Build That Wall! 

The week in LaLaLand is over. No harm, possibly a few fouls. I did try, and mostly succeeded, in keeping my anxiety under control. I’m aware that the new alt-right who are in charge of the White House are hitting hard and heavy early with the hopes of protest fatigue setting in and the normalization of alternative facts and repression to overcome the resistance. There will be no breather before the storm, the storm was launched full throttle straight out of the gate. 

One thing we didn’t expect to see was Arnie terminating Twitler’s arrogance and narcissistic rants with this video.

This was my reply on Twitter.

So I have also had a few rants and raves, but I kept it to Twitter mostly. I think that will be my approach. To separate my social media profiles into different agendas. 

It has been another week that just disappeared before my eyes. 

On Tuesday night I put a beef roast in the slow cooker overnight and made a delicious pot roast for Wednesday’s dinner. I just steamed green beans and made fondant sweet potatoes when I got home that evening.

The following night I fried mushrooms in butter and added the remaining shredded beef roast and a container of cream. I chucked in the remaining green beans and served with mashed cauliflower and gem squash. 

It was very tasty. 

I’ve been busy taking pics from my balcony for friends who are making collages for Valentines.

A cute idea! One of my Covet fashion house girls made one for me.

Our new garden wall is up and the pesky tree removed.

This pic was taken on Thursday, on Friday they plastered it. They will let it dry and come paint it once dried. It looks bare without the tree, I think I will plant a bush or maybe another Bougainvillea there. We can train it to run along the wall and give a nice bit of colour and curb appeal. Another renovation project almost complete. 

Friday night we wanted a relaxed evening in and so we just got ribs and burgers from The Kitchen Takeaway in Hout Bay, they have amazing food. 

I had a lazy Saturday morning but Norm pottered about in the kitchen doing bits and pieces of tiling and trim and around 3pm we headed off to the Hout Bay Harbour to meet Norm’s friends who were over from St Andrews in Scotland. We met them upstairs in the bar at Mariners Wharf

The view is stunning. 

We had a drink then we took Steven and Karen up to Chapman’s Peak to show them the view. 

We then drove back to Hout Bay beach and were lucky to get a lovely table at Dunes. Dunes is a busy restaurant directly opposite the beach.

We had a great view and managed to get some shade as it was very hot,

I had salmon roses to start and they arrived quickly and were fresh and delicious. 

For my main I had fried calamari strips and Norm had grilled Patagonian calamari tubes. 

I tried a bite of Norm’s and they were tasty, the lemon butter was divine. My fried calamari strips were tender and the batter was crispy and not oily, it was really nice. 

Karen had the mussels which I didn’t take a pic of but I did sample and they were delicious: huge, plump and juicy, and the serving was very generous. I will try these next visit. I also tried one of Steven’s ribs but they wer no patch on the Kitchen Takeaway’s. They were dry and chewy. But based on the brilliant service from Blessing, our waiter,  as well as the starters and the other three mains I would give our meal there a good solid 4 Kitten Stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We left there and went to Woodcutters to catch the rugby but it was rammed. We grabbed a table out in the beer garden and had a coffee. 

Steven and Karen had a taxi booked for 830pm so we eventually took them back to the harbour and saw them off. 

That night we found Mr Leopard Toad back in our lounge. Norm had snapped a pic of Mr Toad 1 and Mr Toad 15 and it is definitely the same bloody Toad. 

Check the marking right rear flank. This time Norm drove him far away. He now is on a bit of green still in our neighborhood but it’s a lotta hops away. 

We are having a pajama day today. The most strenuous thing I’ve done is make brunch.

I cooked eggs scrambled with cheese, and served with avocado and tomato and delicious salty Joostenberg organic bacon from Oakhurst Spar. 

Norm is having a snooze and I am watching fluff on TV and drinking iced coffee in the heat. The dogs are having naps and it’s lovely and quiet, exactly how a Sunday should be spent.  

I hope you have a peaceful weekend.

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