Sofari So Good

This was our last 4 day week for a while. The week went quickly but I suspect next week will drag.

The drought continues in Cape Town. I can’t embed this video but click HERE to watch recent footage of the dams. It is so frightening. More so that the government seems to be doing nothing about it.

It is getting cooler in the mornings and getting in the shower without warming the water actually takes my breath, much like walking slowly into an icy pool in the blazing heat. I gasp and lose my breath and just quickly get wet, turn the water off, lather, turn it on quickly to rinse and do it all again, leaving the shower stall with my teeth chattering. No idea how I will cope mid winter. We have had a few downpours and a few sprinkles of rain, but it is instantly soaked up. We need a wet winter to top up the water levels in our dams.

I have spent a lot of this week looking for a holiday to book for mine and Norm’s 20th Anniversary in a few months. We wanted to go on a safari as that was the first real holiday we had together when we met. We took the kids to Pilanesberg and to Sun City.

I asked for suggestions on Facebook and I have sent a query to ask about prices for several different lodges in various locations. We were considering Pilanesberg, Namibia, Kruger or a few in the East of SA. Some require a flight to Johannesburg and then a second flight on a small charter plane. That quickly adds up in cost. We have had a quote from one place which sounds amazing. It is in the Eastern Cape so is in a malaria free zone which is a bonus. It is owned by one of Caitlin’s friends’ parents so we get a friendly rate.

It is called Kichaka. It is like my dream holiday.

There is something so special about being on safari, I just love it. To do it in a five star setting is so exciting to contemplate.

We will fly into Port Elizabeth, rent a car and drive an hour or so to the park. We will spend 3 nights there and after our anniversary we will drive to the coast and rent a hotel or apartment there for 2 nights and then fly back.

I am so excited I almost hyperventilate when I think about it.

It is still a bit away so I need to calm down.

On Friday evening Norm cooked for us as he is wanting to seriously watch his carb intake for a few days. He made a perfectly cooked fillet steak and served it on cauliflower mash, fried brussel sprouts and steamed asparagus.

We had a relaxed evening as I was so tired. I was in my pajamas by 4pm and watching the sun go down from my bedroom chaise lounge.

I had a busy day planned on Saturday. First I had an appointment to go with Pix for our chiro visit. You never know what the traffic will be like so I try to leave an hour to get there. It’s a stunning drive but mostly uphill so if caught behind a horse trailer or delivery truck it can take ages. I got there quickly and we just relaxed outside til our turn.

We drove back around to Hout Bay after we were done and I showered to get ready to go out to lunch. Retha was collecting me and we were meeting our friend Bennii for lunch at the Hout Bay Harbour.

We met at The Lookout Deck.

I had the Tian of prawns and salmon roses as I wanted some thing to pick at rather than a big meal.

Retha had the fish cakes and sweet potato fries.

Benni had the ribs which looked yummy. The portion was massive, enough for lunch and dinner later.

We all shared an order of jalapeño poppers.

Retha and Bennii both opted for dessert. Retha had the creme brûlée.

Bennii had the Strawberry Meringues.

We chatted and caught up with each other it’s been ages since we all hung out. We all met years ago through our Xtraordinary Women Network. After we said our goodbyes to Bennii Retha dropped me at home.

Caitlin had been out shopping all day and came home to show us her bits and pieces for her new flat. She dug out all her stored bits to take stock. I’ve bought her house things for years now so she has a starter set of most kitchen things she will need.

That night Norm went for takeaways and I got to choose and as always I chose Massimo’s.

Norm had the Lamb and beef topless ‘gastro’ burger, stuffed with chorizo, topped with melted cacio cheese and red onions, served with Greek side salad for R105.

I had the pasta dish on special, ‘Granchio’ pasta – flaked crab meat, prawns, mascarpone, chilli & garlic, with a squeeze of lemon for R169.

It was divine. Last time I had this dish there were fewer prawns, this time there were just enough.

I also had one of Caitlin’s deep fried artichokes. They were really delicious. She had the meatball tapas with them.

We finished off the series “Stranger Things”. I loved it and can’t wait for another series. Those children are great actors.

We chatted excitedly about our holiday and looked on airbnb for places to rent in Port Elizabeth for our two extra days and I think we have decided on a place near the beach as well as bars and restaurants so we have entertainment in the evenings and the beach to walk on in the day.

Today we had a slow start as Norm had a Skype call at lunch time and after that we headed out.  We needed a shop so we decided to give the Hummingbird Cafe another try as it is handy for Pic N Pay. I ordered Eggs Benedict with bacon and asked for my eggs to be runny in the center.

They were not, they were solid and over cooked. I’m not sure if they always put their Eggs Benedict under the grill or if it was being kept warm while they finished Norm’s, but the grill dried up the hollandaise so between the overcooked egg yolks and dried up hollandaise it missed out on the rich creamy joining of the delicious yolk and hollandaise which is why I choose that particular dish.

Norm had the full English.

He said it was ‘ok, nothing special’.

We did our shopping and headed home. We have just pottered about. Now we are settling in to pick a film to watch to finish off our weekend.

Work comes early tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone. 😘❤️

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