Take Me To The River

Another week rattled by. Work is still intense but as it was school holidays this week, the morning traffic was much less. I left a bit later and therefore got a few more minutes of sleep. 

I do love the morning light, the mountains all lit by the dawn, the sky just starting to pinken. The sea so dark, reflecting the sky. It makes my heart swell. I use that drive time to ponder. One day this week I was thinking about the fact that it is Norman and my 18 year wedding anniversary tomorrow. 

I’ve done past life regression and know that we have been married before in our most recent lives. This made me think about the souls that stay in our presence life after life. I thought about how my Grandmother pays me visits, makes her presence known, touches me, speaks to me. I know she watches over me. I’ve not really felt that from my Father who passed when I was in my 20s, but I do feel that my son has my Dad’s soul. So I guess it’s logical that only when you are ‘between’ earth lives can you appear in spirit form. I then thought “I wish I had more visits from my Dad” and I instantly felt this warm feeling wash over me. I did feel him so strongly, it gave me such comfort.

He loved the 4th of July and died at this time of year. It always brings him to mind. I wish he knew my kids and Norm, I would love to hang out with him again.

I mentioned in my last blog that I bought Mom a surprise for her birthday and promised to show you her gifts. I found a website Fairy Garden Store and ordered some cute little pieces for her fairy garden.

She really seemed to love them all. I can’t wait to see the pics now that she has figured out how to send a photo. 

I have not been out all week other than a brunch and lunch both at The Riverway Cafe. I love that they have a delicious breakfast menu, lunch menu and a divine dessert table. It suits any time or occasion. 

Last Sunday Norm and I had a few errands to run so we popped in for a quick retro roll for sustenance. 

We had woken to load shedding from 8-10am so we were desperate for a coffee. 

The place was packed and buzzing. We still got served quickly and were soon off to shop. I got a lovely pair of black boots cut to my knee at Woolworths which were 20% off. We picked up some fillet steak for dinner and ran our other errands. 

We have shifted fully over to winter eating now, we had homemade soup made by Caitlin one night this week – made with our last box of veg from Harvest of Hope project. It was so delicious and to go with it Norm got some fresh breads from Oakhurst Spar which is often our go to shop. Later that week we got their gorgeous steak pie and I made baked potatoes and baked beans to go with it. So simple and easy after working all day. 

Last night we stayed in and watched some of the Glastonbury performances on Chromecast. It’s such a pleasure to sit on the comfort of our own couch and see the bands so close on our big Telly. Norm just queues the ones we fancy and a few new ones. It’s a great way to get exposed to new artists. Of course I slept for part of it. But enjoyed what I saw.

Today I had lunch with my bestie Retha. We seldom see each other lately as we are both so busy with work we don’t have much energy for social things. 

Of course we went to Riverway Cafe. We had Pimm’s Cocktails, 

Then we shared the Piggy Poppers. 

I had the steak sandwich and chips.

The steak sandwich was served on a crispy baguette, had loads of sweet caramelised onions, crispy bacon and thick slabs of cheddar. It was so yummy.

Retha had the bunny chow.

We both bought dessert to bring home.

Tonight we are relaxing at home as tomorrow we are out to Silvermist Eatery for our anniversary so I’ll take some pics for you.

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