The Same Way Twice

Last week Norm met our new neighbours who have moved into the property that was previously a guest house. He said they seem nice, the husband is a Frenchman named Pierre and the wife is named Saskia and is Greek (he thinks). We share the wall by our pool in common. This is the same property where the previous owner regularly had loud sex in the hot tub next to our wall while listening to German death metal, so the bar is pretty low on expectations from the new peeps.

We also have another new neighbour in the house next door to us on our actual same street, so we will invite all of the new people around to the house for drinks soon. There is nothing better than friends you can wander over to for a cocktail and then stumble back home without relying on taxis or a designated driver and I have not had that in a long time.

Last weekend I really fancied Mexican food. I had been craving it since I saw that Mexicola Locale is now available on the Mr D food delivery app! As I was not sure what Norm might like I decided to order a variety and let him sample a few bits and pieces.

I ordered: 2 of the El Pastor Tacos with coal roasted pulled pork shoulder, blackened pineapple, thyme, green chilli, avocado and lime, 2 of the Suadero Tacos with fire cooked beef belly, shallots, coriander, chilli and garlic cream cheese. Both types of the meat tacos were R80 each. I also ordered one of the Baja Tacos for R75 with crispy locale fish, pickled red onion, jalapeno, green olive, mint and lime aioli, 2 portions of the Croquettes Bochas which was 4 each of the Cheese, jalapeno, cumin, coriander and lime aioli croquettes at R98 per portion and one portion of the Fire Grilled Chicken Bochas with Mole sauce for R120. Also for R120 I ordered a portion of Carne Locale Nachos: Locale meat sauce, black beans, cheese, guacamole, tomato salsa, jalapenos, sour cream and coriander.

I ordered far too much food and spent a fortune but this was for research purposes. Out of my analysis I found that Norm loved the nachos and the pulled pork taco. Unsurprisingly, the fish taco did not travel well and the croquettes were too spicy for my wee Scottish gringo. Bless him.

However, I loved every morsel I ate as it is very seldom that anything is too spicy for me. These are the true flavours of Mexico (and if this was a vlog I would still not say a breathy ‘MeHeeko‘ but I would definitely say ‘Halap′enyo‘ (as in rhyming with ‘All up in yo‘) because few people in SA say it properly even if they work in a Mexican restaurant).

This is the only time I have had proper carnitas since I moved from LA over 30 years ago. When my son was a baby my 1st husband and I would go to a tiny little hole in the wall restaurant in LA. It was owned by a couple who became friendly with us and they served this pork which turned on a rotisserie all day like a British kebab, except it was pure, tender, crispy pork with charred edges. I would order the carnitas and it came with tortillas and the same sides that you get with fajitas and the best guacamole I have ever eaten. My son and I always shared it. He also still loves crispy pork.

Anyway, that little memory has sweet FA to do with Mexicola Locale except that it took me back to a specific time in my life as a food memory should do. The real, legitimate flavours of Mexican food.

In the pic below is a single portion of the croquettes, one El Pastor Taco and a few spoons full of the nachos. I give my dinner 5 Kitten Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and I will throw in a taco and burrito emoji for extra credit 🌮🌯

Norm went away again yesterday for the weekend so I decided to treat myself with another order of Mexican food and it was just as good the second time. I would have taken a pic except I had to eat by lantern light since load shedding kicked in exactly as my food arrived.

Load-shedding has been heavy and we had it twice yesterday, from 10am to 12:30 and then again from 6 to 8:30pm. I have a good set up and can watch TV at least. I have a huge array of lanterns and candles and I turn the telly on for more light. The fire also helps with light. But it is a pain regardless of when it hits, you cannot even make a coffee when it hits in the mornings.

It is so frustrating that this still goes on with such severity. But the government here is just as corrupt and self-serving as it is in the USA. Politicians in the game for the glory and the money, not for the people they are supposed to represent.

Yesterday the US Supreme Court struck down Roe vs Wade, which means that each state can now determine their own laws around abortion, and from the point of conception, a woman could have no rights to her own body. This ruling will not stop women from having abortions, instead it will remove the options for safe abortions and will end up with an increase in women and child mortality figures and some women will end up with infections or other longer lasting damage which may result in an inability to conceive or carry a child when they are ready to be a mother.

Now that women will be forced to become mothers, this means that men will also be forced into responsibility for this child. How many men will now rather just kill the woman rather than deal with the financial or social responsibility?

To these men, women are like Cattle, purely for breeding and meeting the various needs of the men who own them.

I feel like this is just the first slice at human rights by the Conservative Repuglicans. Next they will come for same sex marriage, contraception and even the sexual unions between consenting adults.

Justice Clarence Thomas (that giant sex-pest of a turd who is married to the slimy Ginni who was implicated in the insurrection) wrote that the reasoning underlying Friday’s opinion should call into question constitutional protections for same-sex marriage, sex between gay couples and contraception, as they are currently understood. He could not mention interracial marriage as he is in one himself, but I am sure that will be brought into question by some states as well.

*Cue sounds of Deliverance*

The current state of the world can really weigh me down but I try so hard to focus on how lovely my life is on a personal level, however my need for fairness and equality will not let me abandon my sisters and allies and it feels so heavy.

Last Sunday my friend Camilla dropped off the plate I had recently painted at Clay Café with her, Mel and Chloe.

I had tried to match a serving platter I already own. This is the new one on the left next to my original platter on the right. I did a pretty good job don’t you think? I am really pleased with how it came out. The colour is the same as the first one as is the rustic, imperfect, home-made nature of it.

Norm and I were so lazy last Sunday. We decided to watch a film and as it was so cold outside I wrapped up in my favorite blanket. Panda popped onto my lap and Finn settled in as close as his big butt would allow.

Despite my random indulgence in carbs, I have still continued to slowly lose weight. I have now lost 15.75kgs (34.6 lbs). As you see I eat reasonably but I think the intermittent fasting is what is working well. Most people eat during the day and fast in the evenings but that does not work with my body. I do not get very hungry during the day and the coffee keeps me happy until the afternoon. I eat from 2 or 3 pm until about 10pm. I fast from 10pm until the following afternoon.

On the weekends I always catch up on the latest weekly episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars and last week Tove Lo was one of the judges so I googled her to see who she is because her vibe was just so funky.

As The Vivienne pointed out, the proper pronunciation of Tove’s full stage name (‘Toovah Loo’) rhymes with the British goodbye slang phrase ‘toodle-oo’. I thought I remembered her unusual name, then I found this video. I love this song, I’ve always thought it was very sexy even though it contains one of those Jonas children. Even in their mucky Amish underwear it is still sensual.

I also love this new song Tove has just released and the video is just as odd as I would expect it to be from her. She is very quirky.

I hope you enjoy Tove Lo, and until next time, toodle-loo. #SeeWhatIDidThere?

Tomorrow is my Mom’s 81st birthday so we have a family zoom call scheduled. I am looking forward to seeing all of my loved ones.

Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxox

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