Old Becomes New

Living in a tourist town and having such a constant stream of visitors I thought I was familiar with every bit of Hout Bay. Today I discovered several delights I hadn’t yet experienced. We had spotted a lady selling her outside seating, cushions and table on the Hout Bay 2nd hand site. We loved the cushions and got 16 of them for R900. They were all made up by a seamstress as opposed to shop bought. They are beach themed and look perfect with our furniture.


We are thrilled!

Since we had to go and collect these on the harbour side of town, we decided to stop at the Hout Bay Harbour.

 We parked up and walked to Muriel’s Munchies and ordered 5 Queen Prawns and chips for R129 and Calamari and chips for R85 (that’s off memory as I can’t find their menu online).

We climbed up to the balcony on top of the building and settled in. 

Our food arrived quickly. The views are so fantastic I didn’t take any food pics. But the view is so stunning you can see why?

The calamari was tender, the prawns large and really fresh and the chips the perfect consistency for dousing with the plentiful vinegar. Just divine. It was so affordable and the portions perfect for lunch and it was piping hot. The prawns were done in a garlicky butter which we dipped our chips in.

It was such a warm beautiful day today. 

After we finished lunch I got a soft swirl ice cream and Caitlin got a milkshake and we took a walk to the end of the pier.


There were lots of seals.



Afterwards we stopped at Fish4Africa and bought a big bag of frozen prawns, perfect to have in the freezer to chuck into creamy pastas or stir fries, and 2 large pieces of yellow tail, one to freeze and one for tomorrow night. 

We had never been to Muriel’s, or to Fish4Africa and we have never walked on the pier! We don’t take advantage of the magical affordable places right on our doorsteps. 

I’ve had a lovely day! 


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