Careful What You Wish For

Sometimes the thing that you want the most is also the thing which will change your life completely, yet that part is never thought about. You only focus on the acquisition. Finn is a case in point. We wanted him so much (and still do) but we are finished. He has so much energy and we are used to our quiet and sedate lives. He is either full speed ahead or asleep, nothing in between.

From our first sight of him we should have had a clue what we were in for. When we went to collect him from the courier and we approached the shuttle van just in time to see him escaping the hands of the driver, running off under the van and attempting to launch himself into the traffic. Eventually we caught him and I gave them my ID and got into the car with Finn while Norm sorted the paperwork out. It was love at first sight (second sight?).

He cried and howled and climbed all over me on the way home and eventually settled in the floor of the car by my feet and went to sleep. When we got home we let the Poms come outside to meet him.

At night we put Finn into his training crate in our bedroom so he can see us and the other animals but that stops him being able to demolish the bedroom while we are sleeping.

Finn wakes about 6am and howls to let us know he is awake. Norm then takes him downstairs to go potty and from day one he has gone on command. He has had a few oopsies but only once or twice. He has peed on Panda’s bed twice but I am not sure that is not an ‘eff you for not playing with me you lil whyt beatch’ move. Finn will trot outside on his own if the door is open and he needs to go. The other day he went to go pee but the sun made the tiles too hot so he turned around and came back and just peed on the patio. He is also very interested in my succulents and I have to keep pulling him away from them. He is incredibly busy.

Finn went on Wednesday to get his 8 week vaccines. One more set of vaccines and he will be able to go for walkies with the poms. I am sure they are delighted over that thought. Not. Their walk is their only time of peace without him nipping at them.

He does have moments of being calm. Of course, that usually means he is busy chewing something he is not supposed to be chewing, like the non-skid mat that goes under the doggy steps up to the bed. He must have done some sort of Houdini move just to get the mat out from under the steps?! One minute he is asleep, the next he is eating a random mat.

But then he barrels across the room, leaps into your arms, gently nibbles all over your head, face and neck and you turn to mush. Or he whimpers like a big girl’s blouse and cowers into your arms and you feel all maternal towards his helplessness. Or he crashes out across your legs and has a moment of calm coziness.

Did I mention that I adore him?

I had a mammogram this week as I have had a very sore boob for ages now. Blue kitty was trying to tap me to get my attention and managed to hook my bosum with his very sharp claw and it never stopped being sore. I finally ‘manned up’ (womaned up? put on my big girl pants?). Big girl pants are all I have. It is either commando or full on circus tent. Stop me when I give out too much info. Too late you say?

Anywayyyyy. I had good results from my mammogram and ultrasound and the pain is just being old and having a grumpy cat I guess.

It has been a really hectic week at work as we are initiating a new project and are trying to get everything in place to get the work going. Add in trying to deal with load-shedding and missing important meetings because you are off-line. It is exasperating that we are still dealing with this level of corruption and ineptitude in government.

Friday was a busy day full of excitement for the doggies. Friday is bin day so we have both a rubbish truck and a recycling truck to bark at.

The mobile groomers we recently started using also came on Friday. The poms looked gorgeous after they were washed and trimmed. I love the little bandanas they put on them afterwards.

Panda is being shadowed by Finn continuously, I think he thinks Panda is one of his litter mates. Panda is so not impressed by Finn’s attentions.

Our friend Mark also came to visit Friday and brought Hunter, his fully grown Swiss male, and when Finn saw Hunter walking towards him, Finn screamed like he was being murdered and jumped into my arms! Hopefully he knows how the poms feel when a bigger brute shoves his nose up their bums. Probably not. By the time Hunter left Finn had calmed down and let Hunter give him a good sniff. Of course Finn loved Mark, all the animals do!

On Friday the pool company came and installed our new pool pump and Kreepy Krauly and our pool is sparkling clean again after being bright green and full of leaves and tree bits for months. The salt production thingy (she says vaguely) is still in need of repair so the water is not 100% clear but the pool is useable. Finn was desperate to assist the pool man in his efforts and was vastly disappointed when we kept removing him from the pool area.

Then we had a food delivery from Spiro & Julie at Home so the dogs were ever so impressed by all of the activity and the vast array of humans and noises to bark at. They slept so well last night.

This week I discovered the track ‘Two Sides’ by Joel Taylor. It is a few years old but I had never heard the track or of Joel for that matter! I like the old bluesy feel of it. I hope you enjoy it.

Next week Norm and I are going to get a Shingles vaccine and just before we fly to the US we will get our Flu Vaccines. Norm also has to travel to north Africa soon and needs the Yellow Fever vaccine to be able to get into the country. The last one is a requirement but the others are for our own protection as neither of us are getting any younger.

I hope that you have all had a great week and weekend so far and that next week is everything you need it to be. Until next time, stay safe, wash your hands, wear a mask and get the Covid vaccine.

Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxoxox

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