The Power

Even the dreadful news we were given last Friday afternoon that I may be forced to go into the office four days a week could not ruin last weekend, it was really lovely.

The wind was howling last Saturday but it was a stunning clear day.

Norm and I popped over to Mr Price home as I needed a new rug under my desk. I have gone through several now. One was jute which sort of disintegrated under my chair wheels. One was too small so it kept getting caught up under my chair wheels and bending, then I would trip over it. I finally found the perfect one.

We also bought loads of candles as we are still having to cope with load-shedding multiple times in a 24 hour period. Then we headed home to relax until that evening.

I mentioned that Friday the 12th of May was my daughter Caitlin’s birthday. Her dad was down from George for the weekend so she went out with her Dad and Wes on Friday and then we went for Mexican food at Mexicola Locale on Saturday. It is nice that she got to see both of us. Wes drove Caitlin so that she could have a birthday drink and they stopped and picked us up en-route so Norm could also have a drink. When we arrived our table was just being cleared and we met the new owner and wished him every success. We opted to sit at a low table in the side room as it is quieter and my old back copes better with the lower chairs.

Norm ordered a bottle of wine and took the remainder home. It was so nice that he could relax for a change.

Caitlin and I each ordered a frozen margarita, raspberry for me and regular lime for Caitlin. We ordered some nachos for the table to nibble while we waited and chatted. They were yummy but awkward to eat and of course I made a mess of myself.

Both Norm and I had 2 of the pork tacos. Caitlin had one pork and one of the Fish Tacos and Wes had one beef, one pork and some chicken wings. I enjoyed mine but the pork was a wee bit cold.

Of course we had to share a couple of the waffles at the end of the meal seeing as it was Caitlin’s birthday celebration. These are so good as they are a combo of a waffle and a churro. Yummmmm. It could have used a bit more chocolate sauce was my only minor complaint.

We all got a lil bit tipsy (except for poor Wes) and had a lovely evening. We enjoy going out with Wes and Cait and can always find a lot to chat about whether it is IT projects, family or just random nonsense.

I cannot provide prices because I cannot find their menu online and I have no memory. It appears they may be creating an updated website for the new owner. I hope he can get out from under the drama the chain has had to weather recently. I give my meal 4 Kitten Stars.

Sunday was Mother’s Day in South Africa and usually Norm does not acknowledge it and has actually said to me ‘I am not his Mother’ which resulted in a day of tears. (From me, not from him due to any resulting injury for those who know me well.) He obviously remembered this drama because when I came into the house from my morning prayers outside on my hill, he had a beautiful orchid and a box of chocolates for me. He is so sweet.

We had a lazy morning and then we headed out just after 1pm. Caitlin had asked Norm and I to join her and Wes and his parents Susan and Joe for a collective lunch at La Belle Bistro at the Alphen hotel. The Alphen is a beautiful venue. Funny we had not seen Caitlin and Wes in ages and then we see them twice in one weekend.

Caitlin and Wes were just arriving when we got there. I wore my new animal print shirt-dress from Woolworths and my new jean jacket from Miladys. Both the girls told me I looked cute. I hope that is not young people code for mutton dressed as lamb.

The kids gave me a lovely bag of goodies for Mother’s Day. The candle slogans cracked me up. The kids always complain that I do not even look at pics before I post them (I do look, I just can’t see) and that I tell everyone everything about everything. Both of these beliefs are true. I own it.

I also got a stress squishy, some watercolour pencils and art pad as well as a water bottle with a beautiful, colourful butterfly on it. I almost bought a water bottle the day before at Mr Price and I am glad I didn’t because I love this one. It will be great for when I am at events or even just for sitting outside at home.

Wes brought me a bunch of lovely proteas, baby breath and other fynbos which I popped onto my desk and which are looking lovely still.

Susan and Joe arrived and we all were seated at a big table outside on the veranda.

We were all starving so we were keen to order some food. Caitlin and I chose the Buttermilk Chicken. It came with spicy aioli, slaw and fries for R195. It was not slaw IMO, just slightly damp cabbage. But the chicken was yummy and the portion so large that I gave Norm an entire piece of chicken and Caitlin also donated half a piece to Wesley.

Norm and Joe both had the Crispy Skin white fish for R225, Wes had the buttermilk chicken burger for R145 and Susan had a fillet steak for R295 which came with fries and béarnaise sauce. Everyone seemed to enjoy their food. Norm thought my chicken was better than his fish. I was certainly happy with my choice. I give my meal 4 Kitten Stars.

We were too full for dessert so several of us got something from the patisserie to take home. I had a chocolate crumb cheesecake wrapped with meringue which I ate that night when it was too dark to take a pic (load-shedding). But I took a pic of Norm’s tiramisu when he had it. He said it was delicious.

Again this week I noticed that Peggy Black’s words were resonating with me.

Peggy and Amazon Prime are in synch. I felt like those words set me up perfectly for watching this series.

This week I started watched “The Power” on Amazon Prime.

I very quickly became obsessed with this series. I first watched it because I am a huge fan of Toni Collette but I had zero clue about the premise of the show. Toni plays Margot Cleary-Lopez, the Mayor of Seattle. The entire world is suddenly full of young girls and women who have “EOD”, or “electric organ discharge,” including Jos, Toni’s daughter.

The world shifts so much when the power between the genders is flipped on it’s head. I can see that most men would not like this show in the least, but I do not want to tell you anything else and spoil it for you. Watch it!!!!!

Miley Cyrus released a new single this week and I love it so much. It is called “Jaded” and again seems to be throwing a bit of shade at an ex, but what do I know? I love that the video focusses on Miley’s beautiful face as usually they mostly focus on her body but she is just gorgeous from every angle. It is a beautiful video.

I had a busy morning. I went with my friend T to a “Mysticism, Mantra & Meditation Kundalini Yoga Workshop” a the Sufi Temple. I have never done any yoga at all. I am not very agile or fit. But I am always willing to try most things at least once as long as I have a side-kick to try it with me.

T picked me up just after 8am and we headed to the temple. It is such an amazing looking structure!

We went inside and found a place for our mats. I ran into two other women I know, Cape Town can be a small pond.

T was thoughtful enough to bring several pillows which I did not know I would need. Apparently my mat is a Pilates mat not a yoga mat, which explains why I slide all over it. Oops.

We did various movements and vocalisations to music. I had never done chanting or anything like this but I really enjoyed it.

I found it interesting that a lot of the movements we did are the same movements I do myself on my hill when I do my afternoon stretch and meditation session.

I really enjoyed the music and the chanting. It does make you feel like you are part of something bigger than just yourself. This is not the same track but it is the same concept, you vocalise along with the music.

I would definitely like to go again.

Tomorrow I have a session with the group who are studying shamanism with Tass so I will be driving out to Scarborough.

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend so far and that your week ahead is fabulous and everything that you need.

Until next time, Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxoxox

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