from Spiro and Julie again and I just avoided scarfing all of the gorgeous roast potatoes. Norm suggested I have a steak roll using one of the low carb rolls from French Confectionary. It sounded a great idea until I bit into the roll and remembered that they taste of cardboard so I ended up leaving it and just eating the steak. It was all very tasty and I loved the ‘French Bistro Salad’ with the pickled eschalots and the Café de Paris butter sauce for the steak. Really lovely.

I must share my discovery of the best thing ever which is helping me cope with my sweet cravings while I am eating low carb. Meet Skinny Scoop ice cream. It tastes great and it is low carb so it hits that sweet spot when my cravings get too strong. I love the chocolate but the peanut butter is also nice.

This week my weight has kind of stayed put, getting ill did not help. But at least I did not gain again this week. Hopefully things will balance out as I continue my low carb eating and exercise.

Random topic change…..have any of you locals noticed that there are so many winged things around at the moment? We used to have loads of cocoons on our outside walls and then soon after we were coming down with butterflies but I have seen none of their cocoons in the last few years or so. Last weekend Lily and I spent a lot of time outside and I noticed that there were loads of butterflies. We even saw a few huge dragonflies and of course plenty of birds. I thanked the winged beasts who all came to say hello to us.

Speaking of flying the coop, my client has decided that we must all start rostering to go into the offices at least 2 days a week. I am not at all keen on that as I love my little nest at the desk Norm renovated for me. I have spent 2 years isolating at home from friends and family and now will be forced into a crowded elevator? I have asked whether an exemption is possible based on my age and my core morbidities. Just thinking about going in is stressing me so badly. So hold thumbs for me that I can get an exemption.

Today Norm and Finn have gone for a hike in the forest with puppy class. I considered going with them but my tummy is still not 100% right and that is not a condition for a hike. At least they will be tired when they get back and hopefully we can have a relaxing weekend. Maybe I will even clean out a shelf! Or Maybe Not.

Until next time, stay safe and healthy. Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxoxo

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