Last Drops

Last weekend the weather was absolutely stunning and we made the most of it, trying to squeeze out the last drops of sunny fun. This week has been cold and the last few days have been really windy.

Last Saturday I cleaned the house. Those who know me may have fainted at this statement as I never clean. Norm usually manages the house but we have not done a really thorough scrub since we got back from the US and as I had invited friends over I do have SOME standards and I could not handle the excess of dust.

On Sunday Norm and I got up early and headed off to Silverhurst Trail again.

We loaded Finn in the back and he was very excited to know he was going on an excursion.

After our walk we went to the shops and picked up some healthy bits and pieces for later and headed home to get sorted for our visitors. I also picked up the most stunning pink tulips for the house.

We set up the outside table with a cloth and put out cushions for the benches and put up our big umbrella for some shade. This meant we could keep an eye on Noah while he was swimming.

Instead of my usual snacks I tried to keep it healthy. I had raw carrots, celery and cucumber slices, some dips, some salmon bites, cheeses, salami and a few less healthy options for those who were not on low carb. Joe brought a delicious banana cake with a gorgeous cream cheese icing and I had to indulge in a piece of it despite what it did to my carb allowance.

Noah and Finn had a lot of fun swimming and chasing my little rubber duck in the pool.

Noah is so gentle and is very good with all of the animals but Finn is so big now he can be a bit intimidating. Noah and Pixie played ball for ages.

Lola and Noah had some little cuddles.

It was a lovely afternoon relaxing in the garden, chatting and laughing at the nonsense of the animals and Noah.

Joe gave me a lovely ring which I adore. Both of us were wearing olive green dresses and it matched my outfit!

Norm and I had a busy week with work and life. I tried to cook when I could. Vanessa came on Tuesday to do my pedicure and Norm cooked a fillet steak and halloumi and I made a salad. It is such a quick and tasty meal.

On Wednesday I pounded some chicken breasts til they were a more uniform thickness, dipped them in egg to moisten and then rolled in desiccated coconut and ground almonds to get a coating and fried in olive oil and a dab of butter. I think it is a bit odd that my chicken is actually shaped a bit like a little chick. I roasted sweet potato cubes in olive oil and fried my asparagus in lemon, garlic and butter. I think I needed some of the lemony sauce to go with the chicken too just to freshen it up a bit. But overall it was good.

On Thursday I tried making cheese ‘crisps’ by baking Monterey jack cheese until bubbly then letting it cool. They were divine and a nice crunch for my Mexican Salad. Next time I may make them bigger and use them to make enchiladas.

On Friday Mark popped by after work to pick up Finn for a playdate with Uncle Hunter. Norm and I had plans to go to COPA Restaurant in the Pepperclub Hotel as part of the Restaurant week specials. We booked for a 5 course Autumn Tasting menu.

We had never been to dine at COPA and it was a really lovely setting.

There were some beautiful huge paintings around the room interspersed with shelves full of books and objets d’art.

The other side of the room had some lovely black metal framework and the walls were covered with Sinatra memorabilia. I read somewhere that the name used to be Sinatra Restaurant and I think COPA is newish.

We were seated in a cozy semicircular banquette seat. The pale creamy leather in the seats was very comfortable, stylish and elegant.

After our wine and water was served the waitress asked for our choices on the tasting menu. There were 2 items offered for each of the courses (other than the bread and the amuse bouche).

First they served a delicious warm Mosbolletjie bread with cumin & turmeric butter. Mosbolletjie bread is a South African bread which is similar to a sweet brioche, traditionally made with fermented grape juice and flavored with aniseed. The butter was icy cold and rock hard which is one of my pet peeves. I only had a small taste of the bread and it was nice, Norm loved it and gobbled down the whole lot.

Next was the amuse bouche, Mushroom cappuccino, garlic foam, mushroom dust & a parmesan cheese straw. I was not sure if I was supposed to sip it like a tiny cappuccino or use the little spoon provided. At least I did not use it as a finger bowl. By definition an amuse bouche should be a single bite of deliciousness. But despite the awkwardness, it was tasty and mushroomy as you might expect. The cheese straw was light and flaky and yummy. I give this course 3 Kitten Stars, mostly due to the cheese straw.

The next course we both chose the same option. Mussel chowder, lavash bread, salmon mousse, sun blushed tomato, tempura prawn & fennel sprigs. I thought it said ‘lavish bread’ and did not expect a flat little stick, that seemed the opposite of lavish, then I read my mistake. Interestingly enough, for this course we were not given soup spoons and when Norm got the waitress’ attention to ask for one it took ages for them to arrive. The ‘chowder’ was not very tasty it was just half cooked vegetable cubes in a broth. There was a single mussel. It was awkward to eat the tempura prawn without picking it up and biting it. I give this course 2 Kitten Stars.

Next we were given a sorbet palate cleanser of clementine granita. A sorbet is not the same as a granita so the fact that they called it both of those things confused me. I think this was neither really as it contained the shells of the clementines. It had a lovely flavour but the texture of the chewy skins was very off-putting. This one gets 2 Kitten Stars at a reach.

Next was our main course, I chose the Dashi poached kingklip rolled in seaweed served with celeriac puree and sous vide apple. The fish was juicy and moist and I enjoyed the celeriac puree. However it seemed to need a little boost of something. It was a 3 Kitten Star dish ⭐⭐⭐.

Norm chose the Braised lamb shoulder with potato fondant, basil & pea puree, smoked tomato, black olive dust & olive jus. Norm said the lamb was a bit tough and he was not impressed with this dish. He said it was ‘average’ and would only rate it 2 Kitten Stars.

We also chose different desserts. I had the Valrhona Opera cake with caramelia chocolate mousse, spiced pear compote, hazelnut praline, guanaja ganache, forelle pear sorbet & spiced chocolate bark. Try memorising that! This was rich and delicious and catered for every texture that a good complex dessert should have, the rich bitter chocolate, the crunchy praline, the cool and refreshing sorbet all combined beautifully. I give this one 5 Kitten Stars.

Norm had the Passion fruit yoghurt pot de crème, burnt white chocolate, lime sable mango sorbet with a cereal praline crumble. It looked very fresh and pretty and I loved the little bottle with the passion fruit spilling out. He said this was also average.

It was a lovely venue, it was fabulous to be out on our own in the city so my overall night gets 5 Kitten Stars but the food only merits 3 Kitten Stars ⭐⭐⭐.

Mark dropped Finn off shortly after we arrived home and Norm and I had a cozy evening relaxing together. Today Norm and Finn are at puppy class and I am being collected later by Caitlin and Wes to go to Chapter One for our next restaurant week meal. I will tell you all about it next week.

I hope you have all had a lovely week and that you enjoy your weekend. Until next time, stay safe and Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxox

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