Letting Go

One of the key factors with manifestation is that you must not try to control the path to deliver the results you have asked for. I found that out recently when I asked for something which came to me in a way that initially really stressed me out, but then the stressor was removed and the very thing I asked for was left behind. I cannot say in detail what it was but it just reminded me that we have to let go and let our creator determine HOW the things we pray for arrive.

One example is that I had asked to study the Path of the White Wolf shamanism course by Grandmother Robin. I am now down to do so as soon as the teacher has 5 students to take the course with me. I have faith that they will all appear when the time is right.

As I am not the most patient of people, I sometimes find it a challenge but I am learning to let go and trust my creator. Especially as he has delivered on all of the other things I have asked for!

Speaking of blessings and successful manifestations, Lily goes to get her next ultrasound on Monday and we should find out the gender of the baby. Josh is working and he cannot go with her so she will get the doctor to put the info in an envelope to open when they are together but it may be the afternoon before they are together to open the envelope. The suspense is killing me! Not that it matters I will be happy for either a boy or a girl but most of the clothes I bought look more boyish than girly. Here are a few of them.

I have been told I must not buy lots of pink frilly things if it is a girl but she can wear what I want when she is staying at my house! *rubs hands with glee* Not that I am confident it is a girl!

It has been lovely being back home in our own environment and I even enjoyed going back to work on Monday for the first time in over a month. I love what I do and as we have a blockage in my workstream due to development delays I did not have any intense pressures to come back to and could have a slow easing in. We have made some progress in our Data Quality workstream and I am enjoying having data and a new process to do analysis on.

Load shedding has continued all week and we have had about 4 to 8 hours each day with no electricity. Jeez Louise I hate the ANC! It is the biggest blight to living here.

On Wednesday evening I went out for an ‘early dinner’ with Bronwyn and Joanna, two girlfriends I have not seen in ages.

We met at 5:30 at The Vic in Hout Bay down by the beach.

None of us had been there before and we enjoyed it but it was a very hot and humid evening and even though we sat outside it was so warm I was a sweathog! I only thought of asking them to open the blinds when we left. Duh. The food was very reasonably priced. The girls had cheeseburgers and I had a spicy chicken Prego with caramelised onions and chips.

It turned into a 4 hour session of cocktails, pots of tea and lots of chatting. I have missed being around that female energy and really enjoyed our time together.

I have been swimming each day after work and Joanna is going to join me sometimes. It has been very hot this week and I feel fabulous afterwards. Both temperature wise and virtue wise as I am getting in some exercise but enjoying it rather than dreading the entire session. Here I am wearing a new red costume and a new cover up. I think having some nice things to wear helps.

I try to coordinate it for the same time that Norm is taking Finn for a walk because he insists on swimming with me which makes it a challenge to exercise.

After he swims he runs around like a lunatic with the zoomies. He does not seem to know about shaking himself dry!

Lola comes to beg for attention while I am sitting in the sun afterwards. She is so dramatic.

We have been having dinner outside every evening, sometimes with me still in my swim costume and cover up. It is like being on holiday!

I have been intermittent fasting all week so I do not have to reduce carbs completely. On Tuesday night we had fillet steaks, halloumi, a salad and the last of the mozzarella arancini balls which were left from our weekend away.

On Thursday night we had a gorgeous piece of kingklip with salad and broccoli.

Last night I had sushi but I spilled my soy sauce everywhere so I did not take a pic. It was gorgeous tasting though!

My client gave me a R1000 voucher to spend at their store and as I usually buy many of my clothes from there I was very pleased. Today Norm and I went to the mall to shop but everything left in the 50% off end of summer sales was size small or ugly. I decided to venture into the posh dress section even if it meant adding some cash to top up the voucher but the one dress I liked made my boobs look massive (yes I know they are but we do not want to make it worse!). I found another I liked but it was bare on the back so you could not wear a bra. What woman my size can go without a bra? Almost all of the dresses in the shops now have either ruffled boobs, poufy sleeves or those tiers of fabric which make me look like a poodle. No, just no.

Instead we bought some new shorts for Norm and then went for lunch. We went to Mugg & Bean as you can get an breakfast there all day and we were trying to eat low carb. We were given a spacious booth.

By this time we were both ravenous. Norm ordered the California Omelette: Filled with cheddar, mozzarella & fresh basil. Topped with avo, back bacon, feta & basil pesto mayo. Served with roasted rosemary cherry tomatoes.

I ordered the Rancheros Omelette: Filled with cheddar, mozzarella & shakshuka sauce. Topped with spicy bacon bits, avo, baby potatoes, charred corn, cherry tomatoes & sriracha mayo. Served with sour cream.

Neither of us realised that it would be drowning in mayo! I used to send loads of food back until someone told me that the chef will do revolting things to your food if you do so I just got on with it and ate it. It was actually tasty if I scraped off that sauce and the fatty bacon chunks.

I had ordered an iced coffee because I was sweaty from trying on all of the frilly crap and the coffee was delicious.

On our way to the mall we had come upon a car driving slowly to avoid hitting a little spaniel which was terrified and running along in the middle of the road. We stopped and flagged down the traffic to also stop and I called him over. He was so tiny and cute.

He had on a tag with 2 phone numbers on it but both Norm and I are blind as bats so it took a few attempts to decipher the numbers. The first one went to voicemail but a woman answered the other number. She thought her dog was in her car! Errr no he was running down main road in a suicidal fashion. She was at the garden centre so we drove over there and passed him on to her. He seemed very happy in my lap. I would have kept him if we did not find his mama.

This week I finished binging The White Lotus which I had started watching on the plane over to the USA. I absolutely loved it! Mike White is the creator, writer and director of the series. He apparently has my sense of humour.

Jennifer Coolidge is the lead in both series and she is one of my fave actresses, she is so sexy, ditzy and glam and is also a larger sized lady. I loved her wardrobe of kaftans from Camilla Resort Wear and jennafergrace.

There was a lot of sex, drugs, intrigue and laughs in this series but it is not for the puritan, it was a bit saucy! It was a treat for the eyes and I just loved it so much I cannot express just how much!

The first episode of both seasons starts with a body being removed and for the remainder of the season you are trying to determine who is the victim and how they die. Both also take place in resorts, season one is in Maui in Hawaii and season two is in Sicily in Italy.

I give both seasons 5 Kitten Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I hope you are all enjoying your 2023 so far, I am feeling very positive about it and am looking forward to each day as it comes.

Until next time, Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxox

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