Winter Chills

I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages, but work has me so exhausted that I haven’t had the energy to go anywhere interesting enough to want to tell you about it. On Tuesday I had promised Norm that I would go to Spiro’s open mic night but by the time I finally got home after a 2 hour round trip drive and 9 hours or more at work the weather was icy cold and it was pouring rain. All I wanted was a blanket and my pjs and to veg out in front of the Telly.

Lily went to work on Fathers Day but Caitlin made us all delicious maple and sugar apples and French toast.

And that evening Caitlin made us all a dinner of organic veggie bits and pieces. 


Fried potatoes and garlic, fried onions and  sautéed cabbage, fried mushrooms, and fritters made of carrot and kohlrabi. It was delicious. 

They also had shopped for lots of goodies for Norm for Fathers Day. He received lots of things he loves like a bottle of wine, chocolate chip cookies and quality street chocolate as well as things he needs like warm winter socks. He was very pleased.

My back was still a bit fragile at the beginning of the week and luckily the girls stepped up and fed us. Particularly as it’s month end! Lily made pork chops and I made up a sauce of mustard, Heinz tomato sauce, dark soy and maple syrup. We made fried potatoes in coconut oil, mushrooms, and organic locally grown cabbage and spinach sautéed together.  It was so yum. 

The next night Cait made a mix of things from our last box from Harvest of Hope was not only tasty but it was also a beautiful looking meal. 

She made a flavoured couscous, roasted organic locally grown butternut and porcini mushrooms, stir fried spinach with lots of garlic and topped with crumbled feta and sun dried vegetables. The couscous was much larger than the finer version we  normally buy, it was like risotto and normal couscous had a baby. It had the creamier consistency of risotto somewhat. The sweetness of the roast butternut and the bitterness of the spinach were a perfect balance. It was like a winter version of a salad. 

My back steadily improved and I had to park in my work sponsored car park and walk rather than pay R100 a day to park nearby. We still started early and worked late averaging 46 hrs a week minimum. I’m tired.

I did nothing last night except eat pizza and snooze on the couch. It was divine.

Today I slept in and then Vanessa my lovely manicurist came and gave me a pedicure while I wore my pajamas. Panda sat in my lap. Navajo was very curious about it all. 

I’m wrapped in a blanket watching ‘stupid way to die’ videos or whatever it’s called and playing games on the iPad. Happy kitten am I. 

Norm is out again trying to help some lady who was robbed. It wasn’t a HBNW call. He saw it on social media where someone prioritized bitching on Facebook over phoning Watchcon. Else he might have been more effective hearing over the radio had she phoned when she saw it instead of 45 minutes later when he saw it by chance on FB. People amaze me.

When we are home on weekends he spends a lot of time popping in and out on radio calls. I feel it’s something that makes him happy and a way to payback what they do for our valley. 

Yesterday was my Mom’s birthday. I hated she was so far away. I’ve bought some pressies for her online but can’t tell you about them on the off chance she reads my blog. Soon, my precious. I’ll share all. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend. 😘❤️❤️

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