Double the Trouble

This week flew by. The slow downhill ride from December to mid-January rolls past at triple time it seems. Our trip to the US seemed so far ahead when we booked it but it is so close now. We received a confirmation email about our flight this week which reassures me. My Mom has already bought Christmas gifts for the girls and she is starting to get excited. I am finally feeling like it will really happen after so many months of uncertainty of our health and the lockdowns.

It will be so hard to leave my kids and even the animals for so long. Finn is growing so quickly that he will be so much bigger when we are back. He has doubled his weight since we got him. He weighed 5kgs when we collected him and now his weight is over 11kgs. He has only been with us for 1 month and in that time he has grown so much that I can no longer lift him. Can you imagine if human babies grew at that rate? At one month old you have to roll them around the house in their onesies because you can no longer lift them?

Finn had his 12 week old vaccinations last Wednesday and after a week his immunity was as protected as it could be and then he could finally join the poms for their walk.

On Wednesday Norm and I also went to the doctor to get our flu shots. The doc wanted us to get it a week before we go away.

I wore another one of my cheapy-cheap dresses from Mr Price’s black Friday sale, this time adding a black linen jacket and a black necklace and sandals. I am also wearing my new MAC eye liner.

Of course we had to take Finn with us to the doctor’s surgery but he was very well behaved. He did get car sick but he had just eaten prior to the trip and Norm had been out all day and had just arrived back so Finn was excited that he was home. (I assume Norm was too but one can only get so excited about getting a hair cut and shopping for your evening tea.)

Finn gets into so much mischief but really it is just a young lad making bad choices. This is him following the cat who climbed onto my desk. Finn could not understand why he could not squeeze through the stair rails and onto my desk like Lola. He knocked over at least one of my picture frames. He has no idea of his size.

And he loves to chase the cats.

He has also learned how to leap. Watching him try to leap at first was hilarious, he leapt straight up and fell right back down in the same spot. He has now mastered leaping up while launching forward. He loves running around the garden and jumping over things. He loves watching the birds in the garden, but most of all he loves Norman and follows him everywhere.

On Friday I went for my annual gyne check up and pap smear. My doc asked if I was vaccinated and then she had a rant about anti-vaxxers and how she struggles with treating patients who are such ‘idiots’ (her words). Ladies please remember to get a pap smear every year it can save your life. Now I have had my mammogram and my pap smear done for the year I feel more relaxed. Hypochondriacs need to have proof that we are not dying on a regular basis.

It was strange driving as I never go out and when I do Mr Brook drives. I went the wrong way home and ended up having to drive through the city centre but I just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful scenery driving back along the coast road and I still made it home in time for my meeting.

The mobile groomer came and washed and trimmed the poms and cut Finn’s toenails in the afternoon. Finn was so keen to get in the van with them! I was surprised, you never know what is going to frighten him and what is going to intrigue him but he will follow the poms anywhere.

He does sleep on occasion. Last night he crashed and we could relax and watch a bit of Masterchef and I could play my games. He was finished after all the excitement of the day.

I was contacted yesterday by a friend who worked with me in the UK. He is here in Cape Town on holiday and wanted to get together but Norm and I have to take our PCR test in a few days and we are isolating until then just to avoid any risks. It makes me sad that I cannot see him.

For my first musical treat I have included a Tiny Desk Concert from Olivia Rodrigo. It is cute that is was filmed in a DMV (get it “drivers license”?).

The set list is:
“good 4 u”
“drivers license”
“deja vu”

Are all new artists embryos?? Or am I just old? Or both?


My second video is by an old friend, Paul Draper. The song is Omega Man and it features Steven Wilson. ‘Omega Man’ is from Paul’s upcoming album ‘Cult Leader Tactics’. You can pre-order it here. Paul was the founding member and lead singer of Mansun for those who may not know.

Paul was my neighbour when I lived in a tiny posh village just south of London. I was there on a project and my employer provided me with a stunningly decorated 2 bedroom penthouse flat and Paul lived in the same building. The flats were right next to a charming little English pub where we spent many evenings. Paul had a little studio in his flat and one afternoon he called me to come over and when I knocked Skin from Skunk Anansie answered the door.

Photograph credit: Marco Ovando

I nearly fainted. She is so amazing! She was so laid back and natural.

Anyway. I love Paul’s new song and I hope you do too.

The weather is a bit grey and overcast so it is a perfect day to hibernate and watch Christmas films (Norm has to work which is just as well as he hates mushy films.) The pups and I will settle in with a bowl of popcorn and a remote and I will be perfectly content in my little nest.

Until next time, stay safe, wear your mask and be kind.

Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxoxoxox

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