The Greek & Mythology

Today is a very special day. We collect our Finn later this afternoon. The breeder used Pets Travel, and the company has been absolutely amazing. They have set up a WhatsApp group with me, the drivers and the agent and they have been sending me updates throughout the journey.

I was so excited last night I could barely sleep.

I can’t remember if I’ve told you all the story behind his registered name ‘Finn Snoweyriver Spirit Eagle‘? We chose Finn but the rest of his name was chosen by the breeder.

Most regular readers know that I moved from South Africa to Northern Ireland to live with Norm when we got together in 1996ish. I left the beautiful SA summer and arrived in the NI winter and I was so depressed with the grey gloomy damp weather. Norm would drive me to the beautiful Giant’s Causeway to try and cheer me up.

Legend has it that two giants, Fionn Mac Cumhaill (aka Finn McCool) and Benandonner, an Irishman and a Scotsman, hated each other. Following yet another argument, Fionn, the Irishman, decided to confront his rival face-to-face. He built a bridge out of stone columns so Benandonner could reach Ireland without getting his feet wet. When Fionn’s wife saw this enormous giant crossing the bridge, she was very worried and so disguised her husband as a baby to hide him. When he saw the ‘baby’, Benandonner took fright, thinking that its father must be truly ginormous, and fled back to Scotland, destroying part of the causeway behind him.

Most of you know that Norm is Scottish. Hence the personal connections of Belfast and Scotland in Finn’s mythological name. The fact that ‘Spirit Eagle’ is also part of Finn’s registered name is a connection to my Cherokee heritage and of course the bird connection is always present. Snowey River is the name of the breeder where we bought Finn. His name feels very personal to our family which is rare when a dog is a special registered breed.

It has been a busy week and thanks to our public holiday last Monday it was a 4 day week so that always makes thing whizz by.

On Tuesday night we had a delivery from ‘Spiro & Julie at Home‘. Our friends who have previously owned several successful restaurants in Hout Bay have recently started doing home delivered scrumptious food. They have a ‘normal’, a vegetarian and a gluten free option each night. Each night is a different type of food and on Tuesday it was carnitas tacos, lean pulled pork, home rolled flour tortillas, slaw, salsa and guacamole. It was perfection!! And I’m a Mexican food connoisseur so you do not hear that from me often. There was a lot of pork too so I did not feel shorted on amounts either. We are so lucky to have them creating food for those of us who are not fans of cooking but who are tired of the same old offerings from our restaurants in the village. They get 5 Kitten Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

On Wednesday I was out and about from morning to night. First I had another dental appointment. I am whitening my teeth in preparation for the new veneer I have to get at the front of my mouth. I had heard that your teeth can be ‘sensitive’ during or after whitening but it was bearable during the process and I thought people were exaggerating but OH MY GAWD afterwards my entire mouth was throbbing.

After the dentist I headed over to Constantia as we were having our first face to face meeting for the new project I have been assigned. We went through a lot of templates and had various discussions and it was great to be able to connect to the people we will be working with.

I had completely forgotten that I was booked for dinner that night but my friend Alison offered to collect me luckily or I would have been in my PJs when the reminder on my phone popped up.

Alison and I went through in her car and met up with our friend Nicola at Bistro Sixteen82. Nicola and I have been friends for decades and we always just pick up as if we saw each other the previous day. Her daughter and SIL are new parents and we celebrated that blessing.

I know Alison via Hout Bay and Ali has also known Nicola for years separately, but then pretty much everyone in South Africa seems to be 5 degrees of separation.

Bistro Sixteen82 have a regular ala cart menu but they also do tapas and we all chose 3 dishes from the tapas menu. They served us all one dish each on the first round.

Alison had 3 of the West Coast Oysters, freshly shucked, served naked, with both tabasco and shallot vinaigrette.

I had the beef pot stickers. Red cabbage & mangetout salsa, sesame, ginger & soy vinaigrette, aioli. I loved these! The beef inside was shredded and full of flavour and the outside was crispy and perfect.

Nicola ordered the cheese fritters. Poached pear, tender greens, truffle honey, pumpkin seed & granola crunch. This looked delicious and I will definitely order that next time I am there.

We then had our next 2 dishes served together. I had the Polenta Frittes stacked on a drizzle of baba ghanoush. I would have preferred them a wee bit crunchier on the outside but they were tasty.

I also had the Baby Patagonian Calamari with baba ghanoush, soy syrup, sesame seeds, and curry oil. It was good but not exceptional.

Both Alison and Nicola had the Beef Sirloin: Wild rocket, roast garlic jus, and creamy wholegrain mustard.

Alison had the house salad which was a large portion and looked fresh and gorgeous. Tender greens, olives, cherry tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, sprouts, radish, and balsamic syrup. Nicola had the fish tacos with saffron & pear salsa, coriander, avo, and curry oil.

For dessert we decided to all share a single plate of sin which meant that Alison abstained, Nicola nibbled and I ate the majority of it. I chose the Almond & Chocolate Streusel: vanilla crème, chocolate crémeux, and a gorgeous latté ice cream. This was amazing! So rich, so delicious and the latte ice cream was exceptional.

The company was 5 Stars but the food was 4 Kitten Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐.

I should probably keep a list of the songs I include in my blog as I know I have written about the artist ‘Mega‘ before but I am not sure if I have included the song ‘Let Me Let You Go‘ but if I have it is worth another listen! The London-based singer-songwriter has such a commanding and beautiful voice that always captivates.

The other song I have discovered this week is by Olivia Dean, another beautiful young British woman with a gorgeous voice that I have also written about before. I love the Supremes vibe of the video combined with the street wear look of trainers and socks with their sequined gowns. The song is called ‘The Hardest Part‘.

I hope you enjoy them both.

I will have more pics of Finn next week, you will most likely get a bit sick of him so I will try and restrain myself for the next few weeks. I feel so blessed.

Until next time, stay safe, wash your hands, wear a mask and get the vaccine. Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxoxo

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