The Roundabout 

It has been over a month since my last blog. I don’t even know where to begin with getting you all up to speed! Get a cuppa tea it will probably be a series of a gazillion bad photos. My apologies in advance.

Mom had given us the date she departed rather than arrived and as we were preparing to head to the airport she rang to say she was leaving Atlanta! After a baffling exchange we figured out she hadn’t missed her plane, it hadn’t left yet! Once they did arrive Mom and Joy were very tired after the long journey so they were happy to relax as Caitlin and I had to work and Norman was in Switzerland. However on their second morning in SA Mom had a pain in her back when she was lying down and from that point was in agony. We were afraid her osteoporosis had resulted in another spinal fracture. I asked if anyone knew of a health care provider who could do a home visit to do acupuncture to at least help with the spasms. We hoped it would pass but my friend Retha suggested I contact her friend Kevin Lentin who had helped her. Kevin kindly came round to the house to see Mom and ordered X-rays to check for a fracture. She went for X-rays at Constantiaberg Clinic and I mentioned this to a colleague who rang Dr Peter Polley who had treated her son. Dr happened to have a cancellation for the following Monday. Dr Polley ordered an MRI and this proved Mom did have a new fracture. They managed to book her into theatre but as Mom is on blood thinners due to her arrhythmia they were unwilling to operate until her blood iron levels were at a decent level. Finally by that Friday the levels were acceptable and the op was done. They insisted Mom stay a minimum in hospital overnight but we were eager to get her home to look after her ourselves and she came home as soon as possible.

We carried on with the kitchen renovations through it all . My baskets were put in. I love them for storing veggies.

We installed new lights in the kitchen and the pantry. It’s so lovely and bright now. We also bought the tiles and Norm has done several sections.

We felt guilty that our visitor Joy was spending her holiday nursing Mom and took her on a few little outings when Mom was either too ill or recuperating from her surgery.

We went to Simonstown for her birthday to see the penguins.

Norm took Joy up Table Mountain.

They had lunch afterwards at the V&A Waterfront.

Joy also joined me to celebrate my friend Retha’s birthday with our friends at Cheyne’s in Hout Bay. 

We had a lovely evening with gorgeous food. 

We took them all manner of places to eat so they got a broad taste of Cape Town and we had some dire experiences and some delightful ones.

The worst was unfortunately on Joy’s birthday. Mom was too sore to come with us and we didn’t want to leave her for long so we went to Green Vine Eatery located at nearby Silvermist Estates.

It as a stunning day and we had high hopes. 

Every time I have eaten here we have had lovely meals. There was a guy playing guitar and singing which was pleasant. However there were some incredibly badly behaved seemingly feral children running around him and playing with his equipment and he had to stop his show and ask the parents of the little darlings to rescue him from their grubby little clutches.

We ordered starters and the waiter brought one order as opposed to the requested 3. Just as well as they were huge and not what we expected. Both Caitlin and I found a hair in ours. It was a beautifully presented dish.

Joy and I both ordered fish and chips. It came with no tartar sauce or mayo.

It had been over seasoned and was so peppery it was inedible. It was also full of bones. The batter was so thick that it was sticky and doughy in places. It was a lovely piece of fish, it was just poorly prepared.

We asked to speak to the manager. She was so inappropriately dressed in a tiny ill fitting silk halter top and her untethered breasts were bouncing everywhere as she stomped up and frantically and patronizingly told us ‘our tastebuds are probably not used to Cape Town cuisine.’ I told her you could roll down Constantia Nek and arrive in my house in 5 minutes and that I came to their venue often. I also lived in the U.K. and know EXACTLY how fish and chips should taste. We asked did she taste it and she advised she is allergic to fish.

Meanwhile I look up to see the manager’s daughter has followed her mom to the table and is busy hitting Joy on the head with a feather duster. 





We went off. 

We were quite calm when the manager arrived but after her launching in to tell us how wonderful their fish is and not letting us even voice our complaint, to her patronizing comments and attitude to her horrendous offspring and her feather duster, we both lost it. We reminded her she hadn’t tasted the fish and had no defense, that she had been incredibly insulting and Joy’s birthday meal was dreadful.

As compensation she offered dessert. It was divine. At least it ended on a good note.

We were incredibly surprised when they comped the entire meal! That never happens in SA. 

One of our best afternoons was at Blue Water Cafe located at Imhoff Farm in Noordhoek.

It is a rustic, charming venue with a gorgeous view of the vlei.

The food was beautifully presented and ever so tasty and the service was attentive yet unobtrusive. The cake was to die for.

We also loved Constantia Glen vineyard where we lucked out on a fabulous private table. The view is stunning.


It was a shame that Mom wasn’t up to our planned trip to George but luckily my son Trevor and Amber were able to visit us in Cape Town. 

It was wonderful having my loved ones together.

We put up our Christmas tree finally.

Wednesday we took Mom and Joy to the airport, they flew at midnight but we spent as much time as we could even though we were at work the next day. 

The house was so quiet after Mom and Joy left. I’ve now finished work and am on leave for almost a month. I’m feeling very blessed. 

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