Slow Roll

This week was full of spontaneity and relaxed fun. We just went with the flow. Friday was a bank holiday and I spent it under a brolly by the pool.

I cooked dinner and we had a quiet night in. Norm and I watched War Dogs with Jonah Hill and Bradley Cooper. 

Jonah has put back on all the weight he had lost plus more. He needs Banting. And the delectable Bradley Cooper had a camera shot of his back in a hotel room which showed a hairy and really gross, sweaty manback. I hope he used a back double. Either that or he waxes as Google has pics with him smooth.

Image source.

Anyway, hirsutism and obesity aside, it was a really good film. Not my usual thing but it was funny and exciting and I would give it 4 Kitten Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

Saturday I had a lazy morning and then Caitlin invited me out for a quick lunch. She wanted to pop by Rock Chic to get a few things. I love that shop.

After shopping we just grabbed lunch at Woodcutters Arms in Hout Bay as we were lucky to find parking right outside the two spots.

Caitlin had the Halloumi and Red Pepper Salad and I had the Chicken Caesar.

Afterwards Caitlin went to Wesley’s house to swim and stay over.

Saturday evening as Norm and I were on our own for dinner we decided to go out for a date night. We got a lovely table outside at The Indian Oven on Main Road in the hub of the village. It was a hot evening and was very pleasant. We both had cauliflower rice, I had prawn curry and Norm had chicken korma. We shared a palak paneer. To start we shared onion bajees and spinach bajees. It was all divine. 

The food was anyway, I did not enjoy the tart, sour taste of the Rhino Sauvignon Blanc. I stuck to water. Norm didn’t mind it.

Norm was exhausted though as he had spent his day tiling another section of my kitchen. It is so gorgeous and I’m really pleased with how it’s coming along.

Sunday morning I had another long lie in bed. Caitlin rang around noon and invited us to join Wesley and her for lunch with his parents. We met them at Simon’s which is located in Groot Constantia, a stunning vineyard about 15 minutes up the road.

We had a lovely day drinking a rather divine Sauvignon Blanc. Fishwives Club was a vineyard I wasn’t familiar with but I will try it again. It was a reasonable R150 per bottle. Wes has a lovely Mom and Dad, they seem much like us, up for a laugh and all about family. We had a nice chat. 

We had lunch and 4 of us had the fish and chips.

The batter was crispy, the fish tender and the chips were yummy. There was a tiny serving of tartar sauce. Norm had Cajun calamari which came with mayo and Caitlin and I ate that with our fish as he didn’t want it. My meal and overall experience at Simon’s gets 4 Kitten Stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We came home feeling sleepy and Caitlin and Norm napped inside and I snoozed in my spot by the pool.

That evening Norm and I watched Burnt which just coincidentally happened to star Bradley Cooper.

It was monotonous. Just turn the sound down, put on some music and chat to your girls with this on in the background. Don’t waste any of your life watching it and actually listening to it. Boring. Self Indulgent. Meh. 1.5 Kitten Stars.

We had a sad event in our village this week when the NSRI had to remove a dead whale from the bay.

I hope he died of natural causes. Our oceans are in such dire straits.

My few last bits and pieces of holiday gift shopping were sorted early this week and all are now wrapped and under the tree. 

Norm and I went to the mall yesterday so that he could buy my presents. He is going to give me sterling to spend on our trip to the U.K. But we also had a wander round the mall and I tried on a few things and he bought them. It means I get gifts that fit at least. I got a new bag and shoes for the wedding we are attending in Wales.

After we got home Norm had to shoot off for a haircut and I just lay by the pool. It was overcast and quite pleasant so I didn’t even bother removing the pool cover for a dip.

Last night we went to dinner at The Lookout Deck

It was a lovely warm evening and our main requirements were to sit outside and hopefully also have a nice view. We drove past Cassarechio, then Dunes but both were very busy and Woodcutter Arms had no parking so we decided to give The Lookout a chance. When we arrived the lower deck was empty, they said it was closed. 

A few minutes later some guys came through and started moving the poles holding up the tent. After much shifting of tables, banging and shouting they finally allowed people to sit on the lower deck. But it was like someone opened up doors to a Black Friday sale and people launched themselves furiously downstairs to get a table. No idea what that was all about! 

At least it kept us entertained. 

I had some salmon roses to start. They were yummy.

Norm had the calamari and linefish combo with sweet potato fries. 

I had the peri-peri prawns. I also had the sweet potato fries but thought that they tasted frozen and not hand cut.

Today I am off to the hairdresser and then late afternoon we are attending a concert. I hope you are enjoying your holidays! 

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