Tequila For The Win

People say that you will never meet your true love in a bar, but conversely they also say that nothing can keep soul mates apart. My husband Norman and I are classic examples of the latter and a contradiction to the former of those ‘sayings’. 

Today is our 18th wedding anniversary. We met almost 20 years ago at my local back then, a Firkins Pub in Rosebank in Johannesburg in South Africa. I worked as a radiographer still and had worked late that night and was working the next day so my friend Stacy and I had just popped into Firkins for a quick drink while we waited for a table to be available for dinner at our fave Italian place next door.  We ran into my Aussie friend Colin and his Australian pals and somehow ended up doing rounds of shots together. Colin rang his friend Norman who was over in SA on a project and tried to get him to come out and join us, but by the time he finally arrived we were about 6 rounds of shots ahead of him. One of the guys in our group was an off duty bartender there and came back with a tray full of tequila shots and Stacy and I both found a variety of interesting places to place the lemon and the salt and proceeded to catch Norm up by virtue of body shots. 

He hasn’t left my side since so I must have done something right.

We have had a heck of an interesting ride the last 20 years. The tequila should have given him a clue it was not going to be a boring journey. We have lived in Northern Ireland, all over England, and now we hope to have settled in South Africa. We have both achieved a lot in our careers, but nothing can top Norm’s MBE last year and our visit to the castle. We have had a lot of happiness and a lot of sadness. We have both lost people we love. Life goes on. 

20 years ago in that pub draped across the bar with a lemon in my cleavage I never would have guessed that we would later be celebrating 18 years of marriage. 

Here’s to us. 


He has been such an amazing husband. I could not have asked for a better stepfather to my children. 

I know that our souls are entwined. I know from my past life regressions that Norm was my husband in the life my soul had before this life. He loves me unconditionally and that is a rare thing. I am so blessed to have found him.

The fact that we met at all is such a slim chance. I was born in a tiny town in Georgia in the USA, he was born in a small village in Scotland. The chance that we were in a pub in Africa at all is a zillion to one I am sure. But he was my destiny. We would have met one way or another. The Universe would have made sure of that. 

Today to mark the occasion we went to The Green Vine Eatery


That is the new name for the relocated Treetops Eatery I’ve blogged about before.


It was our first visit since they moved from the tip top of the estate. It is every bit as fabulous as ever. I love the draped ceiling in the main dining area. 


We were seated in the little side patio so had a stunning view.


There was a big toasty fire roaring behind us and it was rather cosy. Perfect for a winter Sunday afternoon. 

Again today we opted for the roast of the day for R140.


It was a sirloin roast, nicely tender. It was served with roast potatoes, al dente veg of carrots, zucchini and broccoli.  There was a Yorkshire pudding as well. There were 3 large slabs of beef.  

It was so gorgeous, we loved every bite. There were sprinkles of baby coriander leaves which burst freshness into your mouth periodically. So delicious. I would have liked a little jug of gravy to pour over my Yorkshire pud, but I’m a gravyholic.

We ordered cappuccinos which cost R19 each. Their desserts are all based on local ingredients and change so they have a chalk board (so I am not sure of the prices of our desserts). 

I opted for the red velvet pancakes with cream cheese ice cream.


Norm went for the bread and butter pudding made with berries and croissants.

He loved it, said it was nicely warm and the ice cream melted perfectly. 

My pancakes were a bit dry. They were a challenge to eat witha spoon as well, I needed a fork.

A huge credit to the manager who noticed I was not relishing the dessert and was standing behind me when I said to Norm it needed a chocolate sauce or something to moisten it as it was a bit dry.

She dashed off and brought back a nicely warmed pancake, new scoop of ice cream and a little pot of chocolate. How sweet is this?

I ate as much as I could fit in and we paid up and headed home. We stopped outside and had a look out over the vineyards at the stunning view of Constantia.

I’m right where I am meant to be, and happy that I am here. I love it when the unplanned comes together. 

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