Awakening & Feasting

This has been a fun but hectic weekend. I knew it would be tiring having so much fun so on Friday evening we just ordered in take away pizzas. Lily and Josh were out with their friends for dinner so it was just me Norm and Caitlin. We stayed Banting and ordered cauliflower bases for our pizzas from Papino’s in Hout Bay. I had never tried theirs and they were excellent! I wolfed it down before I could take a pic unfortunately. The edges were crispy and the toppings were plentiful. I suspect they are even better when eaten in rather than as a take away, but it is nice to have a choice of low carb. We have tried other pizza places and they are not as nice.

We were all up early the next morning as the girls and I were going shopping to look at flooring for Caitlin’s new flat. We headed out to the Access Park area and found some lovely laminate flooring in a gorgeous oak which she is keen on. She is being very thorough in her pricing – comparing various installers and suppliers prices to find the best solution as it is an expensive exercise to replace flooring. Norm and I had it easy when we did ours in the UK. We went to IKEA, bought the middle range of product and he installed it himself.

After we finished shopping we were all starving so we stopped at Martins bakery on Main Road near Caitlin’s new flat. I did not take any pics so I nicked one off their website 🙂


The bakery is owned by Caitlin’s boyfriend Wes’ family and is very charming. Their food is divine and their baked goods spectacular.  They also do gluten free and low carb options so I will stock up on various bits and pieces next time I am there. We intend to make this a regular weekend meet up once Caitlin has moved into her flat. I just had a coffee and a donut as I had a day of feasting planned, but the girls both ordered breakfast and it looked really nice.

After we ate Lily and I went to collect my car at the flat and we came back to Hout Bay. Lily and Josh were off to meet their friends and I was booked for lunch at Cheyne’s in Hout Bay with my friends Nicola and Alison to sample the winter special again.

We all made it pretty easy for the waiter as the restaurant was rammed. We all had the crayfish tempura which was on the specials board. It arrived steaming hot and perfectly cooked. I love the dips that came with it. Yum yum yum.

For our mains we went with the same dish I had last visit as it was so yummy, the Crispy pork san choy bau served on baby gem lettuce and topped with kimchi, chinese mustard and a quail’s egg. It was sprinkled with crushed roasted peanuts.

As our 3rd dish Nicola and I had the Deep Fried potato and coconut dumplings which are served with a tom yum lemongrass cream. Alison had the Spinach and Pak choi ohitashi with toasted sesame and crushed peanuts.

We managed to knock back a few bottles of the delicious Iona Sauvignon Blanc as we stayed for hours chatting and catching up. It was a lovely afternoon full of scintillating conversations and lots of laughs. Ali gave me a lift home and then I changed quickly to head out for dinner and theatre at the lovely Theatre on the Bay.

First we grabbed a drink downstairs and then we headed upstairs for dinner.

I had the tempura prawns and salad to start.

For my main I had the linefish. I cannot remember what type of fish it was but it was tasty and well cooked, The carrot dish was  a bit under-cooked but it was an acceptable dish overall.

We had both chosen the chocolate and ricotta dessert however we expected something soft and light and instead the dessert was very solid and heavy. In fact it was almost impossible to slice in order to eat it. It tasted a bit like it had been frozen and then thawed out.

In defense of the restaurant manager, when he saw that I had barely touched mine he offered us a different dessert instead but I declined. He then offered us a coffee or a drink but we kept saying ‘no it is fine’. We said to him we were going to pop down to get a bottle of water and then wait to go into the theatre. When we went downstairs to the bar he popped up out of nowhere like a genie and then refused to take payment for the bottles of water! What lovely customer service!

At 8pm we filed into the theatre and settled in. I had not read any reviews about the play so it took me a few minutes to realise that there were only 2 actors in the entire play!

mystery play

It then took me a few more minutes to recognise the brilliant Jonathan Roxmouth! I so loved his performance in Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat.

The other actor, Weslee Swain Lauder was also very funny and talented. They had us laughing a lot.

There were cut outs of the 2 main characters in the theatre foyer and we decided to be silly.

We really enjoyed the play it was so well done and very funny. We love that this venue is about 10 minutes from our front door.

On Sunday I had a Drumming Circle and before the circle started those of us who had recently made our own drums all met up to do an Awakening Ceremony for our drums. We started out as always by smudging our bodies as well as our drums with sage.

I love how my drum has turned out now that she is dry.

The ceremony consists of us all speaking into the back of our drums while imagining our intentions for our drums: will we use it just to make music, for healing or shamanism work, for our own pleasure or as part of the community. During this part of the ceremony you are to allow the drum to ‘speak back’ to you and express what the drum wants to be called or any other info. I gave thanks to the hartebeest who gave their skin to me for covering my drum and to Mother Earth for providing me with the skin for my use. I asked the Great Spirit to bless my drum and to help my drum serve a higher purpose in healing and shamanism.

We then went through the various drum sequences and what they mean, trying them out as a group on our new drums and for me, hearing my drum’s voice for the first time. My drum had a lot of vibration when I drummed and the handle reverberated strongly in my hand. She has a very deep voice and almost seemed to have an echo, hence I decided to name her Echo.

We snipped off the umbilical cord of our drum and I chose to burn mine in the ceremonial fire.

We all then went back into the house to join the others who had come for the Drumming Circle. There were lots of us there and we were a multicultural group. Victoria who made a drum with us brought a friend who has studied as a Sangoma. We all performed our usual repertoire but we have added a few new songs. Shortly before the end of the session, Victoria’s friend started to sing and her voice was amazing! She was up and dancing and drumming and singing and it was chilling, she was in the spirit of the ancestors and she was absolutely fabulous. Afterwards we all joined in another ad-lib song with her, howling, shouting, singing, chanting – whatever our own spirit decided to put out there. It was undoubtedly the best drumming circle I have attended. The Great Spirit was in that room with us.

Afterwards Norm came to collect me and while he was walking the dogs I made us dinner. It was such a stunning warm day we just did sausages and salads. To go with we had cole slaw and grilled halloumi cheese. It was all nice and light.

Norm and I decided to watch a film later in the evening and we chose Lion.


Image credit.

One of the issues with streaming is that often the subtitles do not download with the film. We were not sure if they just did not exist or whether they were missing but we managed to follow it until it switched over to English. It was such a heart rending film and highlights the number of vulnerable children in the world. As am empath I struggle to watch these things, my emotions can be overwhelmed.

Today we are back to the day to day grind. I was so tired this morning that I drove to the wrong client office. Luckily I realised what I had done and only cost myself an extra 10 minutes travel time. Silly me.

Tonight Norm is making us a nice banting dinner. Tomorrow I am back at the ENT for her to check my ears to see if the fluids have cleared, and then Wednesday morning I am at the dentist for a cleaning. I am not great with dentists so wish me strength.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

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