Ending the Year

This was the best work week ever as I only worked about 10 hours instead my usual 45.

Monday was a normal day, I worked late to try and tidy up all the loose ends I needed to resolve. Tuesday Norm drove me in and as he is not a morning person we left an hour later than my usual 7am departure. We all left work at 12.30 and headed out to the northern suburbs to Nitida Wine Farm for our work year end lunch at Cassia Restaurant. We have all been working hard and needed a good social event.

We had a few items to choose from, all sounded divine.

I opted for the Camembert as I was worried the paella might be too filling. but the paella Mark ordered looked delicious. 

One of our colleagues at our table had arrived late and he also ordered the Camembert but ages after we did, so when the food came out and they not only served him, a man, before they served the women was bad enough, but my starter then only arrived after everyone else had finished eating as they gave him my food.

I was incredibly annoyed. No apology was given. Just an “oh we gave him your food” when I finally pointed out I was without my starter.

Shockingly poor form.

When it did arrive it was nice enough. 

I had opted for the beef fillet as I adore hassle back potatoes. I said to the waiter I wanted my steak pink but not bloody, medium rare to medium. But the steak put in front of me was well done. The potatoes were more boiled and lightly broiled than a crispy hassle back like I make at home. 

Again, it was ok, not exceptional, just ok.

My director had the coq au vin. It looked divine, she said it was average. 


Ellanda had the linefish. I didn’t ask how it tasted but it looked good. Presentation was faultless for all courses.

The dessert was a choice of either cassata.

Or chocolate mousse.

Several people sent the mousse back. It was really awful. I just didn’t eat mine. T was somehow bitter and tasteless at the same time.

The problem with eating so little food and a constant topping up of your glass means it got a bit messy. I remember there being 4 die hards left late in the afternoon and I have a vague memory of wandering around a colleagues new home, then a vague little image of Norm getting me home but that’s it. Oh dear. White wine you are dangerous. 

As a result I bolted awake at 6am. Woke Norm and went through a tick list of “where’s my handbag, where’s my laptop, where’s my phone….” And then lay down to wait for death.

Or a bacon sandwich.

Luckily I have the most amazing husband in the world and he went and bought crispy fresh rolls and bacon and made me a bacon butty and a big mug of sweet, hot tea. 

That, a wee nap, a shower, some antacids and I finally recovered enough to wrap a few presents. 

Norm nipped out in the afternoon to collect the reindeer I ordered.

I love him, he is festive yet African.

The reindeer not Norm.

We just mooched around all day, the weather is stunning. My skin is peeling from my recent sunburn so I avoided the pool.

Norm went out on a HBNW call out and there were so many people there, that when a call came in to check a guy who appeared unconscious in his car, Norm went off to check it out. It turned out that when he checked for a pulse he realized the man was dead. He lived in his automobile and that is where he died. He was only 45 years old. Such a sad situation. His name was Chad.

RIP Chad.

Norm called the police which took an hour to arrive as they were chasing the guys from the original call Norm attended.

It was a busy night in Hout Bay.

Josh has now arrived to hang with Lily for the holidays. I have finished present shopping, I have 2 online deliveries coming and I have to go do my food shop. I’m not doing the last minute “oh no the children don’t have enough to open” panic. The oldest is 30 next year and all 3 are now employed. They had a budget and all had the same spent on them. It will have to be enough. 

Today has been divine. The whole family are at work, Cordelia isn’t here, it’s just me and the animals. I’ve been able to do nothing at all. I finished wrapping other than a few bits (as always I ran out of paper). This afternoon I have my pedicurist coming round to get my toes pretty for the hols, and that’s the extent of my obligations. I have until 4th January til I’m back at work. Tomorrow I’ll venture out as Cordelia will be here with the dogs. I’ll finish my last few errands and then count down the days til Christmas. 

Tomorrow the girls are going white shark cage diving, that should be very exciting for them! 

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