Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

I am so lucky to live in a fishing village where we can get amazing fresh seafood. My daughter Caitlin has just become pescetarian (eats only fish and seafood, veg and dairy.) The rest of us have sort of followed suit just as it is simpler.

We have had a week of Pescetarian Heaven.

I had such a brilliant Mother’s Day. I have a fat lady painting obsession and my girls got me a cute little serving stand and a lovely pyramid shaped storage box. I love them both!

The gifts and the girls :).


My daughters booked lunch in one of my fave venues in one of my long standing most loved villages, Kalk Bay. This little village has a lot of memories for me; I have been going there since I first moved to SA in 1990.

I have many memories of drunken dancing to Ska music at The Brass Bell.

And memories of many shopping adventures there as we take every overseas visitor to Kalk Bay. It is also where my son, daughter and I all got tattoos before the tattoo place closed down there.


It was a cool shop and it is a shame it closed. I love my tat!

We drove along Chapman’s Peak Drive, one of the world’s most beautiful views.

kalkbaychaps kalkbaychaps2

We arrived a few hours before our lunch booking and had a wander through the art galleries, jewellery, knick knack, clothing and antique shops that make up Kalk Bay high street.



Caitlin chose a few things for her birthday and I bought a gorgeous lapis lazuli ring for myself at Oh So Boho.

I have a lapis necklace and earrings already to fill my Virgo matchy matchy syndrome.


We had Caitlin drop the car at the harbour parking but had her first drop us at the far end of town, so she parked and then came to join us, we hit all the places we walked past and then we were thirsty and we stopped at Cape To Cuba for a cocktail. I love the décor there and the view right out onto the sea.



After our cocktail we continued our walk to Live Bait which is part of the Harbour House building, it is on the pier right next to the fishing boats hauling the fish in and we get to eat it!


We ordered far more than we could consume as it was 2pm and we were starving. We ordered the seafood platter (at R300 or so, it was on the specials board), the platter of prawns @ R145, the masala dusted calamari at R95.

The platter has a crayfish, a piece of fish, mussels, prawns, rice and chips.

kalkbay seafood

It was all divine!! We feasted like kings.

Afterwards we were so full that we had to take a walk down the pier to digest a wee bit before we got into the car for the twisty mountain journey home.


We had the obligatory photo op at the end of the pier on the lighthouse.



We came home and watched movies and that night we had cake for dinner as we were too full for proper food.

That is our story for dessert but no dinner, OK?

Monday passed in a work filled haze and we made a vegetarian Mexican dinner of porcini mushrooms peppers and shallots made into burritos for dinner that night.

Tuesday was Caitlin’s birthday and we got her some workout clothes and a onesie and a case for storage with cute owls on it.

She was keen on trying the Pescarne seafood platter I had raved about on my previous visit since new owners took over.

She kicked off the night with a cosmo, it took 2 attempts to get this right, the first was pure booze! But in the end it was OK.


My daughters are so stunning.


Lily had the  Baby seafood platter at R165 which consists of a piece of hake, prawns, calamari and mussels in sauce.


Caitlin and I shared a platter of 8 King Prawns @ R189 and a platter of 12 Queen Prawns, @ R149.

caitbdayprawns caitbdayqueenprawn

We came home and had a bit of carrot cake Lily had made, I made the cream cheese frosting. It was yummy.

It has been lovely having both girls home this week, we have had a wonderful week. They went out last night to celebrate Caitlin’s birthday with her friends and I stayed in and chilled.

Lily is driving back today to George for a week, but will be back next weekend.

Life goes on!

I have another very sore sty in my eye, back on drops and no make up again. I have had to chuck out 3 lots of make up now, this is getting expensive.

Hence my desire to relax and do nothing this weekend and try and get some energy back, I suspect I am very run down if I keep getting these infections?

Anyway off to have a wee nap 🙂 Enjoy your weekends.

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