Gender has become such a high profile subject lately and people are being exposed to terms they never knew, much less were exposed to in everyday media. With former manly sports hero and legend Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner transitioning on reality TV and coming out as transgender and appearing on the Vanity Fair cover looking stunning and amazing, thus starting a lot of conversations that would never have happened otherwise. Bruce was such a symbol of manhood and so familiar to the public, it brought it into people’s perspective whether they liked it or not. 


Or the gorgeous Laverne Cox, the first transgendered woman to be nominated for an Emmy, she was nominated for her part on Orange Is The New Black. She is everyone’s darling at the moment. A real stunner and a good actress. I didn’t know she was transgendered as the show was a bit underground in South Africa.

But now she is just slightly overshadowed by the amazingly glorious creature Ruby Rose who has recently joined the cast of OITNB. Is that a recognized abbreviation? Dunno. Should be.

Anyway, Ruby identifies herself as Gender Fluid. She looks like she was made in a lab by a group of mad lesbian scientists. She slips seamlessly between identifying as male 

and female 

genders or even as genderless. 

This video below is a real work of art. Please watch. It is so worth it.)

I think all of these areas of discrimination are all bubbling to the surface of our reality, peeling off the earth like an onion layer by layer. I feel all of these conflicts generate such negative energy in the universe. If only we could accept others based on their level of humanity rather than the colour of their skin, their gender, sexuality, their religion or any area people feel justified in judging another person. 

Will these things bubble up and expose their chaos as they are now, but eventually settle and become a non-entity in a few generations from now? One can only hope. 

On a more frivolous note, my mom finally figured out how to email a photograph on her iPhone. She has built a fairy garden, how cute is this? I am sure she won’t mind me sharing it. 

I so badly want to make one but will it hold up in the Cape Town rains and south easter gales which blow? I’m willing to give it a try to see!  

However it will be a bit before I can garden, my back is still so fragile. I drove to work on Friday but parked right by the office, but there was no parking attendant at 745am when I arrived. And they had finished when I left at 6pm. There were 2 homeless dudes who harassed me for money but I refused to pay them but they really hassled me until I threatened to take their pic and send it to the city, I hate leaving or arriving when it is dark.

I was on standby today but didn’t get phoned to go in so have just relaxed at home. Norm and I are going to get a curry and rent a film as the girls are out at a friends for an evening of board games. 

I hope you all have a good one. 

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