New Normal

We had such a lazy long weekend last week and it was lovely. On Saturday when Norm got home from his meeting we went out for lunch. We went to Dario’s as we fancied a burger and there were seats available outside on the patio at our fave table.

We both ordered a burger. I chose the bacon and avocado burger and Norm had a cheeseburger. My bacon was crisp and the avo was perfectly ripe and creamy. It was delicious. I did not eat the top of my bun even though it was freshly baked and had a perfectly crisp crust. I know it is a false carb-economy seeing as I had fries. Never mind, let me delude myself. I am old, I take my pleasures where I can find them these days.

After lunch we went to Earthworx and chose a pot and a braided ficus and when we got home we planted it and topped it with apricot pips to finish it off and then put it in the family bathroom on the little table I had recently renovated. It adds a nice splash of green and I am really pleased with it.

We decided to watch a film and as we were both not in the mood for anything heavy we chose ‘Cinderella‘ on Amazon Prime. I had expected a rehash of the original and obviously it does have a similar story but it is presented with much more diversity and soul than Disney ever considered. Camila Cabello plays the lead role of Ella and Billy Porter plays the ‘Fabulous Godmother’. We really loved this! The singing and dancing was a lot of fun, I liked the choice of songs and there were enough jokes in to keep us amused. I give it 4 Kitten Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐.

On Sunday we slept as late as the animals would allow us, then just pottered about. Norm did some lopping of the trees with me guiding him and then he worked on a little table he is building. I gave the dogs and cats a bit of a brush, faffed around the garden and just had a chilled out day.

I am not usually someone who procrastinates, but going to the dentist is an exception to that rule. I have had some tooth pain and I phoned to make an appointment for a cleaning but my hygienist is on maternity leave so the receptionist booked me in to see the dentist. I am terribly dental-phobic. Luckily my dentist is aware of this and he is so patient with me. I went in on Monday and he and his assistant very patiently cleaned my teeth and did x-rays of the problem areas. Norm went with me for support but I was OK, no panic attacks and I did not have to take any meds! Does that mean I am growing up?

I have to go back for multiple follow up appointments as I have a few issues. I have a little lesion that has appeared on my gum at the front of my mouth and Dr P took a biopsy to send off for analysis. I need to have my front incisor repaired. It was a baby tooth where the adult tooth never came in and my childhood dentist built it up to extend the length when I was about 10. It needs to be replaced now and Dr P has given me options of either a veneer or another build up of the baby tooth. If I have the veneer he suggested I have a whitening done first. I also have 2 cracked crowns that need to be replaced and my gums are receding quite badly so I may need to have skin grafted from the roof of my mouth to my gums. Other than that I had a clean bill of dental health. I.e. I did NOT have a clean bill of health at all.

Norm booked the domestic leg of our flights to see my Mom this week too. I am so excited to see her! She has been feeling a bit low due to the ongoing isolation. She was having some pain in her eye and went to the optometrist and they discovered a little shadow behind her eye so she had to go to a Retina Specialist. The specialist said he did not see anything so that is good news at least. She goes back on Monday to see if they can determine what is causing her pain.

Last night we did a family zoom call to cheer up Mom. Trevor was unable to join but Lily, Caitlin, Norm and I called her and chatted and laughed so much. I so wish we could all hang together in person but thankfully we do at least have zoom!

This week dragged on as do all full 5 day work weeks after a 3 day weekend. I am busy wrapping up my last project and getting onboarded for my next project. Both are the same client and I have been extended here until next November. I really like this client, they trust me to do a good job and are very kind generally. It is a huge project and I am involved in the metadata documentation and the data cleansing and transformation for the outbound data flows.

Our baby boy, Swiss Shepherd Finn, is 3 weeks old today. I get a set of pics each Sunday so this pic was sent last week when the pups were 2 weeks old. They have grown so much already since the previous pics I shared. The breeder says the vet is very impressed with how healthy and big they are already. These may be some huge dogs when they are grown. I cannot wait to meet him.

For my musical section, I know that I’ve shared The Teskey Brothers before but I came across this live performance and really loved it so I thought I would share it for you to enjoy too. These guys are really brilliant.

They remind me of the Allman Brothers, even their branding is similar in style. You can hear that their music is inspired by the Allman Brothers sound. That is probably why I love them so much.

Next is one of the Tiny Desk Concerts, this one from Aaron Earl Livingston, aka Son Little. Son’s playlist is “mahalia”, “suffer” and my favourite “about her. again”.

I hope you enjoy both sets.

The weather today is a bit iffy and Norm has put his back out and so any projects are off the table. We will probably have a lazy day watching films.

Until next time, be kind, check on your loved ones, stay safe, wear a mask and Get the Bloody Vaccine. Tell people that you love them often, I have seen so many people losing loved ones.

Much love. Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxox

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