Safe in the Wings

My interesting interactions with my spirit animal have continued. I have been working on process improvements for the last 6 months or so and on Wednesday I had to present all of this work to our company director. I hate presenting, I get quite stressed out about it. When walking into the office that morning I kept seeing multiple white feathers on the path in front of me. I know that is my grandmother sending me messages of reassurance. Or it could be the universe sending items in my path which slowed me down. I also believe that when  we are delayed in our journey, this can be due to the universe altering your timing in order to avoid something. So when I went to enter the cross walk to go over the last road to get to my office I did not bother looking to my right as it is a one way street. As I arrived at the cross walk I saw lights and looked right to see a daft woman driving quickly the wrong way down the one way street. If my timing had not been delayed by my feather gazing I could have been hit by this eejit as I would have been in the road at the same time she was. 

It has been a busy week yet again. Norm did not make it to the shops on Monday so we got take aways from Posticino. We were not Banting as we had chicken schnitzel which has bread crumbs and is probably fried in vegetable oil, but it was lower in carbs than my preferred dish of pasta as we had it with salad. We had both a feta salad and a mozzarella salad. Sometimes it’s just about better choices, if you can’t attain the Virgo desired scale of perfection, aim for an improvement in the norm!

The portions were so massive that I had enough left for lunch on Tuesday.

The longest running kitchen project in the world drags on. Norm painted a coat of undercoat but we have decided the wall needs a skim where the plumbing was done from the sink to the fridge.

Sigh. Another delay.

While I was at work on Tuesday Norm did a shop for meat and veggies and I fancied something different than our usual meat and 2 veg, so that night for dinner I made a dish which we all love, but substituted zucchini noodles instead of pasta.

zucchini noodles.jpg

I cut up mushrooms and a whole orange pepper and fried them in butter. I added chopped up chicken breasts and fried until cooked. I then cooked streaky bacon in a seperate frying pan until brown and crispy then crumbled it into the pan with the chicken and veg. I added a whole container of mascarpone and heated through. I then quickly fried my zucchini noodles in the bacon fat and then added to the chicken dish.

zucchini pasta.jpg

I steamed asparagus to lie on top of the dish and served. It was divine!!! The sauce with the marscapone was a wee bit rich though so next time I will add a bit of chicken stock to lighten it up.

The court case for Carl continued this week. The Uber driver took the stand on Tuesday. Jean-Piere Muroncwa testified about the alleged assailants Brent Henry and Juane Jacobs chasing the car and forcing them all out of the taxi with threats that they would shoot all of the passengers if they did not get out. Carl got out of the car to try and explain that they had the wrong man, that the boys in the taxi had not been involved in any altercation at the bar. But they did not listen, instead they attacked Carl. The pathologist testified that the severity of the injuries that Carl received could not have been from a punch. This type of severity of head injury usually only occurs in car accidents. Suspicions are that the accused kicked Carl repeatedly in the head. Reading about the injuries and the horrific way this kind and lovely young man died makes me feel ill.

The family hope that the accused will take the stand next week. Please continue to keep them in your thoughts.

South Africa has had a lot of xenophobic attacks again. This is South African born natives who resent the numbers of Pakistanis and Africans from other countries moving to SA whom they say are taking their jobs and perpetuating crime. Last Friday saw a clash between protestors and the police. The police fired rubber bullets at the crowd. 


Image Credit.

Again we saw how much white people are hated by so many races in SA in another case of xenophobia. A government official Esethu Hasane tweeted hate speech in his personal capacity. Before you defend him saying he might be naive about how far social media can reach, his job is Media Liason officer for the Department of Sport and Recreation so he should.

 Afriforum has requested he be fired.

Wednesday Cait stayed over at Wes so I cooked pork chops for Norm and I for dinner as she is not a fan. I stir fried sliced red peppers, mushrooms and zucchini and steamed baby broccoli to go with the chops. I squeeze lots of lemon on the broccoli and it takes away the bitterness. 

Thursday was quite hot so we wanted something simple for dinner. We had free range chicken sausages and I made a salad with tons of avo and creamy danish feta and I added rosa tomatoes, sliced raw zucchini and carrots and cucumber to a base of gem lettuce.

Even though I am a contractor I’ve been based at the same client premises on and off since 2009. I’ve moved floors, desks and teams but still have accrued so much rubbish, from notebooks, highlighters, printed out data models, to plastic utensils and piles of serviettes. Friday we had to move offices. I filled the recycling with stacks of paperwork from long finished projects and I packed up the bits I decided to keep in a big canvas bag and my backpack and I had to cart it all across the city to our new office. It was incredibly hot. Then the strap on my bag broke so I had to grip it all in my arms. After about a 15 minute walk we sweatily arrived at our new offices and I got unpacked. 

We went to get our finger prints taken as the office doors work via biometric scanning. We were taken on a tour of the break room and the rest of the office. We will no longer be parking at the hotel, we have parking opposite the Artscape. 

I no longer have a view of the sea, but we can see the harbour from the break room. Now I look out at zip zap circus from my desk. 

For lunch we went on a wander. I can no longer pop over for my Mexican Friday treat without a real schlep. When I finished work I then had to walk all the way not only to my old office, but on to my car. It was bright in the baking sun and the wind was howling, I just put my head down and got on with it but it took me almost half an hour. 

I was so tired on Friday night when I finally got home, traffic was really heavy. We decided on take aways and I naughtily had fish, chops and mushy peas from The Catch here in Hout Bay.

We just had a quiet night in and I was asleep quickly. 

There has been a huge number of people in the Western Cape ill with tummy issues. There is a theory that this is related to the drought because as the dams reduce in water level, they increase in bacteria as there is less dilution of the water, hence tummy bugs due to poor water quality. As we did last Friday, we also had a sprinkling of rain, it barely wet the ground, yet somehow Navajo still managed to wreck my bedroom carpet. 

Norm and I went out for a quick lunch Saturday after having a long lie in that morning.

We each ordered salad at Greens in Constantia on our way to run errands. 

I had the bacon Caesar and Norm had the chicken Caesar.

While eating there was the sound of sirens as fire engines raced by towards Hout Bay. Retha sent us pics taken from her new house looking across the valley towards her old house. 

Turns out the fire was just across the street from her old house.

I later saw the photos below posted on Facebook, photo credit goes to Dieter Losskarn

The other local excitement in the valley yesterday was the annual Sandcastle Competition. 

Below is an image taken from some cool drone footage of the Valley Pre-Primary Sandcastle Competition. I also saw this posted on Facebook, the image credit goes to and

The beach was packed. 

There are some very talented kids in the competition. How cute is this mermaid by a young girl? 

There are also professional artists who enter. This was the Big Five when finished.

After lunch Norm dropped me by Retha for drinks and a catch up. He went home and walked and fed the dogs then came back to collect me. 

On our way home we stopped to collect some dinner to take home with us from Massimo’s but they had a table available so we decided to rather eat in and get a takeaway for Caitlin who was at home.

 I had enjoyed the Fritto Misto starter so much on Valentines that I had it again. Fish, prawns, mussels, calamari rings and baby squid with a sauce.

Norm had salad caprese to start. 

For our main courses, Norm had calamari and I had the pizza on special, the divine St Hilary – fresh black figs, Parma ham, mozzarella, mascarpone & honey.  It’s so yummy.

We had a lovely meal and headed home about 8pm and delivered Caitlin her pizza. We settled in for a cozy evening and rented The Girl On The Train.

What a brilliant film! Emotionally gripping, confusing, intriguing, it kept me awake. That seldom happens.

I give it 5 Kitten Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

Norm bought the book for me but I just struggle so to see well enough to read. 

Today is a cloudy but warm day.

Caitlin and I made a gorgeous low carb breakfast of banana pancakes and bacon. The pancakes were made of blended eggs, milk, mashed banana, cinnamon, vanilla, baking powder and flour. We used almond and coconut flour and fried in butter. They were divine. 

I’ve got a pot of lower carb chicken curry on the go. Before we cut out sugar and changed our diet to try to avoid preservatives in our food I used to just fry meat and dump in ready made sauces from Woolies, add potato and carrots until soft and serve over boiled basmati rice. Today I used coconut oil and fried up curry paste and as many spices as I could find in my stashes, then once the spices were cooked off I added an orange pepper and onion then I chopped up chicken breasts and added those with garlic, fresh coriander and loads of Birdseye chilis. I added a packet of chopped butternut, 2 tins of coconut milk, tomato paste, tomato purée and gave it a good stir. It’s bubbling away and the house smells divine. 

I’ll serve with kale rice later this evening. The butternut will break down and thicken and sweeten the sauce.

Now I’m watching Fashion Police and blogging while Norm works. Caitlin is off to Wes for dinner later so Norm and I are solo for the evening. 

Tomorrow is my first day in my new office and this week I am supposed to start a new project.

Life is good.

2 thoughts on “Safe in the Wings

  1. It seems the problems of natives blaming immigrants for their woes and taking their jobs is universal, unfortunately.

    I do enjoy your food pics even though I don’t eat meat, but I have to say that caprese salad looks great and the salad with the avocado too… good enough to eat. x


  2. Yes the xenophobia is universal it seems – everyone is territorial by nature I think?
    Thanks about the salad pics, even though I can only take credit for the avo one as I made that with my own little paws 🙂
    Thanks for reading Tony xx


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