Back It Up

This week passed in a blur with me doing overtime every day.  We are developing a new Business Rules Engine and testing as we develop, we are using an agile methodology so it’s a constant cycle of change! It’s hard to manage.

I even worked today, I was in the office by 8am and worked until just after 12 when I sped off up Bree to Mop Hair which is the latest place I’ve loyally followed my lovely hairdresser Leandra. It’s a beautiful airy space. I knicked this pic off their Facebook page. 

I had a cut and colour done and enjoyed a long head massage from Thembi. 

Afterwards I gave Thembi a lift from the city back to Hout Bay. We have even more roadworks now with the road from the forest side also on a stop go system  (that’s the Constantia side for you local saffas).  This means sitting still for long periods in our key crime and hijacking area. This also means traffic everywhere and impatient taxis and others driving rudely. On Friday on my way home a taxi was driving on the wrong side of the road towards me as I came into our village. Simply because he didn’t want to wait for the traffic. 

Last night at 10pm Retha and I sat for ages in a queue of cars, the guy in front of us fell asleep! We had been to an event in Kloof Street in the city, it was a 3 month pop up shop for The Pause Room. They have such stunning things I could have spent a fortune! 

I bought some things for my daughters.This sugar bowl reminds me of the angel wing tattoo Lily has on her back.

I also bought a lovely turquoise platter 

and a big ceramic mixing bowl with a chocolate chip cookie recipe scripted on the side. I was very pleased with my purchases. 

Afterwards we decided to try eating at the Chinese restaurant which owned the underground car park we had finally found a space to park in. When we walked in it was completely empty. We hesitated as we didn’t think a lack of clientele was a good sign, but they seemed so eager to see us that I didn’t have the heart to leave them standing there expectantly, clutching their sticky black pleather menus. We later realised there were loads of people behind a big divider, some party or something. So someone must be paying their rent! 

We ordered prawn egg rolls and duck and pancakes for the 3 of us as Retha had also invited Rosemary. It’s always nice to meet new people. We all chatted away. We ordered noodles with veg, sizzling beef and Kung pao chicken. It all appeared at once.

It wasn’t great. It was tasteless and bland. But it filled a gap. We didn’t want a late night as we all had been working long hours, so we didn’t linger. 

Lily had some girlfriends to dinner on Thursday night so on Wednesday evening she and I cooked 2 meals. It’s fun cooking together, I just wish I was better equipped. We cooked pork chops in a mustardy sauce for that night and for her girls for the next evening we cooked a bit pot of chili. She made guacamole and nachos to go with the chili and one of the girls brought ice cream for afters.

Tonight I was booked to go to my friends birthday dinner in town, but after I had been sitting at the hairdresser for several hours I stood up and I bent forward to look into the mirror to put on my lipstick. When I tried to stand up again my back clicked and then suddenly I could barely walk. I came home and tried to stretch it out but no luck, it’s out of alignment and I’m in such pain. I’ve taken 2 mega strong pain tablets and I just hope it relaxes overnight. If not I’ll phone my back guy. 

It’s very sore. 😿

I’m glad I’m off work tomorrow and then Tuesday is a public holiday, it will be lovely to relax. Wish my quick healing please? 

Have a great weekend! 😘

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