The Perfect Balance

Last week’s long weekend was just perfect. It had a balance of family, friends and alone time to recharge. I had Caitlin over here on Sunday and we viewed a lot of her photos from her and Wes’ honeymoon in Italy on our big screen telly. It was just so beautiful and they are so lucky to get to go on such an amazing holiday together.

Caitlin brought me a gorgeous little glass dish made of Murano glass. In the light, the colours are just so lovely. Caitlin said she thought of me as the shape of the tree is very ‘Tree of Life’ which I love. I also got a few fancy choccies. Norm also got some goodies. It was so nice to spend time with Cait it seems like she was gone for months!

On Monday I had the day off of work because it was Worker’s Day in South Africa. I sat outside and caught up with all of the homework I needed to do for my Path of the White Wolf course. When picking up the things I needed to take outside, my new medicine bag called out to me.

I actually thought there was no reason for my medicine bag to be with me in the garden so I thought I was just imagining things and being silly and I left it.

I listened to several of the recordings from the group session I had missed last week and then I listened again to the guided meditation I had struggled with before. It was only afterwards that I realised my shaman stone was in the medicine bag and needed to listen to the recordings too! Sorry stone I will listen to you next time. It reassures me when I realise that what I think I hear, I do! Call it intuition or whatever you are comfortable with, I know it is the stone calling out to me.

I had no issues this time in regards to relaxing during the guided meditation and I downloaded loads of images of me as a child. I remembered my Dad babysitting me at the home we had until I was 3. I remembered playing with my cousins at the house on my Grandmother’s property and riding our bikes, shooting a BB gun, riding horses and mini-bikes and playing in the woods. I wrote loads in my journal but still want to talk through it with Tass before I write about it.

One of the aspects discussed in my Path of the White Wolf course was Tonglen which is a Tibetan term that translates as ‘giving and taking’ (or sending and receiving). Tass mentioned it in regards to ‘Compassion’.

Amazingly I was just discussing the concept of Compassion with my friend who was here for tea last weekend. I have been watching all manner of bizarre TV series and I almost feel compelled to view them. One was ‘Inmate to Roomate‘ which films people who have been released from prison and move in with complete strangers in an attempt to reduce recidivism. They have usually been pen pals or some non-romantic relationship while locked up. I give it 1 Kitten Star, it is a horror show with the occasional glimpse of growth or realness. ⭐ But it gave me insight into how some people live and how some people think. I know it is not ‘real’ reality but the things people say in the ‘confessional’ bits are real and that is what shows their true colours.

The other show is Love After Lock Up. It is another train smash. I give it 2 Kitten Stars ⭐⭐ because at least it made me laugh when not recoiling in shock at how ignorant some people can be. People in prison completely scam people and this is both men in prison scamming women or women prisoners scamming men. They do this to get money paid to their jail account to make their stay more comfortable, or to get gifts or cash. They get their phone card topped up and they may use the credit to talk to other people. It is sad all the way around.

I feel that the reason I was drawn to watch these shows is to gain a bit of insight into the variety of lives that people are forced /or choose to live. I have mentioned before about the generations of people who were impacted so badly by the influx of addiction to the USA and these shows clearly demonstrate the many different levels of this impact. There are so many wounded, broken people out there that if I were to actually ‘open’ up to this vast chasm of dark, desperation then I might be sucked in right along with it. But what I can do is to keep my own energy guarded but to glimpse this darkness. I need to keep reminding myself that we are all coming from so many different places, have walked so many different paths, have experienced so many situations, that we can in no way be treated the same. If I am to be a shaman or medicine woman I need to learn these things about human nature.

I am in my Observation Era #MistressIsabelleBrooks #RuPaulSecretLanguage

While sitting outside I started noticing various things about the birds. There are so many different ‘pecking orders’ (sorrrry). There is the obvious size one, but even among similarly sized birds there seems to be a hierarchy. For example between the little swee waxbill (a finch) and the slightly larger Cape white eye, the white eye is quite aggressive but the waxbill is rather gentle. The way they feed is different too, the cape white eye block out a larger area and flutter in and out to get the food where the finch operates in groups of 2 or 3 and they have a lookout and take turns eating. There is also a difference in behaviour by gender. I only see the males fighting, never the females. I also feel as if I am absorbing knowledge about nature just from observing.

I love that the dogs want to cuddle with me while I am chilling.

I also had another amazing moment with birds this week. While praying, I was standing on the hill with my arms stretched to the sky and my eyes shut and when I asked for help with interpreting my visions, I heard a horrendously loud croaky noise above me and when I opened my eyes 3 Sacred Ibis flew over my head so close that I ducked!

They were shouting so loud at me! Sacred Ibis are not the same as their cousins the Hadeda Ibis. The Sacred Ibis are often quiet but do use vocalisations that are varied. There are croaking barks that are used in flight, as well as squeaks and more melodic sounds. These guys really wanted my attention.

Tass has told me that Sacred Ibis are messengers of scribes and knowledge. Again, the message coming through is for me to keep writing!

Like I have mentioned on other posts, I am thinking a lot about the concept of the existence of multiple dimensions and our abilities. I read something on Peggy Black‘s Morning Message the other day which actually blew my mind! I also think that this is brilliant at explaining the questions I have about DNA and genetics.

“Humans are multidimensional… humans are coded to many realities. Each human has “codes” in their DNA that are dormant… not activated.

Much like a baby who is born with the seeds of their own offspring within… those seeds are dormant until the baby has matured in age and certain hormonal changes within the physical body has taken place… then the ‘seeds of reproduction’ are ready. The human being is “coded” for various stages of development to happen at certain times… most everyone is aware of the physical changes that take place from baby to adult.

What remains much a mystery to your scientists are the triggers that tell the physical body to begin a certain stage of development. What aspect of the physical body is responsible for the stages of growth, development and maturing?

It is the DNA that carries the “code triggers” that activate each stage. The DNA is the entire operating program of the human.

Humanity is in the process of an evolutionary shift. The dormant codes in the DNA are being switched on… this is activating a new level of knowing within each person.”

It is also aligned to the information discussed in Michael Tellinger‘s BookSlave Species of the Gods: The Secret History of the Anunnaki and Their Mission on Earth‘. Michael says that humans have loads of DNA which is not used and has decided that this was something that was turned off by our ‘Body Corporate’ (© that term in this context cos he never used it in this regard). In other words, we were created for the gods to harvest crap they needed, we were the slaves. After we harvested said crap, we were no longer useful so they sort of disabled some of our functions and left us here to destroy the remainder of the planet. Michael believes in the ANUNNAKI and a mysterious vanished civilisation.

Or something like that.

NB: I interspersed a LOT of stuff that cannot be attributed to either the book or the author. It is actually a riveting book and I was mesmerised by it. I suggest you read it, it will transform your thinking. #PleaseDoNotSueMeForMyIrreveranceMrTellinger

My point (after dragging you around the bush about 10 times) is that we have so much untapped potential both mentally and physically. I think we need to face the world with that mindset. Think it is possible and maybe it is!

I say all of the time ‘I am so LUCKY!’ and I win loads of competitions. Do I win because I branded myself as lucky, or am I lucky because I am just lucky and I am simply stating the obvious? It’s a Chicken / Egg sort of conundrum.

Speaking of conundrums, I had sushi take out on Tuesday for the first time in ages. It was yummy but was not what I ordered. Not sure what the salmon rolls are with the brown goo? I could not be bothered to complain so I ate most of it (whatever it was).

Norm had to pop down to the shops on Wednesday and came home with some beautiful sunflowers for me. He is so thoughtful and he knows my love languages. They make me so happy just looking at their smiling faces. Once again I am reminded that I am such a lucky woman.

We had takeaway from Massimo’s and had a pasta that was on special and it was divine! It was so good I posted a review here. Massimo’s is one of our fave local places. I have their calamari and chips often but they put on some divine specials and their pasta and pizza are always delicious. And they love dogs!

Yesterday I put my crystals into some salt water made with Himalayan pink salts and put them in the sun to cleanse and charge.

It was an eclipse last night but we could not see anything interesting from here, but hopefully that gives them some extra power!

So two more of my intentions are coming through this weekend. I asked for more women in my life and this afternoon I am going to meet a new group who are creating a new bookclub.

Tomorrow I have a drumming session at my house as I had asked for more drumming in my life.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend yourselves and are happy doing whatever you are doing.

Until next time, Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxoxox

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