The Continuity of Spirit

This week has been a challenge to get through. Hearing people justify the sexually predatory behaviors from the president elect and then standing back and feigning shock or disgust when those exact same behaviors trickle down and are exhibited by the masses.

You are normalizing these behaviors so don’t be shocked when it becomes the norm.

However I’m trying to not let it keep me down, this intellectual dumbing down of America. Nor will I bow to the blatant hatred and racism being displayed by the Trumplodites. The American Propoganda Machine is on full blast.

I fear for anyone with skin darker than milky white, for any woman walking alone, for anyone who may be perceived as not Caucasian, any woman wearing any form of traditional clothing which designates any religion other than Christian. Any man in a yarmulke or a turban.

I fear for their safety.

This is Trump’s America. Welcome to the nightmare.

The safety pin campaign which started up following the Brexit vote to show solidarity with Muslim and other immigrants who were the targets of the escalation in hate crimes has been taken up in the states as a response. The same escalation of hate crime is happening in the USA. Many women, Asians, Hispanic, Muslim, gay or other minorities are being attacked, abused and harassed,  beaten and stabbed.

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Are you aware that there are almost 900 known Hate Groups in the United States? That’s the known ones, I’m sure there are many more politely masquerading as Gentlemen’s Groups or Churches. But the poison being spewed will be just as toxic.

Now that racism and bigotry are being promoted by the president elect these are sure to escalate.

Maybe these feelings of despair were exacerbated by my family’s own experiences with hate crimes and senseless violence.

I’ve written before about my daughters’ friends who were both beaten to death in Cape Town in what has been called race crimes or mistaken identity. It pains me to even think about these beautiful, brave young men who were murdered. I can’t even begin to imagine how their families cope. In Africa white men are the minorities. It flips the script on the American issues. Maybe it gives a different perspective.

Caitlin and Lily have been so supportive of Carla whose son Carl was beaten to death after a night out. His family have suffered so. On Saturday Caitlin took Carla for a pedicure as a treat and we met up for lunch afterwards at Forresters Arms a popular gastro pub.

It was a warm sunny day and we got a table outside. It was busy and vibey but service was good, the waiter understood the menu and offered good advice on portion sizes.

We shared the chili poppers.

Caitlin and Carla had the infamous burgers.

I had a few of the tapas offerings. The 80g fillet steak with stir fry veg was tender, juicy and delicious.

I also had the chili prawns. Fresh, moist and tender and the coriander was a perfect lift of the chili.

I had expected chicken in a basket and was ever so pleasantly surprised by the menu, venue and service.

I award 5 kitten stars to Forries! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

We had a lovely afternoon chatting. When I left I was driving home thinking how sad I was about the loved ones we have senselessly lost and of course Pierre is uppermost in my mind.

As usual when I think of Pierre, his song came on the radio. It gave me a feeling of comfort. When I told Caitlin this story when she arrived home I said that maybe Pierre and Carl were letting me know they are hanging out. Caitlin said that like Pierre, Carl was very fit and did a lot of climbing.

So from now on that will be my mental image, what brings me comfort. I do know that our physical presence here on earth is only a temporary manifestation of our reality. The continuity of spirit is permanent.

Meanwhile the rest of us are just trying to cope with life.

Saturday evening Norm, Retha and I went for dinner at Grill Under The Milkwood.

Retha had been lucky enough to go sailing all day so I’m surprised she had the energy to stay upright much less eat. She looked great after a bit of sunshine however.

Retha ordered the Escargot in Blue Cheese.

She loved it.

Norm and I always order the same starter at this venue as it’s our favorite dish usually. We ordered the ‘Baby Calamari Starter’ at R63.00 for 125g. It is described as ‘Baby calamari tubes and tentacles grilled or deep fried dressed with our signature lemon garlic herb sauce’. However what arrived was a bowl of rubber. The grease it was fried in had left a nasty taste as well as the dreadful consistency.

Look at the size of the tentacles and thickness of the slabs of steak.  We tasted it to see if it was edible and sent it back. It was horrible.

The owner came to apologize and I told her that she should not be trying to pass that off as Baby Calamari. I told her she should rather be upfront and tell the customers that they do not have baby calamari so that we have the option to make an alternative choice. We didn’t now want Retha to sit waiting for the kitchen to start making new starters for us after she had finished hers. It was disappointing.

Instead we waited for our mains. Retha ordered the Eisbein at R129. Described as ‘Prepared crispy served with hot or cold sauerkraut and mustard and baby potatoes.’ Retha chose mixed veg instead of the potatoes.

Norm had the 300g Tornado – ‘Fillet steak decked with sautéed mushrooms topped with creamy red wine and herb sauce with a touch of garlic’ at R199. He chose mixed veg as his side.

When I asked him how it was he said ‘good, not outstanding’.

I had a plain grilled 200g fillet at R159. I ordered mine with butternut and spinach.

My steak was cooked perfectly as was my veg. I enjoyed it.

As I hadn’t had my starter I was not quite satisfied and Retha and I fancied dessert. However the ONLY dessert they offered was what they called ‘Red Velvet Cake’. Their menu online has many cold and warm desserts but they had none on offer except that one. One dessert on offer on a Saturday night?!?

We decided to share the Red Velvet.

I don’t know what it was but it was incredibly far removed from Red Velvet anything. I’m a Georgia girl, Red Velvet originated in the South. I can spot an imposter a mile away. It had a citrus flavor mixed with a nutty flavor, neither of which taste should come to play in Red Velvet. The cream cheese was not very creamy. It tasted like it even may have contained a layer of tinned caramel. It appears as if the chef just sprinkled it with food colouring.

I don’t understand calling something by a label which is misleading. Be honest with your customers. We were very disappointed with our evening.

Two Kitten Stars for you Under The Milkwood. ⭐️⭐️. Meh.

Tonight my Mom and her friend Joy arrives from the USA. I’m so excited to see them both. I hope they have a fabulous visit. We collect them very late from the airport. Tomorrow I’ll be exhausted at work but I’m sure I’ll cope. Coping is what we do.

I had hoped that our kitchen renovation would be complete before they arrived but due to endless delays by the company that is making the doors and hand painting the units we are still living in a construction site.

It’s still in need of tiles and paint but it’s at least functional.

I always have goals of a spotless home when we have visitors. Navajo does his best to make that a challenge.

Whatever made me think white bath mats were a good idea?

My life will be pretty busy until after New Year but I’ll try to keep in touch 😘

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