The Stench of Corruption

Wednesday was voting day for the local elections in South Africa. The election results were brilliant at highlighting that the ANC is losing their stronghold on the masses. This wasn’t the final figs shown below as the ANC did hold onto Joburg. I just couldn’t find a better graphic.

The EFF did brilliantly as newcomers to the political arena and I suspect will continue to rally support by those disallusioned with the ANC’s corruption and self-serving manner.

The DA maintained their hold on the Western Cape and widened their realm to include Nelson Mandela Bay and Tshwane. The irony of the much maligned Nkandla, home of our dubious president being taken by the IFP wasn’t lost on anyone. He should have paid back the money he embezzled, the people are watching you Zuma! 

The ANC kept the face of Zuma out of the public eye until the final ceremony. 

And then this happened.

In addition to embezzlement our president was accused of rape. This was 10 years ago. Currently 1 in every 3 women are victims of rape in South Africa. We have one of the highest rates of child rape in the world. With role models like our president is there any wonder about the prevalence of rape culture in SA?

The ANC are a farce. Their leader is bringing them shame and they all reek of the stench of corruption. 

It’s been a busy wobbly week with a public holiday in the middle. I’m now in the midst of a four day weekend and won’t go back to work until Wednesday.

We slept late today. Norm attempted to make this dish.

It looked so easy.

Never mind, he tried, it was edible (other than the raw bits of pork). The egg was perfect and it was tasty if not attractive.

We had a few nights of pork this week as we bought a big packet of chops and only Norm and I were home, so they stretched to 2 nights. We made crispy fondant sweet potato fried in butter til brown, and last night to go with I made a lovely sauce by frying sliced mushrooms in butter, then added a pack of baby spinach and once wilted added a container of double cream. I steamed some broccoli to round it off. 

Norm cooked the other chops and did sweet potato and roast veg. It’s lovely to have him cook for us when I work late.

We didn’t have a late night as I had been up early to the hairdresser. A friend sent a pic of me 5 years ago and it really highlighted how much hair I’ve lost.

“Now” is the one in the green top.

The fat kept my wrinkles pumped up too 🙈

Nevermind, my hair is growing back and there appears to be no grey in the new hair coming back in. However as the back is so long will I have an odd mullet when the new hair gets a bit longer?

After the hairdresser Norm and I popped into The Riverway Cafe for brunch.  I had the ‘Brekkie Salad’ which was Banting friendly. It was salad leaves, rosa tomatoes, avocado, Parmesan, crispy bacon and a soft boiled egg. Delicious.

I’m trying to be more adventurous and less predictable. Normally I go automatically for the Eggs Benedict. 

Afterwards I went round to the shops and Norm went home to drop Mzudumo home. I had a birthday present to sort for tomorrow.

I’m also broadening my foods to allow in some fresh fruits from the orange list. We grow our own beautiful passion fruits, aka grenadillas.

I had these in my morning full fat yogurt instead of my usual teaspoon of local honey.

We had take aways on Wednesday from Posticino and were terribly disappointed. It was divine last week but this week they burned my food and sent home the wrong food entirely for my daughter. You have to be consistent. They were apparently very busy but that shouldn’t mean you lower your standards.

We had take aways from Massimo on Friday and they were perfect as always. I had the John Wayne and the avo was so perfect, the beef neck cooked for 5 hours in the pizza oven.

I ate it before I could snap a pic. Oops. Take my word, it was stunning.

We had chicken wrapped in bacon on Tuesday evening when Norm cooked for us.

He did sprouts, mushrooms and mashed cauliflower to go with.

We have eaten well this week! My weight is maintaining and I have a day or two where I do have carbs, but still have no sugar or sugary foods or drinks.

I’ve got a busy few days off, tomorrow morning the girls go for breakfast, then Norm and I are visiting a few kitchen places. Tuesday I go for a defense class put on by the CCP and Wednesday I’m going to a Women’s Comedy event. 

I hope you have had a fab weekend. Xx

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