Birthday Kittens & Stone Memories

This week has been full of a lot of anticipation and happy events.

On the work front, I have been given a pay rise. Last year none of us received raises due to the impact of COVID on the economy. It was backdated to my review date so I got an extra bit of cash for my birthday month. My current client also extended my contract until next November so that is brilliant as I really enjoy working for them.

The Swiss Shepherd breeder contacted me to say that Sparrow (the mommy) is getting very big and the pups may come any time from now.

I am so excited to get our puppy.

Then for the main reason for my excitement, Friday was my 60th birthday and I was able to see my family. When I woke and came downstairs to my desk I had some beautiful proteas to greet me as well as a gift and card.

Inside the packet was a stunning Tuareg necklace Norman had bought at Rockchic here in Hout Bay.

This is exactly my taste and I was so pleased with his choice.

Trevor and Lily came down for the weekend and I finished work at 12 to get ready for their arrival. Caitlin came over too. We were so excited! It was the 1st time for them to see my upstairs renovations and Caitlin and Wes’s new home. They brought some great gifts for my birthday. Caitlin made a little watercolor hummingbird which I want to frame.

They all chipped in and got a warm pair of In Step surfer leather boots for me. These are pretty infamous here, the South African equivalent of the Australian Ugg boot and last forever.

Josh bought a glass rain gauge device on a pole adorned with a beautiful hummingbird for me. I will take a pic once it is up in the garden, it has been raining most of the weekend.

After opening presents we hung out and had a cuppa and a chat until dinner time.

We had a dinner booking to go to Old Town Italy in High Constantia that evening. They recently took over where Pastis had been located for decades. I had booked outside in a covered area but as it was pouring with rain and icy cold I agreed to move inside when they phoned to confirm the booking.

It was very charming inside but it was incredibly noisy.

Wes drove over to meet us there. He had bought a little succulent for me and some adorable fairy bits and pieces. I will take a pic when I set it all up. I love them!

It is always great when the kids meet up these days. With us all being 4-5 hours apart and Covid raging we have not seen each in far too long.

The kitchen closed at 8 so we did not waste any time. Caitlin ordered the penne tossed with free-range chicken, cream, béchamel sauce, basil pesto, chopped tomato, grana padano and fresh herbs and seemed to really enjoy it.

Wesley ordered the short rib braised in Sangiovese and tomato with creamy polenta and gremolata. It looked divine. He actually shivered with pleasure when he had his first bite.

Trevor, Norm and I all ordered the fillet steak which was spread with fresh Italian herbs and mustard, wrapped in Prosciutto with cianti jus, spinach and creamy mashed potatoes. I had ordered my steak medium rare but it was a tiny bit under cooked in the center. The prosciutto made it quite salty but I love salt. I will order this again, I give it 4.5 Kitten Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨

We had a giant stunning cake waiting for us so we did not have dessert. We finished our meals and drinks and we headed home and got stuck into the cake from Tessa’s Bakery.

It was so moist and delicious. Yum yum. We built a big fire and settled around to catch up. Pixie and Panda were so excited to see the kids.

Caitlin had to head home about 9:30 to make it there in time for the 10pm curfew. Until then we chatted and laughed and had a lovely evening.

After she left, the rest of us stayed up late drinking wine in front of the fire so it was hard to wake up on Saturday but I had booked us in for 11am High Tea at Cellars Hohenhort. We were seated in the Conservatory looking out at a patio and beautiful grounds.

They took our coffee and tea orders while we looked at the menu which was rather long and terribly delicious sounding.

First they brought water for the table and delivered our coffees and teas and then the cake stands full of pastry and other sweet delicacies arrived.

Then they brought out the savouries on large wooden boards.

Then they brought out a large plate for me with some extra fruit and chocolate and a message around it for my birthday. It was a lovely touch.

The whole spread was fabulous.

We ate what we could manage and packaged up the rest to go. The grounds of the hotel are romantic and lovely. We went for a meander to stretch our legs.

It really is quite magical and special.

So many interesting little spots to chill out and talk or sit and cool off.

Or just have a cool photo op.

When we finished exploring we headed over to Caitlin’s new house as Trevor and Lily had only seen it in pics. They were suitably impressed with how nicely they have decorated it and how sweet a house it is.

When we went back to my house from hanging out at Caitlin’s we all chose a rock to paint for my succulent garden. Caitlin did not finish hers but will come back and finish it.

Trevor and Lily left around midday to drive back. The house was so quiet with just the 2 of us. We have to get used to that again.

I am skipping the COVID updates this week as I don’t want to face reality yet. Let’s just end on a happy note.

For my musical section I provide a newly released video of ‘Skin’ by Joy Crookes. Joy is based in the UK and is of Bangladeshi Bengali and Irish heritage and she is absolutely stunning with a gorgeous deep soulful voice.

I have had a wonderful weekend and I hope you all stay safe and blessed.

So far 60 isn’t so bad.

Until next time, Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxox

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