The Divine Feminine

This week has been full of all manner of amazing occurrences.

Maybe it was planetary energy because the new moon moved into Taurus on the 19th of May and then Mars moved into Leo on the 20th. Then they all buggered off somewhere else to cause havoc.

Taurus is all about pleasure and Mars is about passion, so you have great opportunity there if single or married and needing some attention. #WinkWink

People often link the concept of ‘pleasure’ to pleasure of a sexual nature only, but pleasure can come from so many areas in our lives, and from both internally and externally. When I need to concentrate or de-stress, I go to my garden and feel the abundance of nature around me. I pray to the 7 directions every morning and I love seeing the early morning sky and mountains which change constantly in the shifting light.

Finding deep, nourishing pleasure is easier than you think. You can find it anywhere, any time. It is about allowing yourself to feel that pleasure without any guilt, shame or any negative constraints we put on ourselves for being happy! When you think about it, how can anything which makes you happy be wrong? Well, as long as you are not harming anyone or anything obviously, but hopefully none of my readers are serial killers and this is not a necessary caveat.

So many of us have been conditioned into thinking that you can only be happy if you are a financial success and that success can only be achieved through hardship, or that once achieved that success should bring us stress and anxiety. I am now starting to realise that success just means that you have found YOU and that you understand how to manage your own energy and tap into what makes you happy. When you honour yourself and connect to your authentic soul, you will begin to open the doorway to abundance. Abundance means money, friends, opportunities and love just flow to you naturally.

Only once you can accept yourself, wholly and completely and realise that we do what we do when we do it because it is all we know at that point in time. My low level of intellect and enlightenment at the age of 19 differs greatly to what I have going on now. If you think of it on a vibrational level then decisions made when we are operating at a low vibrational level require a gentler level of self-acceptance. We need to accept ourselves without judgement. We need to forgive ourselves. Give ourselves grace for poor decisions made before we became ‘awake’ and aware.

I had the strangest vision this week. We did a guided meditation to try and connect with our spirit animal as part of the Path of the White Wolf shaman course. The first time I heard the meditation, Tass read it to me via zoom and my usual white wolf came through. I have had a white wolf or dog with me for as long as I have been exploring ‘all of this’ *waves hands around vaguely*. When I was a child I had an imaginary white wolf that went everywhere with me. We spent hours roaming around the woods together. Tass asked us to try and listen to the recording multiple times to see what animals we connected with.

A few days later I listened to the meditation again on my own, lying outside on my hill. Finn came and lay next to me, at first he was pulling my hair and generally just being annoying. Then when I started the recording he sat up alert, listened to Tass’s voice from my phone and then he collapsed (hit the arrow on the right of the image to see the second pic of a meditating Finn).

I then closed my eyes and listened without his distractions. This time I saw two small animals: a baby goat and a racoon. The racoon was riding on the back of the baby goat. Only me, right?? I thought this was just nonsense and then when we met on Sunday, Tass started the session by showing us the horn of the goat that was sacrificed in her own sangoma ceremony with the isiXhosa lineage and traditions! When Tass picked it up and explained what it was my mouth dropped open and my eyes got wide.

I was shooketh!!

Then after I told the group about my meditation, Tass told me to look up both spirit animals and this is what I found.

Raccoons are bright, and their resourcefulness is legendary. If you have a raccoon as your spirit animal, it means that you, too, can make things work, even if the odds seem stacked against you. You have the ability to think on your feet and come up with solutions that others might not have thought of.

The mask of the raccoon was so prominent to me, it was the first thing I could see and the animal sort of appeared around the mask with the goat appearing under him. I found this explanation below fascinating! If you have ever seen anyone shape-shift then you also realise that there is some magic that many of us have no understanding of.

The Goat animal totem seems to be similar in that it assures me that I can be more confident about my abilities. That is definitely an area I struggle with is confidence in anything I do despite appearances to the contrary!

“Is your confidence to climb to the top in need of a boost? Do you need to reawaken the ability to see the world with child-like curiosity? Goat, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Goat teaches you how to navigate rocky territory with ease while teaching you the joys of being a kid again!”

That makes me laugh as I actually said recently that I wish I could experience life with the eyes of a child. I see that I need these spirit animals to assist me in my transformation.

That is another thing that keeps coming up is play. Maybe because of the abuse when I was 5 years old or maybe because I was an only child, or maybe because I am a Virgo, or maybe just because I AM serious. I am a huge jokester but I tend to also be both morose and serious. Is the jokester the mask or is the serious side? Are both just part of what makes up the entirety of me?

The other alignment that came up in our meeting was Tass showed us the beautiful wand that she recently made. I said ‘OOOOOO I want to make a long wand too!’ and look at what the raccoon in the image that came up is holding? A raccoon with a wand? Riding a goat? We are all so aligned.

Tass also pointed out to me that the reoccurring presence of the Sacred Ibis indicates that they are also a spirit animal. I looked that up and it said: ‘Your ancestors stand with you and want you to know that you’re doing a great job with your line of work. Your studies are actually helping you to define your truths and break old ones.  The Ibis also symbolizes that you are letting go of old patterns.’

Well, yes I am Mr. Ibis!

Lately I am almost vibrating with information. I feel like an ungrounded electric cable, fizzing and popping. I feel this transformation and I wonder if this sizzle is what the caterpillar feels. Or is it just an awakening that I feel?

Our planet is undergoing an unprecedented flood of energy, data, and information according to Peggy Black. “The level of energy that is moving in your energetic field has never before been so escalated. This energy is bathing your entire planet, the consciousness of planet-earth and the consciousness of all living things.

There is a speeding up, this energy is a gift. This energy is given to assist humanity and this planet to make the next evolutionary step, a quantum leap to move more fully into the awareness of multi-dimensionality.

As a sensitive, you and others may be feeling wobbly, realizing your physical body is shifting. You may be experiencing strange symptoms, dizziness, floating sensations, disorientation, puzzlement, sleeplessness, exhaustion. There are a variety of physical reactions happening to everyone on many levels. This shift, this energy surge can be welcomed or resisted. Those who resist are experiencing chaos, depression and pain.”

On Sunday I headed out toward Rev Tass‘s house to meet the group of women all studying the Path of the White Wolf course with me. Driving out to Scarborough is just the most beautiful drive, winding up along the edge of a mountain overlooking the valley and the sea beyond, then driving along the cost of the southern peninsula.

I stopped my car and rolled down my window and drank it all in. I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful place. I listened to the waves crashing and smelled the salty tang of the sea. It is so good for the soul. I know I only live 5 minutes from the sea in Hout Bay but our little bay is not as wild as this area of the coast.

One of the things we are covering in this section of the course is connecting to our Divine Masculine and our Divine Feminine. To be perfectly balanced we need to have both energies in equal measures. I had to really think about which traits are considered traditionally feminine vs masculine. I am strong in ‘masculine’ traits such as being brave, consistent, logical, and a bit technical. I am strong in some of the ‘feminine’ traits such as loving and generous, sincere, loyal and honest. And do not come at me for my classifications, this is my path not yours. Classify your own dang traits.


I am not vain in the ways that some women are. I do not inject things into my face or neck (yes I know you can tell #GobbleGobble). I still have my ragged ‘birth teeth’ full of fillings. I only go to the hairdresser once a year and seldom go to a spa for anything. I have not been for a facial in years. I do not shave, wax or do much in the way of conventional female grooming (my legs, my face, my nothing). You get the drift. I am definitely not a girly girl! My only concession is Vanessa coming to my house to do my pedicure once a month ( I am not an animal!!).

However, I do try to make an effort with my clothes and try and look tidy. But I do not wear anything tight, or uncomfortable, or anything which will ride up my arse, or any heels at all. I found it interesting that it was harder to think of my Feminine self.

The other thing Tass said to me is that I need to connect to the Fire element which resides in the South. So on Monday when The Crystal Spirits sent out a comms to offer gifts I jumped onto the site and I won a PDF called “Divine Feminine” which comes with a mala ‘kit’ including a mala necklace made of Fire Carnelians!

See what I mean? You cannot make this stuff up!!

It says that Carnelian is the one crystal that awakens the sacral or second chakra. This is the chakra from where our sexuality, goddess energy, power, and vibrancy ignites. It’s one of the most important chakras and should always be activated and awake so we can be inspired by life.

Our PASSION for LIFE!! And it is even the birthstone for Virgo! The Universe sends me so much confirmation.

When I was leaving Tass’s there was a beautiful Cape Sugarbird flying all around my head in circles and squawking loudly at me! I had my hands full so could only snap a poor image but you need to see what he looks like, so here is a video off the interwebs.

This week I treated myself to a yoga mat and blocks as well as a meditation cushion. I ordered it from the “Billy The Beewebsite. The mat was on special as were the blocks. The cushion is for carting to all of the different circles I go to for ease of sitting on the floor. #TooOldForTheFloorHoney I love that they were all in purple or lavender, my fave colour spectrum. I can now do my stretches on my hill in style!

I also treated myself to 2 new mala necklaces. I chose the 2 which spoke to me.

First, The Truth Mala which is made of my beloved Turquoise and beautiful textured rudraksha beads (dried stone fruit). The description on the site is:

“Turquoise is known as a truth stone. It is believed to encourage you to be honest and confident in communicating with others. It is also one of the oldest protection stones known to bring strength and protection against negativity.

This mala has been wonderfully balanced with rudraksha beads. Against your skin, rudraksha is believed to increase the ability to concentrate, giving clarity and peace of mind and relieve stress and anxiety.”

The second is the Calm and Peace Mala – made of Howlite and sandlewood beads. The website says that “These beautiful beads remind us that it is necessary to pause, breathe, and invest in moments of self-care and compassion.

Howlite is the ultimate calming stone. Believed to relieve stress and anxiety, howlite will calm your over active mind and is wonderful for meditation and sleep. Howlite allows us to transcend to a higher level of awareness and provides mental clarity, where we can discover purpose, let go of stress and find a deep peace.

Sandalwood is an aromatic wood that helps create a calming state of mind and brings positive energy. Its beautiful scent will help you maintain alertness while meditating.”

This practically shouted at me to wear it. I do love my malas they really do make me feel calmer and if that is all in my head, that is the point so yay. The end result is what matters.

We have had so much rain this week that I have not been able to go out on the hill in the afternoons and even had to pray inside a few mornings. It finally cleared yesterday and has been lovely ever since.

Norm and I have no plans this weekend. I have some things I need to do around the house and then tomorrow we may go to the local market but it is going to be a chilled one which we both need. I hope you all enjoy your weekends.

Until next time, Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxoxox

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