The Elixir

Once we open ourselves up to opportunities, often the experiences come flying at us quickly and that is what seems to be happening with me since I decided to start venturing out of my cave.

Last weekend seemed to be non-stop but it was packed with fun.

I mentioned in my last post that we were attending the Opera ‘L’elisir D’amore‘ by the Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti last Saturday evening.

Mark was kind enough to look after the terrorist so we dropped Finn off and headed in to Camp’s Bay. It is a beautiful drive along the coast road and the sun was just starting to drop so it was rather magnificent. I tried to capture it in a pic but it was less than impressive so you just have to imagine it with me.

We got there a few minutes early and got parking almost at the front door. Camp’s Bay is a very popular area with a long white beach and a lot of popular nightspots and restaurants with very little parking and so availability of parking can be very hit or miss so we felt the parking Angels were looking out for us. Two people were recently shot very near where the theatre is located so I had a few trepidations (but no palpitations as the energy felt fine). The area was a taxi rank and the taxi drivers were fighting about turf but the police appear to have cleared out the area so it seemed safe.

The theatre lobby has recently been renovated and looks much fresher than it did the last time we were there. We grabbed a little table and ordered a drink. We wore our masks other than when we were drinking.

Norm was clever and also placed an order for intermission at the same time at the bar. Normally I just hang out in the theatre during the intermission to avoid the crowded lobby, but this time I had booked seats on the aisle and we could exit quickly and easily even though we were on the 4th row from the stage, it is a small theatre. The theatre was completely full so I was glad we had booked ahead. We felt so organised!

The set was simple and there was no orchestra, only a single piano onstage played by the handsome pianist José Dias who looked a bit like a rock star from the 70’s with his blue velvet suit, shoulder length hair and beard. He could be the more attractive Robinson brother of the Black Crowes.

The casting of the opera was absolute perfection! It was a small ensemble so you got to see everyone shine individually and there were some amazing voices. The opera is a romantic comedy about a mythical love potion and it’s effect on the main characters. The part of Adina, the beautiful subject of the men’s love interest, was played by the stunning and talented soprano Brittany Smith. She was a very good actress as well as a singer, you could follow the story just by her facial expressions.

The two men who were cast as Adina’s love interests were posed in the more modern roles of ‘Geek vs Jock’ instead of the original roles of ‘Peasant vs Soldier’. The opera is obviously sang in the original Italian, but there is a screen above the stage which provided a description of what was happening and some of the texts were very funny.

The ‘Geek’ role of Nemorino was played by Puerto Rican tenor Juan Hernández and the adoration he had for Adina was very sweet. You could feel his yearning for her.

The ‘Jock’ (the role of Belcore) was hilariously played by the very talented Van Wyk Venter. They had him dressed as a typical prep school jock and he did a fabulous job playing a toxic male trying to get all saucy with Adina.

I adored the handsome and talented Conroy Scott as Doctor Dulcamara, the traveling snake-oil salesman. He is an imposing figure in his steam punk inspired costume. I have to admit I was not sure what the metal helmets that he kept putting on people’s heads were supposed to represent however.

We enjoyed ourselves so much, it was so wonderful to be caught up in the story and energy of a live production again. Even though we were masked up and surrounded by people it did not feel overly crowded so my anxiety stayed in check. Or maybe that was the 2 vodkas I had in the lobby.

I give our evening 5 Kitten Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The next day we woke to a very hot, beautifully sunny day. Norm and I pottered about the garden planting the spiky plants that Norm had knicked from the neighbour up the road. They can grow really huge so we scattered them around, putting a few in areas we want to stop the dogs going into.

While we were busy planting, Finn slipped in and stole one of them, almost as if he thought that if we stole them originally, we created a precedent and he was within his rights to do the same.

I am so impressed with how beautifully my succulents grow with so little attention. The plant in this Buddha head has grown so huge and is now flowering from multiple different plants within the pot.

We were invited to dinner that night with Wes and Caitlin at their home so we got ready and dropped Finn off again with his uncles. It was such a gorgeous evening and we sat outside on Cait and Wes’ lovely little patio.

Caitlin and Wes are always improving their house, the garden is looking so amazing. I could not snap pics as my phone died (I need a new iPhone if there are any Blessers out there with one to spare) so you have to take my word for it and they are both so private that I cannot steal any of their pics off of their socials either. How rude!

We were called in to dinner and served a huge bowl of the most gorgeous creamy al dente pasta topped with huge prawns and coriander. It had a tiny pinch of chili to give it a pop. Wes has a real understanding of flavours.

For dessert we were treated to a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake. The cheesecake was so creamy, light and tasty and the raspberries cut through the richness with a jolt of sweet tanginess.

It is always wonderful spending time with my kids but it was even better as we got so spoiled! I give our dinner a strong 5 Kitten Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. We did not stay late as we did not want to keep Uncle Mark up too late as it was a school night.

We’ve had a busy week getting more people in for quotes for the doors and windows. We found someone to quote on restoring the wood and we have a few quotes for replacing the doors and windows with aluminium frames. It is a tough decision and either way will be quite expensive but it has to be done.

My friend Michelle is back in Cape Town as well and she is going to walk Finn three times a week in the forest as he needs the exercise and stimulation. She took him out twice this week and he came home sodden, muddy and deliriously happy. Yesterday he jumped straight into our bed and last night I found a burr in my hair and under my hip in the bed when I woke up this morning. Lovely. My Virgo germ-freak inner child just has to STFU.

We bought him some very expensive toys designed by Nona Ottosson. I ordered them from the local shop Waggs and I would not recommend them as a vendor. It took about 5 emails and 3 weeks for the toys to arrive. One is a level 2 and one is a level 3. We started with the level 2 one and Norm filled it up with biltong (similar to beef jerky) and put it on the carpet for Finn.

Finn did not even hesitate, he went straight to each lever, opened them and scarfed the treats. We thought that might be a lucky fluke and we tried again and he cracked it in seconds. So a 3 week delivery time, a 30 second amusement time and then 2 minutes to break it.

Then we wondered was it just a really rubbish ‘brain stimulator’ toy design, or is our boy a brainiac? So I waited until Finn was out with Norm and I tried it with the Pomeranians. Let’s just say that it is in their favour that they are pretty because they are useless safe crackers.

My daughter Lily’s kitten Rocket that she rescued has gone missing and we are all so worried about him. We are holding positive energy and prayers for him to return home soon, safe from harm. Please join us in that prayer.

This weekend’s adventure is lunch at Azure restaurant as part of Restaurant Week. It is located at the beautiful coastal hotel 12 Apostles. I am very excited. Finn is going over to hang with his uncles again. You will read all about it next week.

Norm bought some new big patio pots and soil for me, so tomorrow will be spent digging in the dirt, my happy place. He is starting on the next little patio for me, it is in the shade by the pool so when it is hot in summer I will have a place to sit and watch the birds. I am loving all of the changes we are making in our garden.

Until next time, stay safe. Kisses from the Kitten x0x0x0x0x0x

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