Patience for the Patient

I worked last week’s public holiday so that this weekend I had a 4 day weekend but it has been far from relaxing.

I woke on Monday to messages from my mom’s friend’s daughter that my Mom’s car had been hit by a girl who ran a red light. 

Mom has very bad osteoporosis so the airbags have shattered her sternum and 7 of her ribs.

They have moved her to a trauma center in Atlanta. This means that the trauma must require specialists. It’s so hard being so far away and unable to see her myself. Mom is booked to fly to South Africa in October for 3 weeks. But that is only 8 weeks away and I so hope she is able to travel by then. She has been looking forward to it for so long, as have the children and I.

She is having a plate put in to secure her chest. The function of your rib cage and sternum is to protect your heart and organs from damage. I’m so freaked about the thought of her having an op. As a former radiographer I have just enough medical knowledge to terrify me.

We got rid of our landline so we are ringing international mobile to mobile. It’s all so stressful not being able to connect when I want and hear her voice. She left the cutest voice message. 

Today we have been in limbo waiting to hear about the op, communication is further complicated by the time difference.

Monday we had a load of errands to run but first I met the book club girls for Dawny’s birthday breakfast. We went to La Cuccina for breakfast. I had the poached eggs with grilled asparagus, grated Parmesan and mint. I didn’t notice mint on the description as I detest mint. 

Mint has strong properties in the spiritual realm. 

After breakfast Norm collected me and off we went to check kitchens at a place on the other side of town. We are waiting on their quote. We searched for a unit for our lounge with no success and bought some throws for the couch and some mix and match linens.

Two duvet covers, 4 sheets and 2 sets of pillow cases which will all match my existing bedding. 

Caitlin stopped at the shops for dinner for us and I quickly threw it together when she got home. I steamed baby broccoli, soft boiled an egg, made a salad and we had smoked salmon, cream fraiche and smoked mussels. I also cooked pecorino cheese til crispy to make ‘crackers’. 

Today I was supposed to attend a self defense course but my head was all over the place. 

Norm made me breakfast for Women’s Day, cheesy scrambled eggs, special thinly sliced pork belly, avo and tomato.

Later today Norm had to go to the garden center so I tagged along to keep my mind occupied. 

We had a coffee and a walk about, then bought some ground cover plants for the garden. 

I’m back at work tomorrow and then tomorrow night we are at an event for Women’s Month at the Comedy Club, goodness knows I could use a laugh! 

Please send positive energy for my Mom. 

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