Choosing Happiness

I had such happiness and I was so spoiled over the weekend and that gratitude has drifted over into this week too. I just keep getting these waves of complete contentment going through me. I know my kids are healthy. I have a handsome, kind and wonderful husband. My mom is still with us and keeps us all laughing. I am back in love with my house again. I have a secure job I enjoy doing. How much more could I ask for?

Apparently a lot. I am one of those people who strive for perfection, in myself, in my family, in work, in friends………… an impossible goal. What if I stop having so many expectations and living in the future and rather start appreciating each second as if it is a new event suitable for wonder, like a child.

Instead of expecting my hubby to make an end of dinner cocktail for me, how about if I act as if it is the first time this situation has occurred? Thanking him profusely, sipping and commenting on how perfect the mix is? Usually this interaction starts with me complaining the glass is too full which is not exactly showing appreciation for his efforts (I spill a lot). It is similar to the gratitude process, at a very granular level.

I am in a great mood. My birthday weekend has filled me up so that I am practically skipping with happiness and I want that to spill over to my interactions with others.

On Monday I had an appointment after work for Vanessa to pop in to give me a pedicure. I quickly built up a nice fire since I would be barefoot and it was freezing cold outside. The hot water bath was welcome as were the rest of the spoils, the massaging, the trimming, filing, moisturising etc. were quite heavenly. I also really like Vanessa and enjoy our chats. We always spend the whole time giggling.

On Tuesday the weather cleared a bit and Norm put my new hummingbird rain gauge next to the pool, on the top of the hill in the midst of the wild irises. I love it so much, I am obsessed with hummingbirds and this also has a practical use.

We had a message on Wednesday morning to say that Sparrow, the Swiss Shepherd female who is providing us with a puppy, was in labour. I was on tenterhooks waiting to hear if our baby had emerged but still no news. Sparrow’s labour is dragging on.

On Friday Norm was acting a bit odd and he came in to where I was working and said we had visitors. I thought that was unusual and in walks a woman and child I did not know at all. It was our office admin and her daughter dropping off a birthday present for me! We communicate only via email and had never met in person. My office has never done that before, I guess turning 60 is a special occasion. They gave me a stunning salad bowl with wooden servers and a little row of bowls for putting bits and pieces in. I love them both, so pretty and functional.

That was a great way to kick off our weekend. But as soon as they left I noticed Panda was limping. Norm checked him out and he yelped if you touched his foot so he decided to take him to the vet. They have such tiny bones that they can easily get a break if they jump off of something. The vet tried to touch his foot and he went mental so it was obviously sore. The vet shaved his paw and it was quite red. She thinks it was a sting and gave him an allergex injection. This morning it is back to normal and he is walking on it.

Norm and I started a new series this week. It is called ‘L.A.’s Finest’ and stars beauties Gabrielle Union & Jessica Alba.

Gabrielle portrays Special Agent/Detective Lieutenant Sydney “Syd” Burnett an ex-DEA agent who has transferred to the LAPD’s Robbery-Homicide Division. This series is a spin off of the ‘Bad Boys’ movies and Gabrielle’s character is the sister of Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence). Jessica Alba portrays Detective Nancy McKenna, a working stepmother, and secretly a former career criminal (Nancy Perez). Nancy is Syd’s new partner in the LAPD. Prior to the LAPD, Nancy served in the U.S. Navy as an E.O.D. technician.

I am enjoying the show, it has some funny moments, both ladies are gorgeous and enough shit blows up to interest Norm.

This week’s musical discovery is ‘Love Like I Do’ from Noah Guy. The track is not new but Noah is new to me. I cannot find much about him except that he is from Philadelphia.

He also has an unfortunate if amusing meme associated to his name.

Never mind. I am easily amused. This Noah Guy-guy has a smooth R&B sound and I had expected to see some young hipster black guy in a hat as the singer, not some skinny white boy mugging it up in baby gangsta clothes. But pi$$ taking aside his music is good and I have added him to my list of likey-likes on Spotify.

I have decided to stop tracking COVID weekly. It is with us possibly indefinitely and while I will certainly not relax my diligence, I have had my vaccines and will have a booster if it comes available. I will keep my contact with others to a minimum. It is part of our every day lives now.

The weather is clear but very windy today. We are going to potter about today as I have a lot of things I want to do. I want to put out my fairy garden goodies from Wes. Blue keeps walking up to them and knocking them over and I want to get them out before he breaks one, the cheeky wee bugger. I want to varnish the stones from the kids which are finished too.

Tomorrow we are going for a drive around the peninsula and then for lunch. I will update you on all of that next week.

I hope you all have a safe and happy weekend. I hope you continue to adhere to caution when out in the public and that you get the vaccine if medically possible.

Until next week, Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxoxo

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