What Doesn’t Kill You

Our family have now been on the Banting diet for 6 weeks and there are many noticeable changes in our bodies. The obvious one for me being the 8.5-9kgs weight lost, but we all have noticed other things, loss of cellulite, stomach bloat going, our dry hair and skin is better, my joint pain went, the swelling in my hands and feet went away.

There were some unpleasant things such as intense thirst which luckily eventually went away, tiredness and headaches were an issue for a few days. But mostly, I felt great. 

On Sunday we went out for Valentines dinner and decided to enjoy the food and not follow Banting. 

We indeed enjoyed the food, it was amazing. But my body reacted rather viciously to the first instance of sugar it had encountered in 6 weeks. I had an upset tummy both that night as well as the following day, my feet and hands swelled and my joints hurt so badly. To me it seems like a reaction to something, chocolate or sugar or gluten or whatever that may be.

However we jumped back on the horse the following day, I cooked dinner but it was very late when finished and we ended up eating at almost 9pm.

I sliced up some aubergines and baked them on a tray in a single layer til mostly cooked. I chopped up a yellow pepper, lots of garlic and an onion and fried in butter. Once cooked I put it in the blender with a tin of tomato and puréed it. I fried a chopped up packet of bacon, then when brown added a chopped punnet of mushrooms, then added a bag of spinach and the puréed pepper mix. I let it simmer a bit then layered the tomato mix with the eggplant. I topped it all with mozzarella and baked.


It was delicious. If you want veggie just leave out the bacon and add coconut oil.

Tuesday I hosted our book club. There were 6 of us and I decided not to stress myself. I asked Norm to shop and I just carved up 3 woollies roasted chickens, sliced 2 loaves of fresh bread, steamed some broccoli and made a giant salad. That meant all I had to avoid was the bread and all I had to ‘cook’ was the broccoli.

It was Chris’s birthday month so we celebrated with an apple crumble and custard. Luckily I’m not a fan of either so I resisted. I didn’t even have a glass of wine, I stuck to water.

The next day I gave Cordelia the leftover breads, pie and custard.

All week I had the same breakfast of full fat yogurt with pumpkin and sunflower seeds, a few mixed nuts and cinnamon. My lunch the following day after book club was a bit of salad and chicken. I tend to take a small lunch.

Wednesday night I was home quite late and Norm just grabbed a takeaway from Spiro’s. We had grilled chicken kebabs, tzaziki, salad and grilled halloumi so bar the occasional bit of sauce on the chicken we were Banting compliant.

 I had my manicurist coming round to my house on Thursday after work so I left the office a bit early. I enjoy our sessions, gossiping, laughing and getting a pedicure in the comfort of my home with my dogs milling about. 


Luckily they went to the groomer on Thursday. They were filthy, stinky and tangled. No matter how often we groom them it’s not enough. I asked Norm to take their pics when they were clean as by the time I’m home they are a mess. 

He tried bless him. Norm’s animal pics are as bad as my food pics.


He said they kept moving.

After Vanessa left I just threw together some bits and pieces for dinner. I asked Norm to get pork chops but he was too busy (aka forgot). I made my friend Guy’s stuffed gem squash recipe. I steamed some gem squash, cut them in half and scooped out the seeds, then put the squash and full fat cream cheese into the blender til smooth, then added chopped crispy grilled bacon and stuffed the empty shells with the mixture topped it with cheese and popped them in the oven. I made a huge pan of red cabbage, frying it in butter and lots of balsamic vinegar and then putting a bit of boiling water over to make sure it cooked through. 

Friday morning I woke to a fine drizzly mist of rain. And lots of clouds.


We had our usual Friday Mexican salad for lunch and we got quite wet walking over town to the Icon building. The rain is badly needed, the ground and plants are struggling. 

That night Lily had her friend Talia over so we rented Pan and ordered pizza. Norm and I got Banting bases but the girls got normal bases. I just ordered cheese and tomato and jalapeño and at home I fried onions, chorizo & green olives and then popped it all in the oven as the cauliflower bases don’t hold the heat for the journey home.

It was a lovely family night in, the cooler misty weather meant snuggling under blankets.

Saturday I had no commitments and opted for a pajama day. We watched a few movies, messed about on our iPads and Norm worked.

Pixie and I played frisbee.


I made us a Banting brunch of chorizo, onion and cheese omelettes with fried tomatoes. The sky was overcast all day, misty and occasionally a bit of rain,

Lily had to open a new bank account and while out she popped into Pep Stores and got the cutest fake Converse for me. Only R99!



Norm popped down to the shops and got in some things for dinner. I fried a mix of red and green cabbage. I cut up 3 pork fillets into bite size chunks and sliced up a huge punnet of mushrooms and fried them both in butter. I fried an onion and an orange pepper in a separate pan and once cooked I popped them in the blender with a container of double thick cream and paprika and liquidized. I then added to the browned pork and mushrooms. I left it to simmer for 15 minutes. I just stir fried the cauliflower rice and served it all with plenty of the creamy sauce.


Trust me it was a million times better than it looks. 

Today we got up about 9 and had a slow morning. We eventually made it to our fave venue The Riverway Cafe for a late breakfast. 


I love the charming decor such old world charm!


I had the Eggs Benedict with Banting bread.


Norm had scrambled egg & Banting toast.


After we finished eating we did a run round Pic n Pay and a full shop at Woolworths. We were going to the harbour as I wanted to get Banting pizza bases at the market and some fish to cook on the grill at the fishmonger but the traffic was queued back for miles! We decided to give it a miss and headed home.

It’s a gorgeous day today and I didn’t want to spend it in traffic.


Tonight I’m going to make a lasagna for tomorrow’s dinner and a pork roast in my slow cooker for tonight. I’m really enjoying my lazy weekend. Next week is going to be busy.

I’m attending the Xtraordinary Women Networking Awards Gala Event on Tuesday. It’s formal and I hope that now I’ve lost weight I will fit nicely into one of my existing dresses. I certainly have no chance to shop. 


The following night I see David to have my body re activation session.  Keeping working on clearance of my deeper issues

I’m also very excited about going to Cape Farmhouse next Saturday as we are going to see several very funky local bands.

It should be brilliant! 

I hope you have all had a great weekend and I hope your week is full of fun.

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