Serving the Powers

I mentioned last week about the Women’s Soul Circle I attended. In one of the guided meditations we used sound and listened to music and no matter how much I tried to ‘clear’ my thoughts, my mind kept bringing up the same word: “Healer”.

I’ve mentioned before that when I’ve had past life regressions that took me back to my previous lives as a Native American, the phrase that always comes up is: “Do you know who you are?” and the message I get is that I have the ability to channel healing. I have always resisted this however I did end up in multiple medical related career paths. I went to university to quality as a Radiographer, however there was no healing involved, just a lot of night duty and body fluids. I did not enjoy it much at all.

When I moved to the UK to be with Norman I could not practice radiography due to red tape so I signed up at a local college and took a course to qualify as a Sports Therapist. One of our tasks for our practical was to treat the local rugby players. One massive dude came in and said that no one had been able to sort out his issues since he damaged the muscles in his leg. I climbed onto the table and sat on his hips and went to work on the back of his upper thigh. I could instantly feel heat and a huge tangle of knotted muscle fibers. I called over our instructor and pointed it out and she looked at me like I was hallucinating as she felt nothing, but the knot of damaged tissue felt huge to me! How could no one else feel that injury? I worked on releasing the tangled fibers and did some deep tissue massage to get the toxins to flow out of the area. He said afterwards that he had never had such relief. However my career went in another direction and I ended up never using my qualifications.

I’ve written about the recent incident with my friend who had bowel cancer and the long distance healing I did with her. With her my guides wanted me to use crystals which I did. I prayed for her on and off all day long for weeks and one day I felt something shift. I immediately messaged her to tell her and she later told me she was asleep at the time but when she woke she also felt a shift. When she went for her last scan the doctor found no issues! I truly feel like the creator was working through me to heal her.

I have now added the above prayer to my morning prayers to my Creator and have told him that I am open to him working through me. I feel like I have resisted this calling long enough, it is time to open myself up to work with these gifts. Once we open ourselves up to a situation, it will occur when the time is right. If this is my purpose from the creator, I must be willing.

Anyway. Hopefully this is a message from the Universe in support of my decision.

Or could it be the myriad of tiny mushrooms that grow in my prayer spot? (Norm says it is just the mushroom fertiliser in the new sod but I ignore his negativity realism).

Today is a stunning day and last weekend was gorgeous as well. Last weekend Norm worked so hard on Saturday that on Sunday we decided to be lazy. Norm put up the brolly and we had a few coffees outside chilling with the pups.

I love my garden so much I could spend all day every day there.

We then watched a few films. We watched Samaritan, the new film by Sylvester Stallone. It is not really my sorta bag but I was happy half watching and playing games. It is about a superhero comic book sorta something or other. I said “can you believe Stallone is 76 years old??” when he was kicking some punk’s arse. Norm replied ‘you do know it is a film?’. Hilarious. Not.

Norm enjoyed it and gave it 4 Kitten Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐.

We had a guy in this week to quote on replacing the wooden windows and doors with aluminium ones. All of our doors and windows are wood but the strong SA sun and proximity to the sea means they have taken a beating and either need to be redone or replaced.

I also ordered a new washing machine this week. It is energy efficient and quiet and had free delivery. Ours has lasted well over 10 years and everything comes out not quite as sparkly as one would like so I am looking forward to some nice clean washing. I feel very blessed that I can afford to replace it.

As well as the usual lack of electricity we were advised we would have no water on Thursday as the city shut down the pipeline from the reservoir to enhance the pressure to the fire hydrant network. This was supposed to assist in the oft required fire fighting efforts. We got up, filled up some large water containers, put some bottled water in the fridge and stocked up some ice.

Not a drop of water was turned off.

Instead the electricity was turned off twice in the morning instead of once. We are having load shedding up to 3 times a day some days and it is so stressful to have to plan your day around such nonsense.

Life in SA.

Finn is driving Norm crazy with the newly laid grass. Norm is convinced we have a mole and that Finn is trying to find it. I am convinced he is just a naughty little shit head. Whatever the reason, he is digging up our expensive new grass with great abandon. This time he actually came to the door to taunt us with it.

Just as well I adore him.

For my musical treat this week I give you a Mahogany Sessions version of “All The Pretty Girls” by Vera Blue. For those who do not know her music, she is a beautiful and talented 28 year old Australian singer who came to fame via the Oz version of The Voice. I hope you enjoy the song, the radio version is much more peppy so check it out if that is your vibe.

For extra credit I include this cute little ditty by Jessie Baylin where she looks like she was styled by Orville Peck.

I actually wanted to include her song ‘Hurry Hurry’ but can only find the audio version, however it is worth listening to and you can do so -> HERE. I think this entire album sounds a bit like it was produced by Orville Peck but maybe I have a wee bit of an Orville Peck obsession. There is no reason why they cannot both be true. (They are not, only the obsession part.)

I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Until next time, Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxox

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