Drum Solos & Tea Silos

I have had such an eventful fun weekend.

Friday we had a quiet night in and just chilled out. Caitlin was out with friends and we just ordered take aways. I knew I had a busy weekend ahead and did not want to be tired on Saturday as I was up early to be at my Drum Workshop where I was going to be making my own drum for the spirit work I am busy doing.

We started at 10 a.m. and Jesse, who was leading the workshop, had already prepared the base for our Drums by gluing together thin rings of plywood to form a circular base. There were 3 sizes available, I chose the medium one as I know how heavy they can get when holding them and drumming for long periods of time.

There was a large row of tables with covers over for us to work from. We had a workstation with a variety of different colours for us to choose what colour we wanted to stain our wood.

Once we were done painting or staining our drum bases we put them in the sun to dry.

While they were drying we moved on to make our drum sticks to go with our drums.

There was a bag of leather offcuts and we chose a piece. I loved the colour of the tan hide. We then chose a template, there was a choice of either a round end or a pointed end. I chose the pointed one. You then cut out 2 of the shapes using the stencil. You then use the stencil to mark the holes around the edge, then use a hole puncher to make the holes. Then you sew the 2 pieces together. You can either have the rough side or the smooth side of the leather showing. I chose the rough side. I used a turquoise thread to sew them together using a cross stitch. Then you choose your ‘stick’ and stuff the ends of the drum stick with cotton. You use threads to secure it to the stick.

Meanwhile the skins were soaking in water. I had chosen a hartebeest skin but everyone else was using goat.

What I had not considered was that a hartebeest skin is so much thicker than a goat skin and was therefore almost impossible to cut nicely. Especially the long strip which was a long continuous narrow piece that was to make the ties.

We lay down a template onto the skin and cut it out, marking the holes where we would later secure the drum skin on.

We used a hammer to open up the holes we had marked.

Then we started the rather laborious part of using the thin strips of skin we had cut out to tie the skin onto the base, and then we made a handle in the center by wrapping and tying the strips of skin.

When we all finished we took a group photo.

When I got home I hung it in the garage to dry.

Tonight it looks stunning! I love the patterns.

That night I was so physically exhausted and was struggling to stay awake while downstairs watching telly, but once I got to bed I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned and when I finally did get off to sleep I woke every few hours.

I was glad that the next day my outing was only at 2p.m. I was meeting my friend Di for High Tea at the Silo Hotel at the V&A Waterfront.

We asked for seats with a view and we were given seats in the Library.

The Tea was pre-ordered as they request 24 hours notice to do the baking. It arrived and looked very spectacular.

There were various finger sandwiches, smoked salmon, cucumber and egg salad.

There were also various pastries, this one was chocolate and salted caramel. It was divine.

This one was crispy outside and contained a condensed milky caramel type filling.

The hotel is very new and had lovely furnishings with an African flair.

After we spent 2 hours grazing on the goodies for our High Tea we decided to each have another drink. Di was driving so she had a coffee, I was not so I decided to have a Bloody Mary. I did not look at a menu, I just ordered one. The Bloody Mary arrived and it was a very odd dark brown colour and tasted as if it contained predominately Worcestershire sauce. When the waiter came back a few sips later I mentioned that it was not very nice. He took it away and brought a second one. That one had an excess of lemon juice, it should only have a wee twist of lemon. However rather than be Mrs Awkward American I shut up and drank it.

When the bill came I had a bit of a shock that the drink had cost R105! My word.

However, that just shows me to always order off a menu in a new venue!

Norm collected me and we headed home. It was a lovely weekend of friends and spirit work.

This is a 4 day week as we have a public holiday on Wednesday and will be attending a Sisters Circle and sweat lodge. I hope you have a great week! Xoxo 

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