Norm’s Ear, My Cleavage & The Prince

I’m such a narcissistic media junky it took all of my self-restraint to stop myself from taking thousands of pics while lurking around Prince Harry when we attended the event last Sunday at Chavonnes Battery, but if one does not behave, then one does not continue to garner invites. Therefore I trawled the net after the event and managed to find a couple of pics on various Twitter posts. 


So I made a little collage of me and Harry ❤️


There were other VIPs such as Chief Mandela, Helen Zille who is the Premier of the Western Cape, Mangosuthu Buthelezi, and Marlene Le Roux who is the Director of the Artscape & looked stunning in head to toe electric blue. 

But let’s admit it, it was all about Harry.

Photo credits to VandAWaterfront on Twitter. 

It’s been another busy week. Monday was the end of year function for Girl Geek Dinners Cape Town. Retha and I went together and I was grateful for her freezing air con as it was so hot and muggy.

In fact I used the hand blower to cool off under my frock. 

It was held at Atlantic Imbizo at the Clock Tower. We had lots of goodies, we always have such great sponsors at GGDCPT.

The dinner was spinach pancakes, chicken schnitzel, and chocolate mousse.

There were 5 speakers and a reasonable turnout.

It was stunning once the sun set.

We got home late and exhausted and I was back up at 6am.

It was averaging in the high 20s at a minimum I would guess, but it was 34 one day when I left work.

Wednesday I went to see David for Body Rebalancing. I’ve been so stressed. He did a lot of work leaving me light of head and light of spirit. 

 We ended up having takeaway Thai that night as I was so late home. It did the job. 

Thursday Norm offered to shop and so I asked him to pick up steaks and salad as the heatwave continued, I wanted something easy. It was perfect.

Friday the girls attended the memorial service for their friend Carl and then that evening they both had their end of year parties for work. They both stayed over in town.

Norm and I had a quiet night in and he made chicken bangers and mash with broccoli and asparagus.

It was nice to be spoiled. He even bought us a sinful chocolate pudding. We just chilled out and stayed in and watched telly, it cooled only a bit even late that night it was so muggy.

Saturday I had a midday hair appointment at Mop Hair in the CBD. I love it there, so relaxing and such a treat.

After it cooled a bit Norm and I went off to Ragafellows for burgers. We sat on the busy courtyard. 

We shared the crispy calamari and zucchini fries as nibbles with an ice cold drink.

We both had their delicious burgers.

We had a lovely evening, I had a few cocktails sitting on the cool courtyard.

Today I have been very naughty. I have a million things I should be doing. I’ve still done barely any Christmas shopping, the fridge is empty, but I’m tired. 

So I spent my morning on the patio drinking coffee and messing around on my iPad with the dogs lying at our feet.

I then finally tore myself away and popped on my swim suit and drifted off to the pool.

I filled up Navajo’s pool for him to mess about. He loves splashing around.

I started getting a bit too much sun so Norm made a little spot with the brolly.

I still got too much sun. Tomorrow I may regret it, but today it was fabulous.


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