Hypocrisy & Self Destructive Tendencies

America has chosen a new president. Or shall I say, half of the half of the eligible voters in America who voted put this guy in office.


His campaign was based on hate, bigotry, xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, Islamophobia, climate change denial and anti-science rhetoric and was backed up by zero policies, plans or methods of his proposed means of change other than that tired old mantra ‘build a wall’.


The Trumplodites say that they supported him because they want change. The liberals call it a ‘white lash’ against the 8 years of the Obama presidency.

Bush’s reign was the root of the financial crisis and Obama inherited this mess and had to try and turn that around. However as with many things the bigots and the racists want to blame all of America’s woes on Obama. They are very short-sighted and seem to have had their memory of everything erased other than Hillary’s email fiasco.

No matter what shocking thing Trump said, his defenders would throw out the email argument in defense.


It was clear to the rest of the world (who get their news from sites other than Fox News) that the FBI’s James Comey was trying to interfere with the electoral process and was an obvious supporter of Trump. Maybe like Julian Assange he has a personal axe to grind with HRC?

A surprising number of Latinos voted for Trump, some even say the Latino vote is what swung Florida.


I have a completely un-validated theory about this. Is it possible that the Florida Latino population is predominately Cuban or Puerto Rican and have a feeling of separation from the Mexican voters who had been labelled ‘rapists and drug dealers’ by Trump? That they assume that Trump doesn’t hate all Latinos, only the ones born in Mexico? Or is it just that lumping all Latinos into one big bucket is stereotyping and therein lies the root of this error of judgment? Expecting all Latinos to jump the same direction is a bit ridiculous.

The alt-right support Trump’s points of view as he is one of them. He is full of racism, hatred and bigotry. His election has legitimised these behaviours and made them acceptable. I saw people posting on social media about the harassment and hate they are experiencing mere hours after the election results were posted. I fear for my African American friends who will live under this rule.

The KKK are celebrating and have planned a parade in his honour. Finally someone is openly supporting their archaic views of white superiority.

The number of African Americans who have been openly murdered by police are on the increase as is the overall number of people who die by gun violence. However the idea of any sort of regulation on guns is repulsive to the Trump camps.

Can anyone say paranoia?


Trump has ranted against people of Mexican heritage during the general election including U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, whom Trump stated is biased against him due to his views, but now Trump will come face-to-face with Judge Curiel when he is in court to defend himself against allegations of fraud in a major class-action civil trial. If Judge Curiel finds against Trump, it will be seen as vindictiveness and if he finds for him I am sure the cries will be that he was intimidated into his decision. There are many outstanding legal issues at play with this creature. He is litigious by nature and has no qualms about legalities, morality or ethics. He boasts of avoiding paying taxes and you can guarantee that any changes in this arena will only benefit the rich.

Trump somehow managed to avoid going to trial over the case of rape against a 13 year old girl when the charges were dropped. Was she intimidated? Was she paid to keep quiet?  Either way these allegations from Jane Doe and many other women cannot all be made up, where there is this much smoke there has to be some sort of fire burning. People dismissed his own claims of being a sexual molester and predator as ‘locker room’ talk. Now that I see the type of people who support him, maybe this is the sort of talk American men indulge in. Maybe I just hang out with a better class of man.

We expected women voters to pull out all stops to derail the misogyny train, however the exit polls show this is not the case. Many women were apparently secret Trump supporters, possibly ashamed to say they don’t care that he assaults women and grabs them by the pussy. These are the voters I just cannot understand.

The new vice president is not a supporter of LGBT rights and thinks gay people should not be allowed to marry and that the law should reflect that only a marriage between a man and a woman is recognised or allowed.

All of these things are thrown under the banner of christianity. and this is one of my issues with religion. We won’t open the door on the patriarchy and suppression of women by the church, that is a rant worthy of a blog on it’s own. However to try and say that this paedophilic swindler is ‘god’s choice’? That is some crazy form of self delusion. The right wing republicans are so far removed from anything resembling Christianity. They have built their cult on common hatred of homosexuality and women who have an abortion. They try and say that the lives of babies matter more than the rights of the woman who is carrying that baby. Even when that ‘baby’ is still just a cluster of cells. Even when the mother was raped or when her pregnancy puts her life at risk. Trump even went so far as to say that women who have abortions should be prosecuted.

If they are spouting these views under the banner of ‘pro-life’ then what about the lives of the children in Syria who are living a life of hell? They adamantly oppose allowing these children into ‘their’ society. They care not for the lives of children who are already on this earth, so to try and use that bullshit argument as their justification does not fly.

Many churches preach politics and poison directly from the pulpit, rather than godly behaviours such as love and charity to your fellow man. Such hypocrisy. What they mean is that they will welcome you if you are white, straight and conformist. Oh and armed.

The millennials were supportive of Hillary who won 54% of voters age 18 to 29, compared to 37% who cast ballots for Trump. As represented in this Infographic shared on Twitter shows, the youth had an entirely different view than the oldies.


Is this because the youth are not devotees of the Faux News twisting of reality? Do they have a wider vision?

I learned a lot from this election. About both my home country and about myself.

I learned that hate and bigotry is alive and well in America.

I also learned that my ‘go to’ reaction when upset is one of a variety of self-destructive behaviours masking as ‘self-soothing’. When I received the message that Hilary had conceded to The Trumpaloompa I immediately felt torn between the need to barf and the desire to eat chocolate, sugar, cake, anything to make me ‘feel better’. However I know that it is a temporary fix and will lead to me ultimately feeling like rubbish. But synching your mind and your actions is not an easy thing. I ended up having a non-banting pizza for dinner last night and this morning I had a muffin for breakfast.

I had the sugar symptoms known as ‘carb flu’ kick in by midday – a headache, fuzzy brain and sore stomach. So why do I do it? That is a question I cannot answer. I do it to comfort myself, despite the resulting discomfort.

Ironic isn’t it?

I expect a lot of discomfort for the next 4 years.





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