Everything You Need

This week has been really busy. Thankfully I am finally well. My doctor put me onto steroids on Monday as my cough was not improving. I did not read the instructions and only took one tablet the first day but the next morning I took the full dose of 6 pills and it made me feel like I had just smoked crack: twitchy and full of energy. At least that is what I assume it is like to smoke crack! They told me to take all 6 in the morning but they still affected my sleep all week.

I took both Monday and Tuesday off of work to rest as I was still coughing so much. There are issues at work which I needed to resolve so I went in on Wednesday.

Norm and I have done well with our low carb eating. I have lost 3Kgs since we got back from the US (that is 6.6 pounds for my US readers). I think a lot was fluid and toxins based on how much I have peed and how much I’ve been pouring with sweat. I never sweat. I may have a damp forehead but that’s all. Lately I’m drenched so suspect it’s the dietary changes and clean eating.

We did not cook every meal but tried to stay as low carb as we could. We had a takeaway eggplant parmigiana from Cassarechio last Sunday night as neither of us felt like cooking as it was stinking hot and when the kids wanted pizzas on Friday we decided to have it again as it’s less carbs than pasta or pizza and it is very tasty.

On Monday midday I made us an omelette as Norm was on a conference call. I hate wasting food and always try to use leftovers so I used the Mexican flavored mince from the low carb pizza I made the previous Saturday night as a filling.

I used 6 eggs so that the base would be solid. I let it cook until the base was nicely brown and I resisted poking around and messing with it. I added a layer of cheddar.

I then layered the pre-warmed meat mixture onto one side of the egg base.

I added too much meat so my flip wasn’t 100% successful but once I served it with added guacamole and salsa it was presentable enough.

It was so tasty!

I spent the majority of Monday resting. I had not slept the night before. My sleeping has been very hit or miss. I alternate watching the room get bright from the sun coming up and sleeping like the dead. On Wednesday night I got to sleep about 6a.m. and then got up at 8:30a.m. Funnily enough I coped fine at work on Thursday. On Friday I fell back asleep after my alarm went off and only woke at 7 from the dogs barking at me. I had to get the bins out and the recycling truck comes very early. I leapt out of bed, showered, got the bins out and fed the dogs and still made it to work by 9! I was groggy all day despite all that sleep.

My friend Vanessa came around on Monday as I had a pedicure booked and my feet needed done now that we are back in sandal weather.

It was 27* C and we were ever so hot. Norm and I decided to just have salad for dinner due to the heat. Norm fried some halloumi and grilled a packet of bacon while I made a salad with avocado, tomato, radishes and cucumber. I also made some blue cheese dressing. It was all so delicious and the flavors were gorgeous together.


We have now finished watching season 1 of ‘The Witcher’ and we started “Don’t F**K With Cats”.

OMG. We were gripped while watching it. I had heard nothing about the videos or the murderer. I don’t want to say much and spoil it. There are only 3 episodes but it was riveting and we devoured it. I give it 5 Kitten Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I slept better on Monday night and I decided to cook on Tuesday as Norm had a dental appointment and several conference calls and was in and out all day.

I sautéed some chopped onion, chopped cabbage and celery as my stock base, once that had all sweated off I added sliced mushrooms and chicken breasts cut into cubes. I fried it all in butter til browned, dusted the pan with almond flour for thickening and stirred it all in, then added enough organic chicken stock to cover it and let it simmer til the stock was absorbed. I then added some spices and a container of cream and let it simmer a bit more til it thickened. I then added a few baby spinach leaves and a wee bit of cheddar and mixed that in and removed it all from the heat.

I popped it into a casserole dish and Norm made cauliflower mash which I spread on top. I then covered it all with a thick layer of cheddar and mozzarella and popped it into the oven til brown.

To go with it I steamed baby broccoli and drizzled it with lemon juice.

This dish was soooo tasty! I was ever so impressed with myself 😂.

That night the heat cooled down a bit and a cool breeze picked up and it was much more tolerable.

On Wednesday I went back to work and Norm went down to Stellenbosch for some consulting work. He stayed there until Friday.

Each day I packed myself a day’s worth of food: full fat yogurt for breakfast, lunches of various bits such as tuna, boiled eggs, ham, cheese, olives, pickles, or raw veg such as celery, carrots, baby tomatoes, or cucumber. I also took snacks of celery with sugar free peanut butter or creamed cheese spread on top and seeded low carb crackers. It takes organization but it is worth it to eat healthy. I need to keep reminding myself that I am worthy of the effort.

The wind was howling from Wednesday onwards but it was still incredibly hot. It meant the alarms at home were triggering all day from the wind and the alarm company kept phoning me. As I was busy at work I wasn’t happy about the distractions.

On Thursday I did a bit of a shop to tide me over while Norm was away. I would normally eat loads of rubbish when he is away but I avoided the chocolates and chips aisles and bought healthy lunch food and keto friendly foods. I was craving chicken wings and I cooked a tray of those and feasted til I couldn’t eat any more.

While Norm was away I had Vanessa come around each day to check on the dogs and let them out for a wee and a wander. Pixie decided she wasn’t going to eat on Thursday morning and even refused it again when Vanessa came around.

She wasn’t her usually happy smiling self.

Panda however is always Mr Perky Pants.

Pixie felt better that evening and ate all of her food and tried to muscle in on Navajo’s bowl but was promptly told off. Maybe it was just the oppressive heat affecting her.

Thursday was Lily’s 29th birthday. I cannot believe almost all of my babies are in their 30’s. Lily is such a wonderful person. She is so kind as well as beautiful.

Mom and I gave her cash as she has been saving for her wedding and wanted her to treat herself.

The wind turned severe on Friday and Saturday.

It started raining in some of the areas surrounding Cape Town on Friday. Lily and Josh drove down from Mossel Bay that afternoon and it rained most of their journey. In some areas Josh said it was raining so hard that they could barely see. I wish Trevor had been able to come, I miss him terribly.

I gave Lily and Josh their Christmas presents when I arrived home. From me and Mom Lily got 2 beautiful dresses, a top, a handbag, winter pajamas, summer pajamas, socks and some ballet shoes to wear when dancing at her wedding. I also gave her the robes I bought for her bridal party and she loved them.

Josh got 4 T-shirts for lounging in and a pair of NASA pajama pants and they all fit him.

Josh gave me a beautiful round planter to hang in my window. It can also be a bird feeder but I never see the birds eating out of my existing one and I suspect the cats might be the reason for that. I will fill it with succulents.

On Saturday Lily and I overslept and had to rush to get ready as we were meeting Caitlin at the bridal shop for a fitting at 10a.m. Lily tried on her dress and the assistant pinned it where it needs tailored. We have to go back again in a few weeks.

The girls went on to the fabric shop to get the bridesmaids dress fabric. The shop had sold out and they ended up going to Somerset West which is almost an hour away. It was worth it however as they found most of the fabric and the shop has promised to order more. They also found the sun umbrellas and fans for the wedding. They celebrated by having a nice brunch together.

I went onto the city centre after our appointment as I was getting my hair done at 11a.m. I love relaxing in the salon when there is nowhere that I have to be, reading and getting spoiled. I had a colour, a treatment and my fringe trimmed. Leandra put a few curls in as we were going out that night.

When we all arrived back at the house we opened presents. The kids gave me a handbag I had been drooling over.

They also gave me a gorgeous wrap. I wore both for dinner that evening.

Caitlin said she loved her gifts too. Mom gave her 4 pair of Levis which fit like a glove and I gave her a top, a cardigan, socks and pajamas. I had bought Wes some pajama bottoms and a 4 pack of vests but the vests were tiny! They were even tight on the girls. As they are an American size large I’m not sure what happened there. His pajama bottoms did fit at least, but he has such a wide chest.

The girls ended up swapping their pajamas as one pair was bigger and Caitlin can’t stand anything tight.

Panda helped the girls sort out their second hand jewelry from my Mom. Lily received a box of silver earrings and Caitlin was given a box of lockets and chains.

We phoned Mom and woke her and had a lot of laughs. Mom told the girls loads of crazy things I did when young. She told them about when Jeff my first fiancé had his parents come to visit. They took us out to dinner and got me drunk and tried to get me to marry their son right there and then. My Mom and Dad hated Jeff with just cause. He was an addict and a thief. I didn’t even remember that scene but not surprising if I was drunk.

When Norm got home and showered we all headed out to Papino’s for dinner.

We ordered some chili popper starters which was baked phyllo pastry containing a slice of jalapeño and a dollop of creamed cheese. It was good but not what we expected as we were all doing low carb. But we quickly scarfed them up!

We all ordered steaks, everyone had a fillet except for Wes. They all come with veg. I ordered mine with salad, Norm and Cait had sweet potato fries, Lily had mash and the boys had Portuguese chips. I ordered 3 bowls of garlic fried mushrooms for the table.

The food seemed to take ages as we were starving but the waitress kept keeping us informed and our drinks filled up so we just chatted.

Finally the steaks started arriving. The blokes were served first. Then the girls and lastly me. My steak was perfectly cooked and very tender.

Several people said their steaks were cold and Wes and Caitlin sent theirs back. Wes’s steak was well done rather than rare and Caitlin wanted hers heated up. Wes and Lily had a few bits of silver skin, or connective tissue, which made parts of it inedible. I loved mine and most everyone ate it all so the food must have been okay. We had a great night talking and laughing so that is what matters.

Wes wasn’t feeling well so he headed home after dinner. The rest of us chatted a bit when we got home but it soon started thundering and lightning badly so Cait headed out before the rain started as there are no street lights on our side of the mountain.

Sunday morning Lily and Josh shot off early to the Waterfront for Josh to try on suits for the wedding. They booked a nice pale grey for him. It will all look gorgeous whatever they wear, they are such a beautiful couple.

I sent my Christmas presents for Trevor and Amber with the kids for Lily to give them.

After Lily and Josh left it started pouring with rain which we desperately need.

The front door is open letting the cool damp air blow in. Norm and I are having a pajama day. It’s so peaceful listening to the rain.

The animals are all napping around the room.

Navajo is guarding us at the gate.

Norm is alternating relaxing with cleaning and working, I am blogging and playing games.

It is just what I need.

I hope that you get everything you need ❤️

Until next time, Kisses From The Kitten xoxoxoxo

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