In the Deep South

The weather was a bit hectic all last weekend and then on Monday we awoke to gorgeous weather.

We decided to not let it deter us and so we spent Saturday afternoon faffing in the garden. My first project was my fairy garden which we were going to put into the succulent garden. I had a big flower planter that everything had died in, so I decided to make that pot my fairy garden as there was less chance of the dogs messing it up.

I potted a few clippings in the little fairy house I had bought. I added in some of the tiny fairy mushrooms that Wes had given me. Can you spot the little toad in the door way?

Norm managed to repair the fairies I had ordered that had arrived broken. He then took a little tree stump and added the fairy door to it and placed the other little bits around it. It is so sweet!!

I made a video of the succulent garden when we finished. My garden brings me so much happiness, kitsch as it may be.

Last Sunday we went off for a drive around the peninsula and lunch. I had booked us into The Hickory Shack in Glencairn. We had booked a table outside in the back garden but the weather was a bit iffy and it kept sprinkling with rain so the manager offered us a few options of alternative tables inside the restaurant with a view of the sea.

There was enough space between tables that I did not feel overly stressed. I was wearing a new top I had bought from Donna on sale which made me happy – I am in a pink phase.

We ordered the pulled pork and the beef brisket to share, with 2 orders of fries and one of cole slaw. It was all served on a sharing platter.

Norm got stuck into it.

The pulled pork was delicious, but the meat on the brisket was a bit dry and a lot of it was thick slabs of fat. I will stick to the pulled pork next time. The only other thing which I was not keen on was that there were whole cumin seeds sprinkled over the entire platter. I LOVE cumin and put it in most things but I do not like the flavour of the seeds. Weird I know.

Then ‘Lonesome Dave Ferguson‘, the musical entertainment, set up in the corner of the restaurant as it was too damp to put him in the garden. His musical style was very unique. Sort of like country, bluegrass and blues beat boxing. I loved the harmonica and Dave’s gravely voice but the volume was a bit too loud for Norm. Because he is deaf in one ear a noisy background means he cannot communicate at all.

I found Dave’s YouTube channel and a video of him performing. You can see that he is very unusual. In the right setting he would be awesome.

I will definitely go back and I give the overall experience 4 Kitten Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

We took the long drive home around the peninsula coast road. The wind was howling and there was plenty of white water but no surfers. We did see quite a few paragliders sailing the skies above us.

It is such a stunning drive. The sky even cleared up and got a bit blue to treat us on our trip home.

It was lovely to get out and see a bit of the world. It can be very isolating staying home most of the time.

I am so excited about the arrival of Finn our Swiss Shepherd pup which was born on September 11th. The mommy, Sparrow, was in labour for several days and was rewarded with 10 gorgeous babies.

I’ve mentioned about all of the coincidences and signs that Finn is meant to be ours. This week the breeder sent me a link to a site which has a gorgeous pic of Daddy Dog Robin of Loxley who has just won another show and I saw that he was born on my Mom’s birthday! Another little sign.

We received a pic of some of the puppies going for their first car journey. Those little ears and pink noses are too sweet!

The breeder said that Sparrow divides the 10 pups into smaller groups then goes around to feed each group. Often times the smaller pups get squeezed out so I am glad she is making sure they all get their fair share of nutrition. I am counting down the days until we get Finn here with us.

For my musical treat I give you the song ‘Amsterdam’ by Joseph & Maia. The sound is so gentle and soothing with lovely voices and harmonies and the scenes of one of my favourite cities flickering in the background of the video mesmerised me.

I have so many wonderful memories of trips to Amsterdam. I took Trevor and Caitlin when she was 18 and Trevor was 20. We had such fun. I went several times with Norm and always had a lovely time too. But the most memorable and crazy trip was for one of my birthdays when we lived in the UK and a group of my pals and I went for a long weekend. It was insane and made memories that still make us all curl up with laughter when we get together or mention it. I am so grateful for all of these fabulous memories of places I have been.

The second video is an even older track but I had not heard it until it came up on a Spotify list. It is Jessie Baylin singing ‘Hurry Hurry’. It has quite a light hearted retro sound which is probably what appeals to me. I hope you enjoy it.

Today the sun is shining but there is a bit of wind. We have a few projects we want to work on but we are having a low key relaxing weekend.

I hope you all keep safe. Wear a mask, wash your hands and get the vaccine if you are medically able to do so.

Until next time, Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxox

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