Bring It To The Light

I’ve written many times about the messages I receive. I have received messages since I was a child but did not always understand them as ‘messages’ and I still do not completely understand from where they originate.

When a friend committed suicide I received a bombardment of messages from him. It was almost overwhelming. That was one of the first times that I had been able to identify ‘who’ was communicating with me when it happened. It was during that time that I also realised that just because the entity can communicate with me, it does not always mean that I should follow any guidance sent from that entity. Another friend who is a very strong communicator reminded me that just because the spirit has passed over, does not mean that ‘they’ are any more enlightened, kind, or well-intentioned than they were when they were here on earth.

That is when I realised that not all messages are for my good, or for the good of others. However, if I am pushed and pushed, I have to put that information out there.

I’ve also been given many messages from others and from my own guides that I am a healer and that I am descended from a long line of healers. However, the only ‘healing’ studies I have done are via traditional western medicine. Without proper training from a spiritual healer, I would not presume that I could do anyone else any good and in fact without the knowledge of how to protect both myself and my ‘patient’ I could be harming them or opening them up to harm.

My Cherokee bloodline allows me to tap into that area of knowledge however I would also never presume to try and teach anyone else anything about the Cherokee beliefs or teachings, other than in a conversational manner.

Why? Because I have not been properly trained to understand the meanings behind everything that is done in ceremony and I would not want to dishonor any tradition by performing it without the proper guidelines.

In the spirit world there are both light and dark entities and if you are to dabble in that realm, you best be able to recognise the difference and know how to protect yourself and any of your ‘clients’ whom you may be carrying over with you, knowingly or unknowingly.

The person who has ‘educated’ the people in South Africa whom I respect most in their practices and ceremonies and even just their way of life, is Grandmother Robin Youngblood. Grandmother Robin is a shamanic practitioner/healer, international minister, and teacher descended from Cherokee, Lakota and Okanagan/Tsalagi bloodlines. Robin has travelled the world and has been to South Africa many times. Grandmother Robin is a member of the Seven Generations World Wisdom Council and of Grandmother’s Circle the Earth and has studied with Shamans all over the world.

Robin has written several books, the first was how I first became aware of her name, “Path Of The White Wolf: An Introduction to the Shaman’s Way“. The second was just recently published “Journey of the White Bear, a Path to Our Shaman’s Heart“.

Grandmother Robin wrote about different types of Shamans or Medicine People that are perceived.
• Those who want to be dangerous and feared, who use dark arts – these are people who are still stuck in a fear-based environment – they operate from a survival space, because that is where they are at.
• Second, the shaman that does things by the book, according to strict tradition. They flounder when they are presented with something new and operate from a rule orientated space.
• Third, the shamans who are interested in fame, prowess, power and control. They are success orientated and ego driven, and often don’t like others who do similar work. Often these ones have no training and purport to be who they are but are a sham. ASK WHERE THEY HAVE TRAINED.
• Fourth, the shamans who are service orientated, willing to help their people at any time, they make good teachers and go out of their way to help.
• Fifth, is someone who is a self-realized master of this calling, they do not follow rules and go with Spirit flow, often being able to heal people instantly.

Many of the medicines which are used in ceremony can be very dangerous if taken without someone experienced to guide you through the process and help you cope with your body’s emotional and physical reactions. There are places your mind can take you to and from which you may struggle to get back from. You are greatly at risk if you are scammed into going on a medicine journey without a skilled medicine person who can take you through the teachings the journey is offering you. If that person does not have the training to interpret those teachings, then the journey may not help you realise that lesson, or even worse may mislead you.

These years during the plague have been very hard on so many people. It was a time of great introspection for some of us, isolated at home with only our immediate family or spouse. This enforced time of togetherness may have widened the existing cracks in relationships, or it may welded those cracks into a impenetrable force that was stronger than before.

It was a time of complete peace for some and a time of utter panic for others.

It may have been a time of loss for some, loss of loved ones, loss of financial support, loss of a career, loss of their business, loss of their home….. so much loss. For those of us who are empaths it was a very dark time to get through. It felt like swimming through kelp, trying to move forward but being pulled back towards the darkness of the sea floor.

In a time of great despair there is always an increase in the number of people seeking help. This always brings out the scam artists willing to feed the hunger of the desperate and vulnerable, an almost never ending hunger.

The message that I have received this week is ‘Bring it to the Light‘.

When I receive a message it tends to repeat over and over obsessively in my head until I choose to acknowledge it. If I sit quietly with that information then my guides will push me in the direction I need to take. While writing I paused to check my emails and I opened this message from my Elders Daily Meditations and as always it was very poignant for what is going around and around in my head.

I have friends who are Shamans and Medicine people who have strong juju, intuition and powers. All of them have studied for years to be able to wear those mantles. That is why it angers me so to see other people popping on their disguises to brand themselves as something which they are not, especially as their deceit can lead to the harm of others.

I must honour the messages that I am responsible for sending out and that message is to warn others to ‘beware the false prophets’ and ‘bring it to the light’. I am but a vessel for that message to pour out of. If it is pure, exposure will only be of benefit.

aho mitakuye oyasin

2 thoughts on “Bring It To The Light

  1. I can’t tell you how much this spoke to me today! I have no idea why I didn’t know you had this website or why I was guided to it today but glad I was! You have a beautiful soul my friend 🥰 only wish we lived closer as I’d love to sit and have a cup of tea or coffee with you.

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