Easily Bruised

Last weekend the weather in Cape Town was glorious and it has continued all week. In fact we had record breaking temperatures as it is winter and we should not be having 29℃ weather at this time of year.

Last Sunday we had plans to go on a hike with our friends Joe, Tyler and little Noah.

They came to our house and followed us over to Silverhurst Trail and we all strolled off on the short little course. We have not gone hiking since Panda got sick so I was a bit slower than previous attempts. However, I hoped I could at least keep up with Noah’s little leggies!

Finn was off lead and was very well behaved. He made some doggy friends and had a few swims in the creeks and ponds. At least Stinky Pond was full and smelled relatively fresh. It even washed a bit of the residual sand off of him from his last adventure.

After our walk we headed back to Hout Bay. Norm and I were poorly prepared for lunch and we popped into Spar on our way. We picked up fresh crispy bread rolls, sliced ham, a few different types of cheese, some carrots and fruit and dips. When we got back we set up the outside table with cushions and a brolly and got stuck in to making sandwiches and demolishing them.

Lola kitty was delighted to see Noah and they had a few love in sessions.

We had a lovely chilled afternoon and when it got too hot outside we all came inside to eat some of the delicious apple pie that Joe had made for us. We had picked up some ice cream at the shop and it was an indulgent end to the day.

Noah wanted to play a board game, so instead us lazy afternoon adults came up with a different game. (Me….I am the lazy adult). I tore a piece of paper into squares and wrote the names of various people (animated or human or anything because in my spontaneous game there were no rules.) Noah took the slip of paper and licked it to make it stick on the player’s foreheads, except he licked them so liberally they often disintegrated. The person with the label on their head had to try and guess the name on the slip of paper. It was quite fun and kept Noah busy for a bit.

After our friends left Norm and I pottered about in the garden a bit. We put up the climbing frames I had bought for my vines. Considering the cost of them they are a bit flimsy and the birds are a bit naff up close. I find it interesting that the plant that gets the most sun has grown more like a bush in shape whereas the one by the gate which gets less sun is growing long tendrils like a vine.

As I often do most evenings when the weather is nice, I sat on my porch watching the light from the sky fade and slowly trigger all of my little kitschy lights to come on. I love these lights!

The mobile groomers came this week and all 3 babies are now smelling sweet. They put a little kerchief on them afterwards and Finn looks great in green as a McCool should!

I had a funny conversation at work this week when discussing how I got offended at the gossip about me which I mentioned last week. People are often surprised if I show sensitivity. I described myself as ‘Easily bruised, but bolshy AF’ and I thought that is one of the best summaries of me possible.

Then we discussed whether we get our happiness and feelings of self-satisfaction from our job, or do we just show up to work for a pay cheque? I think gender often drives this distinction, but obviously not always. Men are often defined by their career and it is a huge part of their identity. For me that is not the case. I am defined by so many labels, that is just one. I am a woman, I am a mother, a daughter, a wife, a friend, a Cherokee, a gardener, a witch, a drummer, and I just so happen to be a Data Consultant to pay my bills and enable me to do all of those other things.

Don’t get me wrong, it is challenging being on a project where no one wants to listen to what you recommend. But I have gotten past that years ago. Often the client does not listen and then what you recommended ends up being the route they go after issues occur and I get that little ‘twinge’ of ‘I told you so!’ which is not good for the project but it does validate that I know what I am talking about. And I would struggle with a very menial job where I was not enjoying the work. I do love what I do, data makes me happy.

This week my happiness has come from the anticipation of knowing that I was going to see my Lily this weekend. She came down late yesterday and I had meetings until 5pm but after that we sat outside in the garden with the animals and chatted and caught up on each other’s news.

Today Lily, Caitlin and I are going to paint ceramics at Clay Café. It will be great to have some Mommy – Daughter time with my girls, I am really looking forward to it. I am sure I will be sore from laughing as we always do as we talk such nonsense. With that in mind I must get in the shower and get ready.

Much love!

Until next time, Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxoxoxox

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