My Best Beloveds

This has been a week of highs and lows, excitements and stresses ending with a fun and busy weekend.

We tried to get back onto low carb eating from last Monday and we had a delicious high fat / low carb meal for dinner that night. Norm made pork chops, cauliflower mash, fried halloumi cheese, fried mushrooms and steamed baby broccoli.

Tuesday he cooked again and fried chicken breasts with onion and spinach, added in a container of cream, some spices and chicken stock and he served it over creamed sweet potatoes and with steamed asparagus to go with it. It was so delicious, similar to a cream pastry free pie.

Wednesday I met my friend Gillian for lunch at Nuri Sushi. I did not realise it when I made the decision where to meet but she does not eat sushi so luckily Nuri does prawn pops and ‘asian fries’ which are both divine so we had those. The prawn pops are like scampi in the UK.

The asian fries are sliced deep fried potatoes, like thick chips. They are really yummy.

That night Norm had a meeting so he stopped for take aways from Massimo’s on the way home and it was gorgeous as always but not banting as we both had schnitzel with mash and roast vegetables.

Thursday Norm made home made chili con carne and we topped it with cheese and sour cream. The beans are not low carb but the rest is and it was so delicious.

I started my new project with a new client a week ago on Friday but my first full day was this past Monday. I was panicking with insecurity at the beginning of the week as I always do, but by the end of the week I had my processes set up and was no longer worried. I am definitely challenged with the amount of work to be done but I think I can manage it. I was set up on SQL Developer but I have always used MS SQL so it took me a bit to get used to the different interface and language but I am going well now that I have my rhythm.

We also had crazy road diversions in the city all week because of the State of the Nation Address (SONA) so it made it just that little bit more stressful. Some of the roads I normally take were just randomly closed as I work right near Parliament. I panic when I get lost and there are a lot of one way streets so any changes from my routine get me off balance.

It has been really hot and windy this week and as it often does when we have that combo of chaos we had fires and this week we had several!

Regular readers may remember me telling you about the fire last year in the gorgeous Tintswalow Hotel, and on Tuesday there was yet another fire, this time in the main lodge.

Here is a link to some pics of the damage which the hotel posted on their Facebook page. It looks pretty bad.

On Thursday as well as the road congestion from SONA we had another fire on Camps Bay road near the Table Mountain cable car turn off. This was the second in one week in the same general area!

This fire meant all traffic was diverted around the mountain and my usual half hour drive turned into 2 hours of sitting in bumper to bumper non moving traffic.

I decided to amuse myself by taking photos and enjoying the beauty of the views.

I watched the choppers scooping up sea water to dump on the fires.

There was also a fire at Holy Cross school on Thursday. There was even a small fire in Hout Bay near the beach.

When I finally got home that night Norm and I had a swim. I was so grateful to have a pool.

I sat for ages with my feet in the water cooling off after my horrendous journey home.

On Friday it was hot already when I got into work and driving past the part of Table mountain where the fire had occurred the previous day, there were still fire engines in place and the area smelled like an ashtray, it was horrible.

Maybe that was why I was tempted by the peanut butter cronut from Now Now Cafe. It was worth every carbohydrate.

My playlist on Spotify that day was Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton, as I listened to it I thought about how much my Grandmother loved Hank Williams and still did not catch on to the fact it was her birthday, despite all of the obvious nudges she sent me. It was only later that evening when my cousin Warren messaged me to say it would have been Grandma’s 111th birthday that day if she was alive that I put two and two together and realised she had been contacting me to tell me hello.

Friday afternoon after work I went to the chiropractor and then was home before 5pm and Josh and Lily had already arrived at the house from Mossel Bay. We just had chinese take aways for dinner and Caitlin came over later and she had left over chili when she arrived.

We finally opened our Christmas presents. I got Lily and Josh some clothes from the US and they all fit perfectly. I got Lily a gift card for her birthday as that was what she wanted. I was not sure about Wes’s size and so I got him a shirt he could take back, it is just as well I did as it was too small.

Josh gave me a gorgeous wrap which will look lovely when drumming or even over a swimsuit. I wore it over my dress on Saturday for lunch. I wore it with turquoise jewelry. My hair is wet as it is so hot.

Wes game me a bottle of Vanilla spice amarula which was delicious.

On Friday evening the girls and I baked the chocolate cake and 2 pans of cornbread ready to prepare into the stuffing the following day.

On Saturday Lily and I got up and had a coffee then got busy cooking. I took puff pastry and filled it with chocolate chips and maltesers, snipped them shut, basted with melted butter to make them golden and popped them in the oven for our breakfast.

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That day we all pitched in and cooked with Lily and I first doing the icing for the cake, the cornbread stuffing and then later starting the veggies and the potatoes and putting the meats into the oven.

When Cait arrived she finished preparing what was left to be done and she and Wes cooked the veg and potatoes then Wes carved the hams.

We had so much food! We had 2 small hams cooked in pineapple, honey and coke. We baked a big chicken and surrounded it with mushrooms, basting it all with chicken stock as it cooked. Wes cooked some small pork chippolatas. We made cornbead stuffing, mashed potatoes as well as roast potatoes. I made a huge trough of gravy to go over it all. For veggies we had fried red cabbage, brussel sprouts, glazed carrots & broccoli casserole.

After lunch we went and lay by the pool to cool off and Lily braided my hair.

We lay around on cushions by the pool until we felt able to ingest more food and then we came inside and had chocolate cake and the vanilla Amarula on ice. As we had not been together for Lily’s birthday a few weeks ago we had a belated sing along.

We then all lay about on the settees like stuffed piggies and watched a bit of telly. It was so lovely to spend time with my girls, I wish Trevor and Amber had been able to come but hopefully we can pop down to visit them, I sent their gifts back with Lily. Hopefully they like them and they fit.

Today the sky has been a bit misty and it has cooled off a bit.

Josh and Lily were up and away about 11. Norm went to a triathlon for a bit but I have had a lazy day.

This week we finished binge watching Russian Doll which I really loved. It was very good.

Work has kept me on my toes and it will continue to do so for the next few months.

This week I have Valentines to look forward to, Norm is cooking and we are just staying in. On Friday we are going to Beefcakes to a drag show which should be a laugh. On Saturday we are going to Theatre on the Bay to see Into the Woods, a musical. We will have another very tiring weekend but you need to grab as much fun as you can out of life!

I hope you enjoy your week and wish a Happy Valentines Day to you.

Kisses from the Kitten x0x0x0x0x0x

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