Having It All

I was so organized this week. I cut down my overtime with an aim to bill only 45 hours a week. Having shopped on the weekend meant I could create a dinner for us every night and no need for take aways! 

As Monday was a public holiday I had cooked Eggplant Parmesan in advance, all it needed was baking in the oven about 30 minutes. Norm and the girls really enjoyed it. 


Instead of joining them to eat it I went to bookclub with the British girls. It was at Catherine’s home in Tokai so we all trundled across the mountain in Dawn’s giant SUV. 

We celebrated Dawn’s birthday with a delicious dinner made by Catherine, and a chocolate cake and some bubbles.

When the ladies came to my place they had to pass through a mob of about 30 men marching through the township

There has been a huge issue with gangsters in Hout Bay and often the gangs are made up of kids. There has been so many people stabbed, robbed, assaulted and terrorized. The African way of justice is usually an eye for an eye, but for some reason the elders have allowed these boys free run of the IY community. Apparently no more.  Word on the street is that the families who have hidden the criminals will not be allowed to do so.   

  The leaders have been dealt justice. I hope this brings some peace to our valley. 

Meanwhile, we keep on with our daily routines. It was lovely having healthy yogurts and fresh fruits for my breakfast every day and each night we cooked.

Norm has been slowly working on my refurbished unit. It’s coming along nicely. 

Wednesday it poured with rain and I walked in it in my new leather jacket. I was not impressed. I then came home and Caitlin and I made dinner with the bits and pieces not cooked from our previous meals. We braised the last head of red cabbage, boiled a wee bit of corn each, roasted the last few tiny sweet potatoes and made carrot fritters. We made up a sauce for the fritters out of warmed up frozen peas, fresh avocado and sour cream put on blitz. It was creamy and delicious. Much better than it looks. 🙈

Again on Thursday I trudged through rain and arrived home sodden. It’s impossible to use an umbrella in Cape Town. 

I came home latish due to traffic build up from the weather and the girls were out. Caitlin was climbing again and Lily met friends but were home for dinner later that night. I made a big pot of mac n cheese, but I put in one of those little veggie stock pots by Knorr.

I also added the remainder of the sour cream. It was the most delicious cheese sauce I’ve ever made. I topped it all with a thinly sliced block of mozzarella and melted it under the grill. It was divine. 

As it was a 4 day week it rattled by fast! Friday night Lily had friends over to stay and they went out to Woodcutter’s Arms and Caitlin was out with friends. Norm and I decided to stay in, the weather is misty and cold and rainy. We got take aways from Ragafellows and cosied up on the couch. And that was exactly where I’ve stayed all day today too! 

Tonight we are trying Mimmi To Go which is Massimo’s new take away. We have watched a few movies and lots of crime channel shows, the rain is still pelting down and I am so grateful for my warm blankets and dry home. Even Navajo is snuggling up. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend. 

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