Father Figure

I am doing a little bonus blog about Finn’s playdate as it was just too sweet not to share. Yesterday our friend Mark popped in to see how Finn is progressing. I had mentioned to Mark that Finn could do with interacting with a larger dog to learn that there are limits to what others will accept in regards to invasion of personal space and the aggressiveness of approach.

Finn was only 9 weeks old the first time he met Hunter and he cried like a baby with fright at the sight of this striking figure of a dog who looked a bit like his mom and aunty. Finn is now 13 weeks old and it made a huge difference in his boldness. This time he first saw Hunter from the dining room window and started loudly growling and barking which was reassuring from a guard dog perspective. I want him to bark at anyone who walks into our garden. He then saw Mark and he seemed to remember them and ran down the steps into the garden.

Finn definitely remembered Mark and was very eager to jump into his arms and apply sloppy puppy kisses in a rapid fashion.

He then ran towards Hunter and lay down subserviently with his little tail waggling madly. He proceeded to shadow Hunter all around the garden, remaining subservient. You could sense his desperation to interact but he was very cautious, Hunter is a big boy.

Even nervous little Panda is cool and calm with Hunter. Hunter has such a calm but strongly alpha energy (much like his Dad come to think of it!). Every now and then Finn would overstep and Hunter just calmly opened his mouth, showed his teeth and sort of grunted and Finn immediately backed off.

When Hunter came inside to the shade to cool off both Pixie and Finn were constantly nearby, staring with adoration.

Finn really worshiped Hunter. It was like a popstar had come to visit.

Mark has offered to take Finn for the afternoon here and there while we are away which will give our house-sitters the chance to shop or run errands or whatever they need to do. Mark is such a nice guy and Finn needs that interaction and socialisation with Hunter so it is a win-win. I also feel much better about reducing the sitter’s stress a bit as Finn can be hard work!

The next time we chat I will be on American soil. Wish me well and send energy for me to be a calm and kind person while on my travels and during my stay.

Lots of love and Kisses from the Kitten xoxoxox

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