Berocca For Your Soul

I am sure that you have more than likely heard of the book series called ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul‘ but today I heard the term ‘Berocca for your soul’ and found it just fabulous. I immediately recognised the difference between the need, one is when you need a Mama meal and a cozy hug, the other is when you need someone to kick your arse into gear and get you moving.

I have never actually taken Berocca but, as I have low Vitamin B maybe, that is why I met Taryn, the woman who said it! I may start taking it as it is supposed to be a great source of Vitamin B and I would not know that if she had not said that.

Today was our monthly women’s Soul Circle. We met here in Hout Bay and gathered around a fire pit under a little lean-to in the hosts, Bridget and Nikki’s garden.

I love that group. It is a morning where we are all able to express ourselves freely without prejudice or drama and everyone’s point of view is received easily. Whether you yourself are aligned to that POV or not is irrelevant and no one tries to evangelise their own opinions or views. It is such freedom and acceptance.

The description of today’s event was “a morning of sharing, meditation and mindfulness practice, with an emphasis on happiness, contentment and joy – the differences between them and how we can bring more of all three into our lives.”

We talked about whether we thought there was a difference between the 3 feelings / emotions. I said that I felt that happiness and joy are immediate, heart based emotions and contentment to me is slower, and is stomach based. I am sure there is something chakra-ish about that but I am rubbish at remembering where the chakra points are or what emotions are based there. Other than the kundalini one. I have a friend who was told that her kundalini needs were not being met. Apparently that is your lady bits. Or your G-spot. I now realise I also do not really know what Kundalini means either.

Sorry, what were we talking about??

Oh yes. Soul Circle! Our little group of Introverts as Tamlyn says.

We had lots of women there today, some of whom were new. Well, new to me anyway. We talked about whether we were content and if not, what would make us content and what would we be willing to do to get there?

I said that I am very content, however that does not mean that I am sitting still. I still have aspirations in regards to my future and I am actively doing the manifestations to bring them all into existence. In no particular order here are a few things which I am happy to keep repeating as that helps to bring them into existence. I want enough funds to comfortably retire at 65, I want to study the Path of the White Wolf, I want to become a shaman, I want to continue to remodel the house (the windows and the downstairs predominately), I want my children, husband and mom to be healthy and happy. I want lots of healthy grandkids and happy kids (what do you call young adults in their 30s when they have sprung from your loins? Or is the loin spring on the father side?).

I can see our future lives. That is what I am manifesting. It sounds simple and it really is. I just picture those future things into existence. Oh and I would not mind a holiday house that we could all meet halfway to share. TYVM.

We talked about people who are stuck in their unhappiness and why they might be unwilling to change their lives. I thought about how I have completely blown up my own life multiple times when I was unhappy. I am not good at remaining discontent, I am the sort that has to change it. I have friends who I can see are miserably unhappy and I cannot understand why they do not take control and change their life. Money is a lot of it but I have always worked since my divorce and been pretty much financially independent. I think that is key as it was also what kept me married to my first husband for so long when we lived in LA, the thought of being financially responsible for 3 kids as a single mom. How could I work?

Anyway that was not my destiny, so here we are in South Africa!

Fast Forward to Now. I am very happy with my sexy Scotsman, whatever it took to get us to this point.

At the end of the soul circle we did a short session of Laughing Yoga with Helen aka ‘Laughing Girl‘. We did various moves with our arms and did a few claps and stroking of other women, but most importantly we laughed. As a very self conscious Virgo I laughed some theatrical demented laughs which then morphed into real laughter. It was silly and fun. The looking into people’s eyes and touching people was a bit much and I saw that some other people were also struggling by the end. But the laughter is a lot of fun. Everyone benefits from a dose of those endorphins!

Afterwards we had a mingle and a chat and hung out a bit and then we all headed home. When I got home I sat in the garden in the shade with a proper coffee seeing as the electricity had been off all morning and I had been having to suffer with instant.

Lola and Finn both kept me company.

So I am trying to think of what we have watched to tell you about but nothing is coming to mind. I could tell you what I could NOT watch. “The Last of Us”, I could not listen to the slurpy sounds. “Yellowstone” – the horse who got injured right out the bat? No, eff you. I could not relax to enjoy it after that and gave up.

Vanderpump Rules has just launched season 10 and I am here for it!! I love it too much. Call me shallow, I will be a puddle. I love it.

I think I have to think so much at work that in the evenings I just want to listen to nonsense and let my brain turn to mush. However we also watched a series about the Murdaugh family. It was not mentally taxing but it was interesting. The Murdaughs are a well to do family of lawyers in South Carolina and their lives all go to hell thanks to addiction, bigotry and various other charming family traits. That is the summary, Kitten Style. I give it 4 Kitten Stars for the incredulity factor ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I’ve had far too much time to think without a computer this week. I spoke to a friend about the fact that I feel that there are many dimensions and we slip in and out of them at will, soul travelling or astral travelling or whatever you prefer to name it. I do believe that, however I am pretty rubbish at science so do not ask me to explain anything. But I have read so many books to not believe it. No, I am not saying that I believe everything I read. Just that I have read too many believable scenarios to not entertain at least some of it and I feel that is what I am occasionally able to do! I hope to learn more about how to use this talent.

This week there was some drama with Eskom, the energy parastatal. Eskom ex-CEO Andre de Ruyter did an interview with Annika Larsen where he pretty much laid bare the thievery the ANC is involved in with Eskom. We all knew it was happening but not to the levels which he claims.

As mentioned, the load-shedding impacts my ability to make my proper coffee so I ordered an old-fashioned whistling kettle this week. We usually boil it in a pot and it is dangerous as we always spill it and we sometimes forget we put it off and the pot burns. This will help us as simple as it is.

We need to be able to do everything via the gas cooker’s burners but we cannot so I just do not bother cooking half the time, we just get takeout. Load shedding is exhausting and stressful, much less knowing the schedule of when you can cook and what you are limited to.

Anyway I have had a bit of drama this past week. I will give a quick recap for those who did not read my last post. On Friday my laptop died. I ordered another one and sent my broken one off to a local repair guy but the repair guy told me it was still under warranty and Dell would deal with it. I messaged the guy I had bought both the new one and the old one from and he immediately sent a courier to collect it and take it to him. He said they will get it back up and running and it will not cost me a thing! I was so chuffed! Meanwhile I have a new laptop I am busy setting up. You forget how much you have set up to autocomplete until you change your device. This new one should last me until retirement. I just hope that they manage to retrieve all of my information from my old one.

I am grateful that I had downtime when I had no data to work on so I did not impact the project timelines. I am grateful that I was able to buy a new one. I am grateful that the old one can be repaired. I could have stayed stuck in the ‘woe is me my laptop is dead’ cycle but I did not, I just set up my iPad to attend the online meetings and did what I could.

The day I got access to the data is the day I received my new laptop. Do not tell me that I am not protected! My spirit guides must be so busy but I am so grateful that they smooth my path. When I get paid is my first payment to my shaman who is teaching me Path of the White Wolf. It has all worked out perfectly time-wise. I am so excited to start studying.

It is lovely having Norm home with me again and we are having a relaxing weekend. I hope you do too.

Until next time, Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxox

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