Deviation from Reconciliation 

I’ve spent all morning clearing out cupboards and I have a huge pile of clothes to pass onto the recent fire victims. Tops, pants, skirts, suits and all sorts. And all sizes of course.

Caitlin also did a clear out, I was ruthless and tossed out anything I’ve not worn in a year. Some of the suits I’ve barely worn since leaving the UK as it’s so casual in Cape Town corporates. Caitlin is going to drop it off at Thula Thula where it will be handed over to the fire victims.

There was another fire last Sunday near 12 Apostles Hotel on the coast road.

It resulted in the firemen closing the coast road to Hout Bay but not to people driving out from the city,  they only stopped people at the roadblock, so Lily left town at 830 pm oblivious of the fire and got sent back to town at a point when she was only 5 minutes from home. She was tired and so annoyed after driving right round the city and back. Lucky the fire was away from any homes but still it burned all night.

We finally managed to cheer Lily up and while eating dinner we were talking about cougars with Lily saying that the woman’s age doesn’t matter it’s the age gap that makes it a cougar type situation. She tried to demonstrate her point and said ‘if I was 23 and had a 13 year boyfriend then I would be a ummmmm, a pedophile,not a cougar.’  Exactly.

The news has also been focussed on Oscar Pistorius‘ and his retrial. It was a victory for all women who have ever been the victim of domestic abuse to hear that guilty verdict. I was so disgusted that he had only been charged with culpable homicide the first time around. I think he knew it was Reeva in that bathroom, I think she ran and he was hunting her down and he intentionally shot at her in a blind rage, 

Of course that’s just my opinion, but I believe it with all of my heart. 

Closer to home we had 2 of our local criminals back from incarceration and wreaking havoc again. Bongani Mongase and Sam Mposelwa were both known to be repeat offenders and without compassion for how they treat their victims.

The petition was successful for Sam but Bongani was released on a technicality. The judge was blatantly wrong. And now this criminal is on the loose again. 

This is just one of the many challenges of our beautiful country. 

Our biggest challenge is our embezzling, barely literate President Jacob Zuma and his cronies & the effect their incompetence and corruption has on our economy. This was never more evident that this week when the rand took a nosedive to the lowest level ever, This could be directly linked to Zuma replacing the Finance Minister Nene (watch me whip…) with the woman who is rumored to be Zuma’s latest side bit Dudu Myeni. There are many rumors why, none of them favourable for Zuma. But Zuma has proven over and over that he doesn’t care about his constituents or his country’s best interests.

One positive bit of local news was our Mayor Patricia De Lille handing over the keys to the new social housing flats built in Hangberg in Hout Bay Harbour. 

Look at that view! The mural is stunning too.


 These homes will make such a difference to the lucky recipient’s lives.

My week flew by as always. In the midst of our biggest financial challenge in SA we also have Christmas to cater for. Our salaries do not change but everything is rocketing in cost, from electricity to food. The rand is so weak, anything imported will be exhorbitant. 

I had done no shopping so I left work a bit early Friday and headed to the V&A Waterfront to make a start. I drove around for about 30 minutes until I finally found a parking spot, then I fought the heat and the crowds to spend a fortune. The fortune came home in a handful of bags. I gave it a few hours and then headed home, it was so hot and no chance my oven was going on so we ordered Italian take away. I had a pizza from Massimos take away Mimmi To Go and wow it was brilliant. I do love their food.

The next day it was overcast and drizzly but still hot and humid.

Lily and I were up early to trek Pixie over the pass to Noodhoek to see David Black the doggy Chiro. It’s a stunning drive and was even more so with all the wildflowers blooming.

Pixie was well behaved as always so we decided to take her with us on our next stop. Pixie loves our girly day adventures. We went to Constantia Mall and had lunch at Melissa’s and Pixie settled in under the table quite happily.

Lily and I both ordered the Eggs Benedict on a rosti.

The bacon was lovely and crisp and the egg was medium but the rosti could have been a bit crispier. It was ok but not exceptional. 

Norm was at the bank nearby and so he popped over to collect Pixie and take her home. Lily and I paid up and finished our shopping. We headed to Mainstream Mall in Hout Bay and at Clicks I managed to get all the usual Xmas bodywash and scent gifts on the 3 for 2 deal and saved over 300 bucks!

Once we were home I decided to finish up with shopping on Takealot from the comfort of my couch. I found exactly what I wanted and as I downloaded and ordered via the app I got free shipping. Then I found that I had enough ebucks from FNB that I could get it all for free! I was so chuffed.

That evening we finally got around to putting up the tree. 

The girls did an amazing job. We are not Christian so our decorations are all little toys, reindeers and santas. No mangers to be seen. They sit comfortably among the Buddhas and Coptic crosses from Ethiopia in our pagan home.

It wasn’t long before Lola found her spot.

That evening we ordered Chinese food and sushi from K1 Sushi and rented Trainwreck with Amy Schumer and Bill Hader. Tilda Swinton played the magazine editor and was brilliant! I didn’t recognize her at all. I laughed so hard it’s a brilliant film. I’m a wee bit Amy’s character in the film, just less slutty. Norm said several times “You say that!” Or “You do that!”.

Today I tidied and faffed and relaxed, next week I work on Monday but finish work at lunch on Tuesday as we have our year end party for work. Wednesday is then a public holiday in SA. Then I am off work until the New Year. 

The public holiday is The Day of Reconciliation. The holiday came into effect in 1994 after the end of apartheid, with the intention of fostering reconciliation and national unity.

The irony is that the single thing which is doing the most to unite our rainbow nation is our mistrust and disgust toward our unethical President. He and his cronies are ruining this wonderful country. That Zuma is from the same party who brought about the end of apartheid must make Nelson roll over in his grave. 


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