Tourist In My Town

I’ve had a weekend of Kitten Adventures.

Saturday I had a long lie and then just after noon my friend Franziska came to collect me for a little tour around my own village, Hout Bay. Franziska and I ‘met’ in a Facebook group. She comes here to Cape Town to visit her family so I offered to show her where I live when she let me know she was here at the moment.

First we went to the Harbour as the area there has been completely renovated and has an amazing vibe. We had a wander around the charming, vibey and busy Hout Bay Harbour Market.

Image credit.

Franziska didn’t need any gifts and we were going for lunch so I resisted buying my fave milk tarts and lemon meringues from Nap.

Image credit.

We then had a walk past the  Urban Brewing Company which looked enticing but we had an itinerary so we didn’t stop. They are celebrating their anniversary this upcoming weekend so pop in to see what is on the go.

We walked into the yard and saw some cool art. I so love these animals made of various bits of metal. I would love one for my garden.

We had a wander through to Robin Kitinyu’s amazing studio. You cannot take photos there so I pulled one from his FB page.

His work has such energy. I have been watching many of his pieces evolve for years. Every time I am at the harbour I make a point of peeking at his studio.

We then headed to the beach to Dunes Beach restaurant for lunch.

It was rammed as it always is on a sunny day. We sat by the wall at the corner right next to the entrance and we had a stunning view out over the beach.

But it was soooo windy and I forgot a hair tie.

It was hot on Saturday but the howling wind kept you feeling chilled. I was partially in the shade of the tree but still got a bit burnt, below is what I looked like when I woke on Sunday.

I wasn’t aware I was even catching the sun.

Back to Dunes………..Franziska ordered a pizza and I had the mussels.

They were plump, juicy and tasty. I loved them. Service was really good as well, it seems that maybe Dunes has tightened up their service issues as I have had great experiences my last few visits.

We had a latte to warm us up and then headed up to Chapman’s Peak Drive for a look at the view.

We then came back to my house and I made a coffee for us to have on our balcony. We sat enjoying the view and relaxing and chatting. Considering that Franziska’s first language is German and that she is trying to improve her English we did a lot of chatting! Or maybe I chatted and she listened? Either way we had a lovely day.

Franziska headed home late afternoon and I relaxed and played games until Norm went to collect a curry from Indian Oven for dinner. I was quite knackered from running around and being in the sun so I was happy to chill for the rest of the evening.

Regular readers will have read about all of the spiritual activity happening on Friday evening. There was a small amount of rain on Friday night. It was over in minutes but it happened! Was it due to the Islam community praying for rain (Salat Al-Istisqa) or was it coincidence? We will never know for sure will we?

The binding spell against Trump appears to also be working. He has tweeted that he is not going to attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. I suspect he is too cowardly to attend.

The worst thing ever for a narcissist is to be made fun of. There is no chance he could take a real roasting as that is the usual format of the event. He is too thin skinned.

Or bound.

I guess we will never know for sure will we?

I had a spooky little incident yesterday afternoon. We were sitting in the lounge when a tiny feather drifted all the way across the room, rising over the couch where Norm was sitting, and then bobbing along in the breeze drifting right over to me and dropping to the ground in front of me landing directly at my feet.

Feathers are my spirit signs as birds are my spirit animals, so I got goose bumps while Norm just sat and thought about air currents. Norm noticed that it spooked me however and he knew I took it as a sign. A bit later when Norm told me about the Chief Cheetoh pulling out of the Press Correspondents’ event I said ‘the witches are working’ and as I did the feather suddenly lifted up and started tumbling across the carpet.

I’ll take that as a sign.

I will be watching to see if there are any changes in the behaviour of The Mango Mussolini.

We are all watching you 45.

Caitlin and I were booked to attend Romeo and Juliet at the Maynardville Open Air Theatre on Sunday evening.

We were a bit worried about being out so late on a Sunday night as it only started at 8.15pm. In reality it was even later than that by the time they got the crowd seated and could begin. We had dressed warmly in layers as it is an open air theatre and when the sun goes down in South Africa it can be quite cold. But it is such a lovely venue, I love the giant trees growing in the middle of the stage.


The venue was packed, I think it may have even been sold out as it was the last night of the run. We arrived at 8 and eventually found parking, grabbed a hot chocolate and went to find our seats just before the show started.

We were very happy to see that the handsome and talented young Revil Yon was dancing the part of Romeo. We were lucky enough to see him dancing the lead recently  when we went to see Peter Pan. He is brilliant.

The part of Juliet was danced by Rosamund Ford. She was a stunning Juliet, she was like a butterfly, so light and delicate. She was able to convey the emotion and despair and heartbreak needed for the part.

The choreography by Robin van Wyk and the costumes were fabulous. We really enjoyed it but it did finish quite late and by the time we got home and de-stressed enough to go to sleep it was after midnight.

This morning when I headed off to work I could see the sky was still bright pink and when I came around the Sentinel I could see that the fire which started last week is still burning. Today is day 5. The pic below is from yesterday.


Image Credit.

I did not stop to take a pic this morning but I could see flames licking all the way up the mountain behind me as I drove towards the city. The wind is still blowing pretty hard and I am sure this is making things even harder to control.

Keep the fire fighters and the residents in your prayers and thoughts please.

Enjoy your week everyone! x

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