Tales From the Waterfronts

As always the full moon cycle triggers chaos. I remember from when I worked in the hospital as a radiographer that a full moon brings out the crazies, that is why you call them “lunatics”.  The pull of the moon on the body also results in an increase in birth rates. Basically the hospital would be full.

My girls have been so upset as a childhood family friend was murdered. He was 25 years old and had been mistaken for someone else. The thugs beat the taxi he and his friends were in and when he got out to say they had the wrong guys they beat him to unconsciousness. He later died of his injuries. Such a waste of a good young man. My girls have been in bits.

He passed away in the wee hours of Tuesday night so Caitlin attended a memorial held at Forresters Arms.

The girl’s father is good friends with Carl’s father, so they spent many holidays together and he and Caitlin were in the same class at school.

It’s so tragic and enraging. This is the second friend dead from violence on a night out. Senseless.

The rest of us were home as Lily came back from George that night. Caitlin got home late. Norm did a shop and I made those yummy woollies chicken and chipotle sausages and this time I roasted them piled high with peppers and onions, it was divine! I made mash and as Norm forgot my broccoli we had a tin of petits pois.

Monday night I stretched the last dredges in the fridge to make a pepper and tomato soup.  I chucked in every vegetable I had. After it was cooked I liquidized it and added passata.

We just bought a fresh ciabatta and I heated these divine little frozen prawn starters.

They taste exactly like Kitimas prawn balls!

Wednesday night there was a raid in the same village as I live in. It was in the suburb of Hangberg and was an attempt to catch the crayfish and abalone poachers. Three suspects were arrested.

It triggered the other residents to riot against the people who live in the high rise flats nearby. They have nothing to do with it but it happens every time.

The local police are not informed and no protection is given to them by the police doing the raid.

Thursday night we had planned our book club Christmas Party. We chose to combine it with secret Santa and have it at Clay Cafe and we drew names and painted a piece for our recipient.

I painted the skewily spotted heart. It will go a bright blue when fired.

We had rather mediocre food last time so I only ventured as far as a margarita pizza. But the girls were braver and had salads and wraps and they all looked divine! I’m going again soon and will be more adventurous.

The wind was howling that night something insane. As the area where you paint is just a patio they had dropped down the plastic weather guards and they banged and battered. It felt a bit like being on a boat. It was brisk and breezy but we had a good evening. We always have a laugh.

It was Louise’s birthday celebration so we gave her a voucher for the local salon and bought a few slices of cake. They have amazing cakes.

Friday we had a project review then went out to lunch to say cheerio to my colleague Charlton.

We went to Orinoco Flavours as it was a brisk 10 minute walk from our office. In typical Cape Town style the weather had turned yet again and it was boiling hot so we were parched on arrival.

Everything on the menu sounded divine and I struggled to choose.

They also have a tapas menu.

I had a shredded pork burrito.

It really was nice.

My company director had the quesadilla with shredded chicken filling.

Charlton shared the platter with Michelle.

Some of the fellas had dessert.


It was all really beautifully done and very tasty. We spent the afternoon chatting and eating and didn’t have to return to work, I finished about 4.

Friday night Norm had another trip to Johannesburg and I was booked to go for cocktails with my bestie Retha as we still hadn’t celebrated her birthday but as we both had such a hectic week we decided rather to sit on my patio and drink champagne in our track suit pants. Worked for me!

I was up early Saturday to take Pixie to the doggy Chiro for her back. I drove to Noordhoek and back, It is such a majestic drive with a stunning view. Again it was roasting hot outside so I popped Pixie in front and put on the air conditioning.

Norm landed at 7 that night and dashed home and we shot off to an album launch for Mabel Sithole, one of his staff.  

I had no idea what to expect when we arrived at Obviouzly Armchair Theatre in Observatory, it was a small busy bar which led through to a crowded tiny theatre. There was a feeling of high energy and lots of noise.

A young girl opened the evening, unfortunately I did not catch her name but she had a lovely voice and I loved her style.

She sang 3 numbers, a Xhosa hymn, a pop cover and an original song she had written herself. Shortly after she finished Mabel and her band came on. Mabel wore a sexy black dress with chunky jewelry and had her hair in braids. She looked absolutely stunning.

They launched into a track that made me think of Senegalese music, it had an almost Ali Farke Toure feel.

I can’t put into words how much I loved that first song. They sang about 8 songs or so I guess and all were great but that first one is a special sound. It spoke to my soul. It was the sort of thing you could imagine playing as you leap around a campfire in the middle of a magical forest. I adored it.

The evening flew by with Mabel’s energy getting us up dancing despite the heat and humidity. We left the club after the show as Norm was exhausted from his trip and I was starving so our compromise was McDonalds which we normally avoid. It was like 10 years ago, leaving the club and hitting the chippy!

We woke to the news of yet another fire in a local settlement just across the bay from where we live.

Up to 2000 people are now homeless.

Photos are from Twitter.

Today we were privileged to be invited to a British High Commission event at V&A Waterfront. It was the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards and Prince Harry was to be in attendance.

Times like today it’s a bit surreal the difference in my life and those who were victims of the recent fires. I hate that 20 years after apartheid ended that people have to live like that, poor and barely eking a living. Without safe electricity, no surprises the number of fires considering the drooping extension leads.

Anyway, we headed down late afternoon. We hadn’t had lunch and as there would be a free bar we popped into Tribakery for a nibble. We ordered the mezze platter.

We didn’t want to get tipsy with no lunch, so this just lined our tummy. The wine was sponsored by Painted Wolf Wines and their Sauvignon Blanc was crisp dry and nice and cold. It was about 28 deg Celcius so was steamy hot.

We viewed the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition paintings while sipping chilled wine. It was very pleasant.

I was incredibly excited to meet the very handsome and stylish couple Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones, founders of the Handspring Puppet Company who created the amazing Warhorse puppets.

I was giddy as a school girl, they are so talented.

The art work was stunning and they served delightful little canapés to nibble. This was one of my fave photos.

Lily’s friend was also attending and she was so keen on the Prince.

We couldn’t really snap pics but we sneakily took this for Talyah.

He was as charming as you might expect. We were still chatting with Adrian and Basil when Harry appeared behind me taking my hand and I introduced myself. His minders casually moved the wine waiter off side and the Prince worked the crowd, his path chosen carefully by the members of the high commission. He milled about viewing art and chatting. Then he slipped out the back door.

We picked up our gift bag with several stunning books. Then left along the red carpet again.

We had spent a few hours there and we then headed off for dinner. We just went next door to the Cape Town Fish Market as it was quick and easy.
I had the Prawn & Calamari combo at R148, it was 8 grilled prawns & deep-fried calamari strips, tartare sauce & lemon butter.

Norm had the line fish.

We had a lovely view.

Now we are happily exhausted! I’ve had a very exciting weekend!

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